Kwamie Liv – 17

I’m a sucker for nostalgic tracks, and I am probably one of the world’s biggest Kwamie Liv fans, so this song is the highlight of my weekend. Hope you like it too!

‘17 is about nostalgia. It’s about looking back and remembering what was, with bittersweet appreciation. We can never return to that time but the memories live on.

Kwamie Liv

Kwamie Liv – All The Other Boys

While this talent isn’t new, the song is quite a sublime piece of Danish pop. A playfully balanced contrast between innocent pop and dark indie.

Kwamie Liv

Kwamie Liv covers Robyn… And it’s beautiful…

kwamie liv

One of Denmark’s hottest exports covers one of Swedish pop’s biggest belters…

Kwamie Liv | Robyn

My Heart Belongs To Daddy x All N My Grill (Kwamie Liv & BABY Duka Remix)

kwamie liv

For a 90’s kid, this is so right on so many levels… Big up Kwamie Liv.

A cover of Eartha Kitt’s 1953 version of “My Heart Belongs To Daddy”, while also utilizing the production of Missy Elliott’s “All In My Grill” & a featured verse from “Lose Control” building the 90’s hip-hop vibe.