New Music: Oranj Goodman

Track of the week. This is the kind of talent that still fires my excitement in new music discovery, ten years later. On the surface, this is not a straightforward sound to enjoy; it’s experimental, conceptual and quite bold.

But approach the song with an open mind and you will discover a beautifully warped world where Oranj Goodman blends soul, hip hop, RnB, and dark undertones of trip hop to create something so beautifully sublime.

“Growing up, religion was a big part of my life and it forced me to feel like someone I wasn’t. This song is about assessing how my Christian upbringing has made me feel because of my sexuality, and it’s also me coming out to the world as queer.”

Oranj Goodman

New Music: Hauskey

Track of the week. An Australian psych-pop talent who’s sound is impossible not to fall in love with. It’s a simple and approachable vibe that invites you into Hauskey’s world, and I am living for it.

“A great song is like a great movie. You become so engrossed in it that you ‘become it’ and forget you’re even watching a movie. That’s what good music should do too.”


syd B – good good

Track of the week. This song had an unusual effect on me, and one which rarely happens. My heart raced faster than usual when I got into the flow of the melody, all the while the production of the track stayed minimal and subdued. It’s a testament to quality that deserves to be shared.

syd B

New Music: Joell

Track of the week. While Scotland is not best known for being the home of experimental RnB sounds like this, Joell could be changing that trend.

This is a sound that balances melancholy with raw emotion, all the while still pushing the boundaries of what the genre can be.

“You can’t save everyone but it looks I’m saving you.”

Taken from the EP ‘Left On Read’ which is out now.


New Music: Young Saab

Track of the week. My love for Chloe Lilac led me to this new collaboration that has been released featuring an outfit called Young Saab. I know so little about these guys but this track caught me right from the start. The sound is minimal yet powerfully emotive.

Young Saab

New Music: Jalle

Track of the week. A British alt-pop talent who’s sound connects together several genres in a perfect harmony.


Iyamah – Won’t Work

Track of the week. I don’t know why, but when I hear this song I feel the same way I did listening to Amy Winehouse’s ‘Take The Box’ for the first time, and it’s a beautiful thing.

“It was the quickest song that I ever wrote. I knew I was frustrated, but I didn’t think too much about it. But every time I listened back to the demo, it became very clear to me what this song was about. And every time I sang the song, it gave me this feeling of power that I didn’t realise I needed at the time. A reminder to myself that I have boundaries, and as a woman, there’s great power in being able to say ‘no’, when something doesn’t sit right with you.


New Music: brakence

Track of the week. At first glance this is a chaotic, brash, loud pop noise. But the more you listen, the more amazing you start to experience the unique sound that brakence creates. It’s an intricate, heavily textured song with a distinct vocal that unveils something new to me with each play.


New Music: Jessy Rose

Track of the week. A hauntingly dark yet fragile sound that encompasses RnB with soulful tones.

Jessy Rose

New Music: Ryan Woods

Track of the week. With everything happening around us right now, it’s nice to hear something a little more light-hearted every now and again. This is a mellow yet playful indie pop sound, with some very relatable lyrics to a lot of us.

Ryan Woods

New Music: Evenson

Track of the week. An intensely grand and epic blend of indie, RnB and pop from this American 21-year old talent. A sound that is packed full of melancholy and drama.


Emilie Nicolas – Oh Love

Track of the week. Words couldn’t comprehend the emotions that ran through me when I first played this song from Norwegian talent Emilie Nicolas. It’s a haunting, heartbreaking piece with elements of soul and bluegrass, all combined together to create something truly beautiful.

Taken from the album ‘Let Her Breathe’.

Emilie Nicolas

Brandon – Weep

Track of the week. This is the second time I have fallen for Brandon so hard that I’ve called him my TotW. A truly wonderful piece of music, so simply crafted but pouring with emotion.

What’d I do to lose you?

Did I confuse you when I say, “I love you, baby?”



Track of the week. This London-based talent is above and beyond exciting for me. A fusion of dark pop and RnB, blended so finely and sung with such a distinctive vocal.


Haux – Calico

Track of the week. So many words cross my mind when I listen to this piece by Haux… Ethereal, haunting, sublime, dreamy, transcendental… You get the idea. Just a very beautiful song.


New Music: Jeuru

Track of the week. A blend of indie, soul and RnB that’s been crafted together in a way that transcends any expectation you would have of how it could sound, and created something genuinely new to experience.


New Music: Louis Culture

Track of the week. Hailing from South West London, Louis Culture shows that staying true to yourself can create the extraordinary. An exciting blend of styles are layered against one another and fused together with thoughtful lyrics, making this one of the most refreshing takes on British hip hop for some time.

Louis Culture

New Music: ELLIANA

Track of the week. A connect between lo-fi beats and a strong essence of emotion is how I would describe this sound. If there’s one pop name to look out for this year, it’s these kids. So damn good.


New Music: nina

Track of the week. I can’t remember getting this excited about a Manchester talent for such a long time. A fine balance between RnB and indie – it’s just an effortlessly easy sound to connect with.


New Music: Luna Li

Track of the week. Sometimes the simplest melodies can really be quite exquisite. This song could be a definition of heartbreak and love.

Luna Li