Free Download: Bombs & Bottles ‘When The Lights Go Out’

You’ll thank me for reading this post. New York-based newbie Bombs & Bottles is getting ready to release a 5-track EP titled “Tonight” in the next few weeks, which chronicles a night out on the town from both a man and woman’s perspective, their chase through the club and a passionate fling at the end of the night and encompasses many musical genres from House, Pop, Electro, and Dubstep to name a few.

To get a taste of what to expect, here’s a free download to the lead single, ‘When The Lights Go Out’, and I think it’s genius. Check out here.

MP3: Bombs & Bottles – When The Lights Go Out


First Watch: Visions of Trees ‘Sirens (Novocaine)’

One of my favourite songs by this duo. They’ve announced a tour for the autumn (so like… now). Check out here.

New Music: NOVI

This took a few moments to kick in. It’s sounds like an innocent little pop ditty, til you realise the lead lyric is ‘I seen blackbirds f****** on the side of the road’. It’s the sort of random lyric which doesn’t really fit in to the tune itself (I guess they used it to try and add an edge to what is a pretty normal pop song, in my view), so I don’t really know how I feel about it but it’s kinda good I guess. Check out here.

New Music: Teen Daze

Ambient, well crafted lo-fi music from Canada. Check out here.

New Music: Oxymorrons

Well crafted, rich RnB/ hip hop sounds from this two New Yorkers, with some really excellent lyrics. Check out here.

New Music: The Amends

The Amends are a Boulder/Denver, Colorado-based indie rock band, formed in January of 2010 and have recently independently released a pretty good self-titled full-length album. Check out here.

Grenades for the Wall release new EP

Cute up and coming Swedish band Grenades for the Wall have released a new EP, ‘7’. There’s a couple of preview tracks above. I previously mentioned them earlier this year. It was self released, written and produced by the band themselves with the cover painted by Casey Wilson.

I’ve had a listen to it and I have to say, it’s pretty awesome- a really good set of tracks for a duo to create from scratch. I can’t wait to see where they lead to in 2012. Anyway, find out more about these guys and get the EP here.

Some Finnish nuns in a pop video

I couldn’t quite believe what I was looking at here, but then again this is what makes Europe such a fun place for music. Anna Abreu is one of those kids that got famous from Pop Idol (Finnish version). The song is actually really good in my opinion. It. The video is from another planet though!

New Music: TV Girl

I really like this. Indie pop that makes you a little bit happy. Check out here.

Interview: Quickfire with MNEK

You probably know who MNEK is by now, I’ve mentioned him on here a couple of times because he’s pretty awesome. He’s basically like a pop child prodigy. I had the opportunity to shoot some questions at him, and he had the opportunity to shoot some answers back…

MNEK… hello… how are you right now?

How’s the response been to your new single?
Good, thankfully. I got mistaken for Paije Richardson again, though.

When did you start writing your tunes?
I was 9.

How did you end up working with the Saturdays on ‘All Fired Up’?
Two words. Brian Higgins.

Are you writing stuff for any other stars?
I write for moons :)

What’s next?
Much more!!!!
And that’s it. Told ya it was quickfire. On another note, his twitter gives me jokes.

New Music: Bell

Sound familiar? That’s because this is a sexy re-working of Aaliyah‘s ‘Are You That Somebody’. Its the sort of sound you can listen to any time and feel the better for it. Check out here.

New Music: Johan Reinhold

I actually really like this- it sounds very different to a lot of the music I get sent, which makes it refreshing and new. And on top of that, it’s a very slick production. That’s because Johan Reinhold is a Swedish Grammy nominated indie electro-pop singer/songwriter who has just released this song, “Shoot Me Down” which was created by some of Sweden’s most prominent producers and engineers like Astma & Rocwell and the Lasse Mortén (who produced Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn & John, and Primal Scream). Check out here.

And now some happiness…

I often write about my likeness to French disco, one of the big reasons being that I sort of grew up listening to the stuff in the late 90’s. It made being a teenager just so cool. This is a new song by Louis La Roche and it sort of sends me back to those old days. It’s a fresh, simple bit of disco. See how many artists this song sounds like. And be happy!

Listen to a preview of Flower and Sea Creatures new album here!

Previously featured over the summer, FASC have released their debut album this week and it seems to be getting pretty good reviews from the media (Mixmag, Mojo and Guardian). Check out an impressive preview of the whole album above.

Free Download: Mustang ‘September 11 Mix’

Mustang are dance music duo from France- Renaud Deru and Andy Faisca. The duo share the same musical obsession for dance music- especially disco, italo, house & classic pop. They’ve also remixed for bands and producers like Vitalic, Two Door Cinema Club, Monarchy and Japanese Popstars to name a few.

September 11 Mix:

Cosmonauts : Cyrcle eyes (Psychemagik Lagoon Nebula Mix)
Philosophy Of Sound : It Is Like That (Ilya Santana Bizzaro Disco Mix)
Ziggy Franklin : So Far Away (Casino Remix)
Melo & Pickster & Sabo : Clap Your Hands
Mercury : Sweetness
Crystal Fighters : Champion Sound (Mustang Remix)
Joe Goddard : Gabriel (Dub Mix)
Gigamesh : When You’re Dancing (RAC Remix)
Arnaud Rebotini : Another time, Another place (Mustang Remix)
Nero : Crush On You (Brodinski Remix)
The Magician feat. Jeppe : I Don’t Know What To Do (Erkka Remix)