The worst album covers of all time!

These are just the tip of the iceberg. Click here to check out loads more hilarious (and very very wrong) album covers.

Your last chance to be a Games Maker at the 2012 London Olympics!

You’ve got til midnight tonight to fill in your application. It takes about half an hour to do and you’ll need some ID to prove who you are. Go here to fill!

Live: Robyn at O2 Shepherds Bush Empire

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been to see Robyn and she rocks it every single fucking time. I do remember seeing her at a tiny venue in Camden more than 3 years ago, before ‘With Every Heartbeat’ was even released and feeling happy for her that she managed to sell out the entire Shepherds Bush Empire tonight. The pics look crap because she moves so much it was impossible to get a decent shot with my camera! Support DJ set by Rebecca & Fiona was also really excellent. ┬áMore pics on my Flickr.

I think I’ll post up some current favourite electropop Swedish tunes later on in the week.

Despicable Me

I went to see this as an after-gym treat on my day off this week. After Toy Story 3, this is probably the best animation I’ve seen all year- and those little yellow minions are so cute it’s sick. The few songs by Pharrell Williams (of N.E.R.D) are lovely. I really hope they make a second film!

Mike Skinner IS BACK!

After going AWOL on the internet for almost a year, Mike Skinner (aka The Streets) relaunched his website last week with a series of random posts and videos, one of which is above. The sample that kicks in at 0:40 sounds like a monster hit. This is meant to be the last album under ‘The Streets’ name, and there are few things I look forward to more than a new record by Mike Skinner.

I’m going to Melodifestivalen Final!

The final of Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s biggest TV show, always airs live on my birthday weekend. And for years, I’ve wanted to go and see the show- the aim is to find year’s Swedish Eurovision entry. But the scale of events is just enormous. Some reckon it’s bigger than Eurovision itself. Unlike other Eurovision countries, Sweden’s selection is a big deal: if you’re not already a huge pop star in Sverige then you’ve got no chance of competing. Regional heats are broadcast from January to March in cities across Sweden (all held in arena’s naturally), until the final in mid March at the Stockholm Globe (home to Eurovision 2000). And I’m gonna be there! Woo!

New Music: Paper Crows

Saw these guys on the Guardian today and the reminded me a bit of 90’s trip hop but more current. There’s a lot of atmosphere in their songs. Check out here.

An all singing, dancing android robot thing with freaky hands

This is a little scary, but I want to dance with it. She’s called the Yamaha HRP-4C, or ‘Girlbot’. Shame this thing obviously cost millions to build and they lumber it with a couple of massive plastic hands stolen off a mannequin from Primark…

What’s your (font) type?

Design powerhouse Pentagram have opened up this amazing new font game where a psychiatrist asks you questions and then connects you to a font. Mine is the 1919 Van Doesburg. I didn’t agree at first, but after hearing what they had to say about this font I was convinced it was made for me! Check it out here… It’s so good!

Shayne Ward’s new single is OK

I don’t know if I should admit, but I brought Shayne Ward’s first album after he won X Factor a few years ago. This is his new single, I like it. Good pop.

New Music: Jared Lee

I love this guy’s music. His new single, ‘It’s Over (Goodbye)’ is really really good. Simple pop/rock with a little American soul. Check out here.

Ben (Tattoo) Saunders… rah!

Carrying on with tonight’s Dutch theme, the guy above is Ben Saunders, who is taking part in The Voice of Holland- a sort of Pop Idol where the judges can’t see who’s singing, or something like that. This dude rocks it! Amazing voice! It’s so nice seeing the judges go nuts over him, it’s the total opposite to talent shows in the UK.

New Music: Kraus

Dutch electropop, this is really good music. It’s fresh and clean and easy to bop along to. Check out here.

First Listen: Robyn ‘Indestructible’ Radio Edit

The album version on Body Talk Pt2 is probably the best song of 2010 in my view, and this is the radio version which will be Robyn’s next single in time for Christmas. Yummy!