New Music: Divest

A Norwegian indie-rock quartet with a meaningful message.

“It’s about life being like a karmic wheel that just keeps going and going. One event after another, but if you find yourself on the outside of the wheel for some reason (like these Corona times) you can get a sense of what am I really doing?



HAYES – When it Comes To Love (feat. dePresno)

This is some of the most intense and epic Norwegian dance pop you’re likely to hear for some time.

HAYES | dePresno

New Music: Zupermaria

I genuinely struggled to try and describe this sound. All I can say is that it’s utterly bonkers (yet brilliant) pop, produced with hints of funk and disco.

It’s performed in Norwegian, but I can promise you that you won’t quite hear anything like this for some time.


Dagny – Strangers / Lovers (Side A)

“Creating an album is a completely different process to writing individual songs. It was challenging working on such a comprehensive project, but it has also been the most exciting thing I’ve ever worked on. I’ve loved everything from the visual design and the intense period in the studio, to finally finishing it all. It will be nice to showcase something coherent and show more sides to me.”

The full album will be released this September via Little Daggers Records, under an exclusive license agreement with Universal Music AS & Polydor DE.


Moyka – Violet

Today we have yet another unleashing of energising, pulsating synth beats from Moyka- would you expect any less? A song that details the introspection following the end of a relationship.

“It’s just emotion. And it’s okay to still have good feelings about someone – good energy and emotion.” It’s an energetic, but sad love song perfect for both parties/alone time.”


New Music: baard

Playful Norwegian electro pop with an infectious beat structure. If you’re a sucker for Sweden’s Felix Sandman then you will love this kid.


Resa – Sunday

Resa returns today with a slice of dark, almost sinister Norwegian pop. The EP ‘Dumb and Numb’ is released today via Toothfairy. 


New Music: Naomi Lien

A deeply conceptual yet extremely fierce mix of RnB and dance from Norway. Genuinely one of the most exciting sounds I have experienced this week.

Naomi Lien

Ruben Dawnson – Still Moving

A beautifully subtle blend of RnB and dream pop comes in the shape of ‘Still Moving’ by Norwegian newcomer Ruben Dawnson. His new EP, ‘Echo Emotions’ is out now.

Ruben Dawnson

bby ivy – One Touch

Still only 19-years old and already by far the most exciting RnB export to emerge from Norway this year. Watch out for this kid; I can see bby ivy being a global name very soon!

bby ivy

Hedda Mae – Too Good to Be True

Playful Norwegian bubblegum pop with one clear intent… To make you as humanly happy as possible. There’s also 90’s RnB and soul inspirations to this sound which just adds to the joy.

“The lyrics came from the vibe of the song – and the song became as joyful in the lyrics. Whilst ‘Pride…’ is basically a rant about what you dislike, ‘Too Good…’ is the opposite. It’s about how you embrace everything you like about another person. The whole production and the top-line came very naturally, it’s like the song was already there, and all we did was bring it into the light.” 

Hedda Mae

Dagny – Somebody

Some of the best Norwegian pop to emerge over the last couple of years has come from Dagny, so it’s always a delight to hear new music from this talent.

The first half of her debut album (Side A) will be released on May 22nd via digital outlets.


Moyka — Backwards

“This song is about all the things that can drag you back into the hurt when you really want to move on. But I think it’s really good to talk about it, and it’s okay to be sad.”