New Music: BIM

Catchy Danish pop. Check out here.


New Music: Marie Dahlstrøm

Scandinavian soul. If you’re in London you can catch her residency at the Native Tongue in Barbican. Check out here.

New Music: Thulebasen

This is best listened to on some loud speakers. There’s so much going on in this track that it makes you want to keep listening to the very end. Very special stuff. Check out here.

A Danish song that will make you shake your booty

I sort of really wish Ida Corr (does the name sound familiar to you?) did an English version of this, but on the other hand it’s fun guessing what she’s on about and making up your own lyrics. And the beats that hit the last minute are deliciously filthy. Anyway, shake away!

Live: Oh Land at Heaven London

Sometimes friends let you down in a massive way. Yesterday evening was one such. I got blown out by a buddy minutes before heading to see Oh Land in Heaven London. I was gutted and annoyed. But I still went. Alone. And I sort of forgot all my frustration for a couple of hours because this lady is out of control. She drove everyone wild with her tribal beats and cute Danish voice. Catch her if you can.

New Music: Aura Dione

This was huge in Denmark, it’s getting a world wide release shortly and it’s catchy as hell. Check out here.

First Listen: Oh Land ‘Speak Out Now’

A new slice of pop heaven from Oh Land, to feature on a re-release of the album she launched this year.

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New Music: Kid Massive

Radio-friendly electro pop from Danish producer Kid Massive. Check out here.

New Music: The Storm

This sounds like something ABBA would have come out with if they were around today. It’s from Denmark and amazing. Check out here.

New Music: Electric Lady Lab

We have some Danish candy pop for you this morning. Check out here.

New Music: Rasmus Seebach

The story of Rasmus Seebach is one of great interest to me. Born into Danish pop royalty, his father Tommy Seebach was an alcoholic pop star who died suddenly. This song was originally released in Danish under the title ‘Natteravn‘, and subsequently went huge all over Scandinavia. Now he’s releasing the single with some really good English lyrics for the rest of the world. Check out here.

First Watch: Filur ‘Concentrate!’

I don’t know much about Filur but they seem to be big in their native Denmark- I just love the song (when it kicks in at the 2:45 mark). Check out here.

New Music: Veto

I don’t know how much people are aware of this Danish electrorock group (outside of Denmark), they’ve been around since 2004 but I’ve only just become aware of them now. Very cool, sexy beats. Check out here.

Thomas Holm comes back with good pop

So Thomas Holm. Readers may know how obsessed I am with this very unique Danish pop star (his videos are always so fun to watch). Anyway, he’s out with a new single, and as I’m not a Danish speaker, I’ve found it a bit tricky to understand the lyrics but Google Translate informs me that the title translates to ‘Fuck The Pain Away’.

I’m not sure that’s right because it seems that the single is also featured as a part of a Danish TV show, but my guess is it’s something to do with using love to fix hate. Or maybe I’m just being innocent. I was able to get all of Thomas Holm’s stuff on British iTunes so my guess is it’s available in most European countries. Download it. Even if you don’t have a clue what it’s about- just believe that it is very amazing.

Medina’s back with a stomper

My favourite Danish dance diva Medina (from ‘You and I‘ fame) is back with a stomper of a track. It’s in Danish but I don’t think that takes away from the intensity of the track. It’s like it grabs your heart and gives it a bit of a squeeze.

First Watch: The New Spring ‘For Everest (Shelley)’

Check out the new video from Denmark’s ‘The New Spring’.

First Watch: Oh Land ‘White Nights’

Here’s a first watch for Oh Land’s new single, White Nights. Quirky, eclectic, stylish, cool… etc…

Mads Langer

The Danish pop stud that is Mads Langer was one of the first posts I did on Alfitude, and he’s out with his first album in the UK today so I feel obliged to mention it. Go out and buy it, it’s great!