New Music: Cosmo Jarvis

I was really confused when I started to watch this but I realised by the end that there’s something about it which is actually kinda cool- it’s not what I was expecting. His blurb reads…

Cosmo is probably best described as a polymath/space-cadet hybrid with a talent surplus. A 21 year old accomplished film maker and musician (300 songs written to date), multi-instrumentalist and producer who has been praised by Brian ‘God’ Eno and sometimes models on the side, he’s certainly no slouch.

Check out here.


New Music: Serenades

This is probably my favourite band of the week so far. Swedish duo that make blissfully beautiful melodies that are so easy to listen to and enjoy. Check out here.

New Music: Ice Choir

I adore this. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is something from the 90’s- this is very new stuff. There’s an innocent yet dirty kink to their sound, and it’s polished off with some slick beats. And most of all, it’s free for you to download which is the icing on the cake. Pun intended. Check out here.

MP3: Ice Choir – Two Rings

Norlie & KKV ‘När Jag Går Ner’

I’ve been listening to this for the last couple of weeks and it’s one of my favourite songs on my iTouch right now. Do I understand it? Not completely. But who cares… good songs are good.

New Music: Collin McLoughlin

This guy’s already drawn out a name for himself on YouTube for his pretty spectacular covers of pop tracks. This is an original piece of work though and it’s very impressive- there’s some 90’s dark garage vibes to it. Check out here.

Bubble POP

I haven’t written about any K-Pop in a good while so here’s one infectiously camp bit of candy pop for you from HYUNA. Don’t hate- it’s just fun. The fact that this video’s been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube since July amazes me.

New Music: Foxes

Epic-sounding pop. I wish I could say more about this but I don’t know what else to say other than it’s a good song! Check out here.

New Music: Troumaca

Flying the flag of both classic British indie and forward thinking progressive electronic music, Troumaca pioneer sounds that have formed from the development of UK bass music fused with tropical riffs, dubby bass lines and big guitar leads and are at the heart of where UK music is heading. Check out here.

The Weeknd does an amazing remix for Gaga

You may or may not know that Gaga is releasing a remix album, and one of the good things to have come out of it is this remix of ‘Marry The Night’ (the strongest track from her ‘Born This Way Album’ in my view) by The Weeknd. Remixes work best when they turn songs upside down like this. I’ll look forward to the other remixes by Foster The People, Michael Woods, The Weeknd & Illangelo, Goldfrapp, Metronomy, Hurts, Twin Shadow.

New Music: Lianne La Havas

I got the same knots in my stomach when I watched Lianne La Havas’ performance on Jools Holland as I did when I heard Amy Winehouse and Corinne Bailey Rae for the first times. And it’s such a good feeling to have. Im so happy that this talent is around- in me you have a fan! There’s no question that this lady will invade the charts. Check out here.

Studio Killers ‘Guy Fawkes’ Revenge Mixtape’

I know Bonfire night was last night but I didn’t get a chance to post this up til now- it’s a ridiculously good mixtape with all sorts of electro goodness from Studio Killers. Give it a spin here. It really is very good. Just wish I could download it!

New Music: Ren Harvieu

There’s some buzz kicking about for this Mancunian soul popstrel. There’s a very rich sound coming from this and it’s very well produced. It’s like Rumer with some punch. Check out here.

First Watch: Jon Ink ‘Every Little Inch’

Previously featured on here a few weeks ago, Swedish Jon Ink is back with a new video. It’s crazy catchy- this kid really needs a big record deal! He’s also acting as a guestjudge in Webjokern, the swedish eurovision song contest 2012.

New Music: Electric Lady Lab

We have some Danish candy pop for you this morning. Check out here.

New Music: Youngblood Hawke

Wake up! It’s Saturday! And this is just about the best song to get up to- so feel good! Check out here.

New Music: 047

I can’t stop listening to this. Beautifully minimal and uplifting electropop from this Swedish duo. They seem to have been around for a really long time and I won’t be surprised if this song takes them to a bigger audience. Check out here.

New Music: Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen is huge on the web right now after releasing a free EP earlier in the year. This former Google employee makes some very well produced pop/rap. Check out here.