Live: Jesse Markin, Moyka & Elias at Ja Ja Ja

What better way to celebrate 10-years of London’s top Scandi night, Ja Ja Ja than to go and watch them showcase three of my absolute favourite Nordic acts last night.


I have been featuring this Swedish talent since 2015 and I am still a huge fan of his raw take on soul and pop – and the intensity is amplified tenfold on stage.


Moyka carries a powerful synth pop sound in a way that Norwegian talent only can. Watching this kid live felt like a polished cross between Robyn and Ingrid, only with a naivete charm which makes the whole sound so unique.

Jesse Markin

One of Finland’s brightest talents of late, with the most stunning fusion of RnB and pop. A bold presence on stage, this set was mind blowingly epic and captivating.

Live: M.I.L.K at Ja Ja Ja


I went to the monthly Ja Ja Ja night at The Lexington this week just to see one of Denmark’s most exciting pop exports, M.I.L.K do a short set list.

Effortlessly cool (with tons of sax) and easy to fall in love with.

Kill J + Loveless at Ja Ja Ja

loveless ja ja ja london october 2015

kill j ja ja ja london october 2015

Caught Norway’s freshest house duo Loveless and Denmark’s super-hyped Kill J last night at the Lexington for the monthly Ja Ja Ja Scandi music night.

Live: Kate Boy at Lexington London

kate boy lexington london july 2014

Went to see Kate Boy at London’s Lexington on Thursday. Intense Scandi tribal beats and strobe lights like this made it all pretty spectacular… Good.

Live: Naomi Pilgrim at Lexington London

naomi pilgrim lexington london may 2014

Saw one Sweden’s most hyped about artists so far this year, Naomi Pilgrim at the Ja Ja Ja night in London’s Lexington. Edgy electro beats and a sharp voice make for a great sound.

Live: Chris Garneau at Lexington London

chris garneau lexington london april 2014

Just back from Chris Garneau who played The Lexington in London tonight in a super chilled, haunting and beautiful performance.

Live: The Scenes / Last Lynx at Lexington London

the scenes ja ja ja london march 2014

Two days in a row at The Lexington this week, but all for a good reason! Last night I caught Finnish rockers The Scenes (above)…

last lynx ja ja ja london march 2014

… and Swedish indie pop kids Last Lynx at the monthly Ja Ja Ja sessions.

Live: Hozier at Lexington London

hozier lexington london march 2014

Hozier‘s got industry buzzing like mad since ‘Take Me To Church’ went viral. I was lucky enough to watch him live last night in London. The voice is incredible, and the sound is intense and captivating.

If you’ve managed to get tickets for his upcoming summer tour then you’ll experience something very special and powerful. If you haven’t, you’ll hear so much from this man.

Hozier releases new EP ‘From Eden’ on 31st March through Rubyworks.

Live: Nabiha, YAST & Jaakko Eino Kalevi at Lexington London

jaakko eino kalevi london jajaja lexington november 2013

yast london jajaja lexington november 2013

nabiha london jajaja lexington november 2013

Managed to catch three cool acts at the Lexington yesterday evening as part of the monthly Ja Ja Ja night. Jaakko Eino Kalevi has a certain ‘Bryan Ferry goes hipster’ vibe around, making some beats that manage to sound edgy and easy to listen to. YAST played their trademark Swedish indie sound, and Nabiha went all out with her unique and infectious blend of RnB and pop.

Live: Whinnie Williams at The Lexington London

Whinnie Williams Lexington London showcase live October 2013

And so my second showcase of the evening was for Whinnie Williams. Lots of buzz surrounding this lady, and the show was pretty fun. This is good, quirky pop that the radio’s bound to like.

On another note, Gossling did a few songs beforehand as well and I’m kind of taken with the sound. She’s been around for a while, I do hope the UK falls in love as much as I have…

gossling live london lexington october 2013

Live: Alex Clare at The Lexington

One of my favourite new artists of recent months, Alex Clare played The Lexington tonight in London and was really good. Championed by Diplo, every song played tonight was crafted with precision and Clare’s rough, soulful voice gives it an edge that’s just so cool right now. I didn’t expect him to be so shy, and the way he smiled kept reminding me of an old friend. I want more. Again, apologies for the shit quality of the pics- I think it’s time for a new camera…

Live: Active Child at The Lexington

There’s something so brilliant about Active Child– his music catches you from the beginning and draws you through a weird and wonderful world of complex beats and choir sounds. And the harp he carried around with him is simply cool. Active Child was playing with a couple of other bands tonight (Phantogram and MOPP) although I chose to only see him perform.

Live: Alex Gardner at The Lexington

I’ve raved on about this guy for ages but this week I saw Alex Gardner live for the first time. We came in a bit late so only managed to catch a couple of songs but this little man can SING! If you get a chance to catch him then do it. I can’t get 0ver how young he is yet have such an amazing voice.