Watch: Lido – Vultures



New Music: Ima Sobé

Norway’s pop game has been stronger this year than ever before, and with this new talent it looks like 2019 will be an even bigger year.

Ima Sobé

Watch: Astrid S – Emotion

I might tip the boat and say something controversial but this has so far been my favourite song to come out of Norway in 2018. Probably the whole of Scandinavia maybe. Anyway, here’s the visuals.

Astrid S

Watch: Unge Ferrari + Coucheron – Ung & Dum

I’m sharing this down to the fact that this is one of my favourite tracks to emerge from Norway this year… And now with English subtitles :)

Unge Ferrari | Coucheron

Live: Lemaitre at YouTube Space London

Norwegian super-duo Lemaitre hosted an intimate Q&A and short set this evening inside London’s YouTube Space, ahead of their gig with Dagny tomorrow at Heaven. If you’re in London and haven’t got a ticket yet – get one!

Astrid S – Emotion

Welcome back Astrid S! This is so damn good! It bounces between old-school Royksopp and Daft Punk. Am I the only one that feels that? Anyway… So good!