First Watch: Sebastien Tellier ‘Russian Attractions’

The great Sebastien Tellier returns with a gorgeous, piece of musical sex, like only he does best.

The most mental sounds you’ll hear all weekend…

Courtesy of new solo French project D-R-U-N-K.

Happy Friday!

Kick start your weekend with this preview from Madeon’s upcoming ‘Finale’ single. This is just a short clip but it’s got my heart going MENTAL.

New Music: Dombrance

French electropop at it’s very finest- I love this track a whole load. Check out here.

Para One ft Teki Latex ‘Lean On Me’

This is a bit TEED-sounding, and I think it’s a cute way to end the week with. So I hope it makes you smile, it’s a happy track.

Call Your Girlfriend French

A French re-working of Robyn’s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ by Marie-Mai. It’s nice.

Let’s get something funky to kick start this Friday morning

Courtesy of French electro pop duo Reflex.

First Watch: Yelle ‘Comme Un Enfant’

I haven’t talked about my French obsession for some time so I thought it would be nice to show you her new video. Still quirky and edgy and funny.

New Music: Shook

This is fun French style disco for this very, very cold Friday night. Check out here.

Free Download: Roman D’Amour ‘Make Love’

So it’s Saturday, and life wouldn’t be right without a little French disco.  Download this freebie and get your booty ready. Roman D’Amour is talented Parisian teenager Benoit Villemont, already making big splashes within the fêted French disco/house scene.

MP3: Roman D’Amour – Make Love Tonight

New Music: Serenades

This is probably my favourite band of the week so far. Swedish duo that make blissfully beautiful melodies that are so easy to listen to and enjoy. Check out here.

Rave a little with Monsieur Adi

Some good French electro from Monsieur Adi to welcome you to the weekend. Woo!

New Music: The Supermen Lovers

This is one of those tracks that you think you’ve heard before but you probably haven’t, as it’s not out til the 24th October. It gets your bum shaking for sure. French electro/ disco from Paris. Check out here.

Friday electro courtesy of Gesaffelstein

So it’s Friday, and it’s almost lunch time. Here’s some French electro by Gesaffelstein to keep you going through the next few hours! Best enjoyed with some big-ass speakers.

And now some happiness…

I often write about my likeness to French disco, one of the big reasons being that I sort of grew up listening to the stuff in the late 90’s. It made being a teenager just so cool. This is a new song by Louis La Roche and it sort of sends me back to those old days. It’s a fresh, simple bit of disco. See how many artists this song sounds like. And be happy!

You’ve been a bad girl…

Classic French electro with some Rye Rye thrown in. I love this. Check out here.