Duvchi – Impatient

An experimental yet beautiful blend of dream pop and downtempo from Swedish mega-talent Duvchi.


Duvchi – Altitude

I have been a fan of Duvchi for as long as Alfitude has been running. The Swedish super-producer and singer is gifted with a unique production style which feels both experimental and intriguing, yet familiar.

This new release is a welcome return, and is a song that encapsulates that feeling of homesickness and loneliness in a melancholy and heartwarming way.


Lorentz – Intro (feat. Duvchi)

Lorentz returns with that subdued epic sound that I have missed so much.


Listen: Duvchi – Sleep


For those that don’t know about this kid… Besides writing and producing his own album he writes for other artists like Rebecca & Fiona, Loreen, Adam Tensta etc. Most recently Rihanna recorded one of his songs!


Watch: Lorentz ‘Där dit vinden kommer’ (feat. Jaqe, Duvchi, jj, Joy)


This track from Lorentz features Scandi indie and rap heavyweights Jaqe, Duvchi, jj and Joy. It’s not a favourite, but the way this manages to share so many distinctive styles while sounding complete is impressive.

Listen: Lo-Fi-Fnk ‘Can U Feel It?’ (feat. Duvchi)

lo-fi fnk

My favourite Swedish dance-pop duo team up with Duvchi for this… It’s a lot darker than previous releases.

New Music: Duvchi


Track of the week. Mellow Swedish electropop that sounds so luxurious. Check out here.