Solid Swedish Pop


ola singer

Well, I may be rich one day. But I definitely not rich AND young after this weekend (your truly is now a year older), but who cares. New pop from OLA and it’s standardly good.

First Watch: Ola ‘Jackie Kennedy’

Ola Singer

Swedish pop star Ola’s gotten all big over in Italy lately, and this new single has a very camp Italo-disco beat around it. And the whistling won’t escape your head for a good few hours… 

Swedish pop belter of the week

Ola is very huge in Sweden, but his music seems to divide people. It can get repetitive and a bit too candy for some tastes but I think its genius.

New Music: Ola

The Swedish summer invasion continues. Ola is a recent Swedish pop institution- he’s been a staple at Melodifestivalen (Sweden’s biggest TV show) for some years and he’s now bringing his sound to the UK with the release of ‘All Over The World’ later in August. Check out here.

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