First Listen: Neon Hitch ‘Silly Girl’

Neon Hitch was one of the first artists featured on this blog, and this is her second single. It’s dirty.

Probably Sweden’s biggest pop song this year…

I love this video for two reasons. First is the song is so catchy and summery it’s impossible for it not to stick in your head the whole day. Secondly the words popping up on the screen are teaching me a bit of Swedish, which is good. Love it. It’s a matter of time before they turn this with English lyrics and release it across Europe. It’s by Eric Amarillo and will be released in Sweden this Monday. It’s almost on loop on Swedish radio these last couple of weeks.

First Listen: Frankmusik feat Far East Movement “Do It In the AM”

After the success of his top ten UK debut, Frankmusik is preparing to release his fresh blend of synth-pop, hard-knocking beats and flowing melodies in the US with Do It In the AM featuring Far East Movement (out July 18th) a new album inspired by the energy of his adopted hometown of Los Angeles. The single is produced by Billboard (Britney), Martin Kierzenbaum (Lady GaGa) and Frankmusik, and is one of his catchiest songs to date. So exciting!

The Streets ‘OMG’

Released last week as a single, one of my favourite songs from their very last album. I was at the crowd in Brixton when he did a bit of the crowd surfing in the video. Next single has to be ‘Blip on a Screen’… I hope…!

New Music: Oh My!

This is pure British pop- chimes a bit with Lily Allen’s old stuff. It’s catchy, fun. Check out here.

Free Download: Carl Barât ‘This Is The Song’

This is one of the most gorgeously destructive and pretty songs I’ve heard in a really long time. Taken from the forthcoming EP- Death Fires Burn At Night EP (released 2nd May 2011). He has just embarked on a tour of the UK with support on all dates from Foreign Office and in April a documentary about The Libertines gets its premier at the East End Film Festival. The EP contains Carl’s recording of an unreleased Libertines track called ‘Grimaldi’, a new recording of ‘Death Fires Burn at Night’, a cover version of the Langly Sisters track ‘Sing For My Supper’ and ‘This Is The Song’ previously unavailable in the UK. You can download the song for free right here!

MP3: Carl Barât – This Is The Song

When will London’s most beautiful building come back to life again?

This, in my eyes, is London’s prettiest building. It’s the Commonwealth Centre in Holland Park, and was shut down years ago. It’s soon to become the new home of the Design Museum, which I know for a fact will be the most amazing, stunning and exciting place in town. Walking past it last week, seeing it all asleep in the sun with trees taking over the landscape, derelict for such a long time, it still looked gorgeous. Something like a scene from a space age film from the 50’s. Fortunately, it’s a listed building so it’ll never see the sights of a bulldozer. A few more pics on my Flickr.

New Music: Dom Liberati

This is excellent rock coming out of LA. There’s a lot of The Police, Jimmy Eat World and Kings of Leon in Dom’s sound- which is a good thing! A few years ago I spent a short time out in California during my summer breaks and memories rushed back a little when I heard ‘We Own The Night’. It’s the sort of music that works well played loud in a car racing down a sunny highway to somewhere exciting. Check out here.

New Music: Team Me

From Norway. “Warm waves of silky spring air evoke that European charm that has flooded the UK of late” – after seeing Team Me @ Hammersmith Apollo. Check out here.

New Music: Club Smith

Already picked up on radio plays from indie arbiters of taste Steve Lamacq (who came to see them play in London) and Tom Robinson, who had the band in for interview after their shows on the BBC Introducing stages at Leeds/Reading 2010.

They’ve also had plays from Huw Stephens, Frank Skinner (Absolute Radio), Rory McConnell (Radio 1) and have supported The Naked and Famous, Iliketrains, The Sunshine Underground, The Mystery Jets, Two Door Cinema Club, The Neat and Hockey.  Check out here.

New Music: Somersault

Kind of stargazing electronic mixed with some surf influences. There isn’t much on these guys online yet so check out their Soundcloud above!

New Music: Brookes Brothers

Good British drum & bass that doesn’t dive in too dark like others- it’s pretty uplifting actually. The album’s out in June. Check out here.

Lowest traffic ever…

I’ve had the lowest traffic on this blog for probably over a year… But then its sunny outside and its ice cream orgy time… Have fun in the sun people!

TVXQ with their epic K-Pop sound

TVXQ are HUGE in Asia. There were 5 of them in the band, then three of them put up a law suit, despite the band carrying on. The video above is from their most recent record, with just the remaining two members in it (the rest went on to form JYJ). Still insanely epic though.

New Music: Christoffer Skoug

This is a bluesy/ poppy sound that feels light and fresh. Has been signed by Universal Records so world domination is likely to ensue shorty. Check out here.

New Music: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

Very late with this one but they’re just too good not to mention. Excellent electro power pop! He’s playing London’s Scala in June. Check out here.

Live: Ollie Wride at Monto Water Rats London

I featured Ollie Wride a few days ago on here, and I’ve been looking forward to this gig since. There was definitely some Freddie Mercury in his show tonight and it was fantastic. It’s obvious there was a lot of planning for tonight, and I even found the soundcheck a bit entertaining… His sound (mix a bit of glam rock with some synth) is unique enough to give him an edge without being gimmicky, and the way he carried his set worked really good! Headrush was song of the night for me. Tons of fun, and a pop star in the making for sure!

Live: Two Wounded Birds at Rough Trade East

Two different gigs in two different parts of London tonight. First band. These guys are causing a crazy stir right now. Previously featured on here a little while ago, Two Wounded Birds played Rough Trade East (the iconic record shop in London’s Shoreditch). They rocked good. Their raw take on that surf sound made you feel nice and jumpy inside.

The singer reminds me of someone I used to work with who was a bit quiet and dorky but ridiculously cool. As it happens, where I stood tonight, as I stared at the music on the shelves, staring right back at me was said ex-colleague’s band’s debut single (only available in cassette format, obvs). Anyway. You must see Two Wounded Birds live if you can.

Now off to Kings Cross to see Ollie Wride…

New Music: Lover Lover

Atmospheric pop with a lot of character from a London based duo. Check out here.

New Music: Michael Kiwanuka

Listening to this guy takes me back to walking around Portobello Market in Notting Hill on dusty sweaty summer days in the 90’s as a kid. It just oozes class and soul and dreamyness all together. Check out here.