New Music: Mikhael Paskalev

Catchy indie pop from Norway. Check out here.


Pelifics – Lifetime EP Vol. 2

The Oslo producer’s newest EP, “Lifetime Vol.2”, features JD Samson of MEN and formerly of Le Tigre,  Italy via Berlin hotpot Miss Plug Inn and Montreal duo AXXE.

I can’t go to Eurovision this year, so the album will have to do…

Regular followers will know that for all my sins, I am a huge Eurovision fan. Those of you who don’t know about it; it’s the world’s most watched music TV show and its on every year, where all the countries in Europe each submit a song and the viewers from all the countries vote on a winner. It’s a big deal all across the continent, is watched all over the world and is broadcast live later this month.

I’ve been to the last couple of shows, and what I hoped would be an annual pilgrimage was shattered when Azerbaijan won last year, meaning that I couldn’t ever afford a trip there (the winner hosts the following year’s event). So sadly, I won’t be going.

But, the amazing people at Universal have given me the second best thing; a copy of this year’s CD with all the entries. It’s out this week, and even if you think the show is lame it’s really worth giving it a listen. I won’t go through all 42 entries, but these are my highlights.

I’m not going to mention the UK, because even though that’s where I’m from, I think the song is ‘just OK’ (although if it does win I will be really happy), but you can watch it here. Anyway…

Favourite Entry (and one I would like to see winning): Loreen ‘Euphoria’ (Sweden – obviously)

This is the most impressive entry this year, and one of the many reasons Sweden is close to my heart. It’s had the  most positive response of all the entries this year, and it’s looking very likely that the Contest will come to Stockholm in 2013.

Sexiest Entry (and one I would like to be in the video with): Anggun ‘Echo’ (France)

Anggun is apparently a bit of an institution in France, and the country has recently been making a big effort to have some quality songs represent it. So I think this is good, it deserves top 10.

Biggest Pile of Shit (that will probably do well): Valentina Monetta ‘The Social Network Song’ (San Marino)

Seriously, embarassing. But gaining a cult following. So who knows. Who knows…

Fiercest Diva (from an unlikely country): Tooji ‘Stay’ (Norway)

I actually LOVE this track and I can’t help but get a kick out of hearing that bit of Arabic drum in it. I really hope this does well.

Most Viral (and cutest): Buranovskiye Babushki ‘Party For Everybody’ (Russia)

My ears are bleeding… But awwww…

The ‘Probably Will Win’ Entry: Ivi Adamou ‘La La Love’ (Cyprus)

Songs with Ballearic beats tradionally do very well in Eurovision, and this track is very, very catchy. So if it wins I won’t complain, it’s good.

So yeah, I hope you share a bit of interest in Eurovision. Head over to Amazon and get the CD. Or go on iTunes. It’s just a bit of fun, and who knows; you might end up a fan…

First Listen: Tone Damli feat Eric Saade ‘Imagine’

This is a special song because it mixes two big Scandinavian pop stars together- Norwegian Tone Damli and Swedish Eric Saade. The result is perfect, harmless pop.

Free Download: Todd Terje ‘Happy Together’

A reworking by Oslo-based Todd Terje.

New Music: The Products

Don’t play this video if you’ve just had your dinner!

This is filthy but I love it and it’s sure to go viral quicker than you can say ‘gonorrhea’. It’s by Norwegian duo ‘The Products’. Check out here.

New Music: Margaret Berger

This is very classy pop from Norway. It won’t be a hit on the radio without a big remix but it’s worth listening to. Check out here.

Free Download: Team Me ‘Show Me’

I mentioned this track a couple of weeks ago and it’s one of my fave tracks from the month. Now Team Me have gone and given it as a free download- woo!

MP3: Team Me – Show Me

First Watch: Team Me ‘Show Me’

My favourite Norwegian indie band have debuted a new music video and it’s as cute as the track. So wonderfully uplifting and anthemic.

Free Download: Team Me ‘With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared To Have a Look At You Now’

That really is the title to this free download from Norway’s ‘Team Me‘. I must admit this took me a couple of listens to get in to but I would describe it as indie pop with a breezy vibe that you get out of these Scandinavian bands. Sounds sort of magical in a weird, indescribable way.

MP3: Team Me – With My Hands Covering Both of My Eyes I Am Too Scared to Have a Look At You Now

New Music: Lemâitre

I see this as the new Röyksopp. Sweetly addictive Norwegian electropop. Check out here

New Music: Young Dreams

Hailing from Norway, this is cute indie pop. Check out here.

New Music: Bernhoft

Bernhoft is one of those ‘one-man-band’ types from Oslo who’s able to sound a whole song using his voice. It’s nothing short of amazing when I hear stuff like this. Check out here.