New Music: LOOΠΔ

This is K-pop but to try and explain the story behind this is just bizarre. Head over to Dazed to understand it…

이달의 소녀


New Music: Glen Check

Glen Check

Korean indie with a sound that’s pretty fresh. Plays on French disco massively but that’s only a good thing. Check out here.

K-Pop goes all Lana Del Rey

lee hi rose

I spent all day yesterday at home trying to get my head around the huge expanse that is K-Pop. And I came through this single from Lee Hi (only 6 months and 6.5 million hits too late) and all I could think was ‘Lana…’

Love me like money

sam heights love me like

Cool remix from Sam Heights. The original is this K-Pop stomper from Wonder Girls.

K-pop time!

This is ancient in K-pop world (it was out last April) but it still drives me crazy on the inside. Time to move on from this Gangnam business and on to some seriously over the top camp pop from 4minute.

I’m still on the hunt for a K-pop fanatic to be part of Alfitude: if that’s you drop me a line!

Diplo goes K-Pop

Super produces Diplo tries his hand at working with K-Pop group GD&TOP. I’m not sure I like it but it’s different.