Jada – I’m Back

One of Denmark’s most successful music talents of late, Jada has already hit more than 30 million streams and won no less than 12 awards since her debut in 2018. Today sees the release of her new single, aptly titled ‘I’m Back’.

This is an epic (almost cinematic) track that carries the theme of trusting yourself, being true to who you are and not caring about what other people may think.

“‘I’m Back’ is about getting through a process. It’s about doubting yourself and losing balance and then finding the way back to yourself again. It’s also about how I relate to judgmental voices both from the outside and from within myself. It’s a song that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but it was hard to describe the nuances of both taking things in and getting hit by the words and at the same time shaking them off again and not really caring about what other people think.”


New Music: Kamma

A gorgeously melodic and deeply moving sound from Danish talent Signe Rønsov ‘Kamma’. This artist is unafraid of expressing her inner self, her fragility and her intimacy through music.

As the daughter of a parent with Alzheimer’s, Signe struggled to find room for the same development of identity that all of her friends were undergoing, and to live the life of a normal teenager; eventually adopting the stance of being a people-pleaser to avoid confrontation.

In time, she learnt to develop her self esteem and began practicing the art of saying ‘no’. It’s so great to see someone stand up for themselves, because what we now have in front of us is a beautifully gifted pop talent to enjoy.

“One of the most important things for me today is therefore daring to stand by myself and my selfish dreams, and to keep reminding myself that it is okay for me to be someone other than the young woman whose mom is sick.”

Taken from the debut EP ‘Momentary Emotions’ which is out now.


Feels – Still On My Mind

The hugely exciting Danish R&B-pop duo consisting of Siná Mousavian (singer/ songwriter) and David Evers (songwriter/producer) return today with a sleek song that looks at the desire of being with an ex who is being treated badly by her current boyfriend.

‘Still On My Mind’ was created after David came up with a guitar riff that brought up some feelings and memories from Siná:

“When I heard the guitar it took me back to that feeling of wanting this someone back who felt the same but couldn’t escape from her toxic relationship. I used to be exactly that for her, but this time around I was ready to man up.”


New Music: Liberty

Danish talent Mattias Kolstrup (aka Liberty) is already widely known in his native homeland as the lead singer of the electro-rock group Dúné. Now he’s branching out with his own solo music, and it’s wonderful fusion of cosmic indie pop and soft psychedelic rock.

”I was pondering a relationship going to shit. So I went all the way to the Kilimanjaro Mountain in Tanzania – I had to get as far away and as close to the stars as possible. But of course, the further away I went, the more I thought of home and of her. When I reached the top, I met a strange old woman. She told me that I was a moon child set on the sun and maybe, for once, I should just try to be where I was. Here, now. I heeded her advice and ‘The Last Time’ was written then and there.”

Taken from the upcoming new album, ‘Moon Child Set On The Sun’ which is out soon.


New Music: Reiley

Already a hugely successful name on TikTok and Instagram, Reiley hails from the Faroe Islands and brings a chirpy and playful twist on electro-pop that is near impossible not to enjoy.


lil cat – alone

One of the most exciting pop talents to emerge from Denmark recently, lil cat’s music only came about as a result of the boredom they were experiencing during the isolation from the Corona pandemic over the last year.

The real-life couple initially held back from working together, feeling that the concept of a ‘couples band’ was too kitsch for them. Nonetheless, they experimented with their sound and realised that actually, making music together was a pretty special experience.

“It’s kind of our Netflix. It’s what we do when we have fun and relax. Where other couples take dance lessons or play bridge or something, music is our thing, and the lyrics are therefore also taken directly from our own relationship – whether it is about my clothing crisis, PMS, or that I would like a whole football team of children with Mads. It is a kind of creative couples therapy.” – Cathrine van Leeuwen, lil cat.

Taken from the debut EP ‘tunes’ which is out now via W.A.S. Entertainment.

lil cat

New Music: RoseeLu

Danish talent RoseeLu has released one of the most stand-out releases from her homeland so far this year. ‘Playing Alone’ brings a luxuriously dark, sultry and intense approach to alt-pop. A hugely exciting prospect to watch out for!


Mina Okabe – Walk Away

The Danish/ Japanese pop starlet returns today with a sublime piece of pop that shimmers with summery vibes and smooth vocal tones.

Listening to Mina Okabe gives you that sense of reassurance that something better is coming on the horizon – even if her love is bittersweet.

“I wrote ‘Walk Away’ about the feeling of not knowing if the guy that I was seeing was as interested in me as I was in him. I was asking myself, if I should walk away from what we had or keep giving him chances to prove me wrong.”

Mina Okabe

Alexander Oscar – One More Dance

Danish wonderkid Alexander Oscar is back with an almighty banger of a pop tune that’s near impossible not to fall in love with.

Alexander Oscar

CHINAH – Ideal

Haunting yet deliciously infectious, Danish outfit CHINAH unleash their new album ‘Feels Like Forever’ with the release of new single ‘Ideal’.

Interestingly, the album born through the group’s unique method of sending small melodious cuts to one other – ideas that then grew into a project which ultimately stopped the group from disintegrating.

“We are quite bad at being in sync with each other’s lives. However, the music is keeping us together. We expose ourselves to one another by sharing something unfinished and fragile. This is without being able to see how they react when they listen to it. But the experience is time and time again that the idea is welcomed, and it develops into a song that none of us could have made this special individually or with others.” – Simon Kjær, CHINAH

Taken from the new album ‘Feels Like Forever’ which is out now.


New Music: Benner

Danish singer-songwriter Benner crafts a style of pop that is stripped back and minimal, yet full of emotion and personality. The songs themselves carry a sense of rawness and authenticity, which translate perfectly when Benner performs on stage:

When I perform live, I try my best to find the nerve and presence from which the songs were created. I know how much I appreciate hearing musicians communicate from the heart which is why I sing my soul out every single time I am in front of an audience.” 

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘My Mind Is A Movie Of The Night’ which out soon.


Bathsheba – LALA

A playful yet sharp electro-pop sound from Danish talent Bathsheba.

“Does anyone else miss the days when the news were boring? I can’t believe it’s been a year since Denmark first went into lockdown. The past year has been so insane in all kinds of ways. You wake up every morning to yet another disaster. Another crisis you have to comment on in some way. And sometimes it just becomes too much. I wrote a song about that.”


june – Something To Lose

One of Denmark’s biggest and most exciting exports of late, june are back with another show-stopping slice of pop perfection with new single ‘Something To Lose’.

Starting slow, the track evolves into an almighty banger in a matter of seconds and keeps you hooked up until the end, by which point there’s a very likely chance you’ll keep it on loop for the rest of the day… Scandinavian pop at it’s best!

“It’s an explosive sound with a heartfelt message. But even though it is so violent, it is actually still very sparse and minimalist in the sound, which is a recurring thing in our songs.”


Christopher – Fall So Hard

A long-established beacon in the Danish pop scene, wildly popular Christopher returns today with a summery slice of optimism; a song about how something (or someone) can step into your world and change your focus in life for the better.

To date, every single he’s released has been certified as Gold or Platinum, with ‘Fall So Hard’ looking set to join that illustrious record in a matter of time.

“‘Fall So Hard’ is a song of optimism and change. About how all of a sudden, something or someone can step into your life and make it fundamentally different. But the thing about this cliché is that it’s really true. I recently became a dad for the very first time and from one single moment I was a subsidiary person in my own life. Everything is turned upside down. It’s just a brand new and overriding dimension which is indescribable.”


New Music: Peaceful James

An immensely catchy track from Ugandan and Danish talent Peaceful James. Despite the fact that listening to James’ blend of pop and rap on ‘Still Not Good Enough’ is a cheery affair, the track mixes those feel-good beats with sad lyrics that focus on those feelings of self doubt we get after an unsuccessful date. An all too relatable topic for most of us!

“I found myself staring at my phone for half a week to see if she had written back or was online. I really liked her and actually thought our date had gone super well! So it was an even bigger blow when it dawned on me that she probably did not felt the same way. But like so many times before, I luckily got my frustrations out through the music and only when I had written the song ‘Still Not Good Enough’ it was as if I could let go and move on”.

Peaceful James

Off Bloom – Hit & Run

Today’s lesson of ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ is served to us by Danish duo Off Bloom, who have finally released their debut album, ‘In Bloom’.

And it’s a big record; they’ve worked with the likes of CJ Baran (Panic! at the Disco, Carly Rae Jepsen), and George Reid of AlunaGeorge. There’s even a song which was co-produced by the pop legend that is Max Martin.

To celebrate it’s release, the duo have released ‘Hit & Run’ as a taster of what to expect from the record.

“‘Hit & Run’ is a hot vibey track full of attitude! We wanted to reminisce the guitar sound of the 00’s and we even turned up the gain for the first ever Off Bloom guitar solo! The song is very Britney in her way of saying ‘Oops!… I Did It Again’ and it’s about when you end up hurting someone because you’re just not into him or her emotionally – and basically, you just wanna have fun.”

Debut album ‘In Bloom’ is out now.

Off Bloom

New Music: IVA

A punchy and bold approach to electro-pop from Danish talent IVA.

“I love music and write songs that are based on life experiences – music needs to come from the heart, body and mind. Music can take you out of your comfort zone but also strengthen you.”


New Music: Ann Christine

This is some of the most exciting Danish talent to emerge so far this year. Ann Christine‘s experimental approach to pop fuses elements of rap and turns it into something refreshingly crisp, original and catchy.

You can hear a strong sense of boldness and confidence radiate through her sound, which inevitably leads you to totally falling in love with this kid.

“’CCC’ is truly about deliberation. About living out loud and not apologising for it. Chaos is such an inevitable importance to our lives: It’s where we both break and make ourselves – and isn’t that the beauty of it? I’ve always been a bit loud in my way of living – especially spending most of my twenties in the Berlin subculture – and through the old sayings of cats and dogs, I’m telling it as it is: Cats cause chaos that dogs don’t do. I want that my listeners feel it, breathe it in and go out in the world with a strong spine and head high.”

Ann Christine

KOPS – If Not You Then Who (with Emelie Hollow)

This gorgeous new collaboration from Danish talent KOPS and Norwegian songstress Emelie Hollow is a truly Scandinavian affair. It was written in Stockholm, taken to Oslo for Emelie’s contribution and finally finished in Copenhagen.

“This is a song about that one person in your life who can’t be replaced. Your mom or dad, an ex, a good old drinking buddy, your math teacher in high school or the guy at the grocery store – that special someone, who eventually came into your life and changed it. If this song was a movie, I guess it’d be a proper tear jerker! Well, at least, I got emotional writing it and having Emelie singing the words with me literally made it the emotional pop anthem, I think we both hoped it would be.” – KOPS

KOPS | Emelie Hollow

Drew Sycamore – 45 Fahrenheit Girl

With over 360k monthly listeners on Spotify, Drew Sycamore is well on her way to becoming one of the next big names to emerge from Denmark.

Drew Sycamore