Coco Morier – Perfect People

 “It’s really easy to either get hung up on how awful everything is in the news and politics, and then at the same time see people posting online about their perfect lives and how successful and happy they seem. It can be overwhelming to figure out your place in it all. ‘Perfect People’ is about just letting it all go and being with people you truly care about and being kind to one another.”

Coco Morier

First Watch: Coco Morier ‘Hallucination’


Coco Morier just keeps getting better and better every time I hear something from her. This track, teamed with the gorgeous video, is one of my favourite bits of music this week.

First Watch: Coco Morier ‘Ambulance’

Since releasing material earlier this year Coco Morier has gone from strength to strength- and is now signed to INGRID – the artist collective with Lykke Li, Peter, Bjorn & John etc. Check out this new video for the single ‘Ambulance’.

New Music: Coco Morier

The work behind this newcomer is pretty mind blowing. We’re talking about input on this sound from Peter Bjorn and John, and Lykke Li and Miike Snow. That’s amazing. It’s the sort of beat that oozes coolness without trying at all. Check out here.