Watch: Vanbot – The Way You Say It


Taken from Vanbot’s second album, ‘Perfect Storm’.

Listen to Vanbot’s new album ‘Perfect Storm’ in full !


Vanbot returns to London on June 11th at Kopparberg Urban Forest Festival in Dalston.

Live: Vanbot at Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen

vanbot live hoxton london may 2015

I caught Vanbot on Friday in London’s Hoxton for a short and sweet set. New album ‘Perfect Storm’ is released 15th May.

Listen: Vanbot ‘The Way You Say It’


The new album will be released 15th May via Lisch Recordings and distributed by Sony Music Sweden.

Vanbot will be playing London’s Hoxton Bar & Grill on 8th May.

Listen: Vanbot ‘Seven’


And while we’re on new Swedish releases this evening, here’s one from Vanbot. There’s a London show on 8th May at Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. The album drops May 15th via Lisch Recordings / Sony Music Sweden.

Interview: Quickfire with Vanbot


One of my favourite newbie electropop princesses to emerge from Sweden, Vanbot has certainly been carving a name out for herself. You’ll be hard pressed to not find a music blog that claims to have some knowledge of Scandi music without featuring Vanbot’s tracks. Here’s a few short and sweet questions I threw to the lady herself. Check it out!

For those readers who may not know who Vanbot is, how would you describe your sound?

I try to create tension between the beautiful and the skewed electronic sound. I’m hooked on the idea to find a balance between catchy melodies and twisted synthesizers.

What inspires you to write?

I’m inspired by the things in life that communicate something hidden, an honest message. That’s what I call the nerve and that is something I always try to reflect in my songs.

Who are your musical idols?

I listen a to a lot of different music such as Apparat, Crystal Castles, Niki & The Dove, El Perro Del Mar.

Who’s your favourite up and coming singer?

I like the sound of NONONO (video below) and Sad, Vibrant and The Power!

Is it easier to write songs that are happy, or sad?

I feel the need to express my feelings and thoughts much more in hard times than in the good times. I think the hard times makes us come closer to life and to each other, and life becomes more real. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s sad.

Why do you think so much good music comes out of Sweden?

I’m really proud of my fellow Swedes. In Sweden we have a tradition of music schools from early ages and also a lot of opportunities to study music for free after high school. That gave me the opportunity to dare to try!

Who would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Apparat. I love their sound! It’s repetitive like Steve Reich, emotional like Bon Iver, and atmospheric like Loney, Dear.

What’s planned in the future for you?

My focus is primarily on the album that will be released this fall, I’m really excited about that! But we will also try to squeeze in some shows when we’re not in the studio.

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Marcel Woods feat. Vanbot – Bring It Back


How about this little belter from Marcel Woods featuring the lovely Swedish pop princess, Vanbot.

Free Download: Vanbot ‘When My Heart Breaks’


That Swedish electropop princess is back with another trademark Vanbot belter. Download it for free here!

First Watch: Vanbot ‘Hold This Moment’


I haven’t heard much from Vanbot lately so I was pleasantly surprised to see this new video. Good to see she’s still churning out that catchy Swedish electropop.

Free Download: Vanbot ‘Got To Get Out’

I’ve talked about Vanbot a couple of times on here, this is a new free poptastic download she’s released. Click on the little down-arrow on the side of the Soundcloud to download.

New Music: Vanbot

If you like Robyn then you’ll probably love Vanbot. Makes me wanna go back to Stockholm so bad. Check out here.