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Interview: Quickfire with Loveless


One of Norway’s hottest exports over the last twelve months, Loveless have crafted a name for themselves with their exceptional blends of RnB, house and garage. Personally, I have been a massive fan, so I hope you enjoy reading this Quickfire as much as I have…

Tell us more about how you got together

Filip: It was really just by chance! Eirik used to work at a clothing store back in Trondheim where we both grew up and I just happened to walk in one day to have a look and we started talking. We kind of knew about eachother already, but this was the first time we had spoke. After that meeting, I went back to Oslo, where I then lived, and a couple of years passed where we had some, but not much, contact. So it was quite the coincidence when I had moved back to Trondheim, and found out we lived in the same street. That is when we really started hanging out and began doing some music together. We had no plan or idea that Loveless would come out of it.

Who do you listen to when you’re making your own tracks?

Eirik: We always start our session with listening to some music, just to get a vibe going. For us its different every time what will trigger ideas and inspire us to start working, but it seems that most of the time it involves some kind of RnB song. We both come from a more “urban” world of producing, before Loveless came to fruition. And that is probably something you also can hear in our music, the heavy RnB influence, in both the vocals and chord progressions. 

Why do you think there is so much good music emerging from the Nordic countries?

Filip: It feels like instead of trying to catch up to the rest of the world, like we used to, the table sort of turned in some way, and now the world pays attention to us. I think that can be connected to a lot of different things, but probably a big reason is the internet. Coming from here, and being able to be inspired of literally everything in the world. Taking that, making something new, and then putting it out back into that same channel, for the rest of the world to access it. 

It sort of helped with both angles, us having access to everything, and then again giving the world access to what we come up with. Then again, this is similar for the whole world, so maybe the crappy weather, forcing us to stay inside, or the general good economy allows us to fully express our selves with no worry? 

Who’s your favourite talent that you can’t get enough of right now?

Eirik: There is no one that excites me as much as Tourist these days. He challenges the norms of club music without taking it to far and always keeps it interesting. 

Filip: To me, I would have to say Majid Jordan has been my “go to” the last couple of months. Really love the universe they create.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Filip: There is probably quite a few we would love to work with but to us its just as fun working with unknown, up and coming great talent, as it would be to work with a known singer. But to answer it more satisfying it would probably be RnB singers like Brandy or Chris Brown.

What’s planned for Loveless for the year?

Eirik: We are really looking forward to release our next single and then our debut EP right after. Hopefully it will get some great feedback and allow us to play some more gigs. Of course there is going to be more studio work and we are already preparing future releases. Also some more frequent trips to London, for both gigs and studio.

Watch: Loveless – Elephant (feat. Tomine Harket)

loveless norge

This Norwegian disco duo have now earned themselves record deals with Sony Music and Steve Aoki’s Thrive Music.


Two Norwegian producers remix Justin Bieber in the coolest way…

loveless norge

I forgot to share this with you. It’s from the most recent Ja Ja Ja night in London…


Kill J + Loveless at Ja Ja Ja

loveless ja ja ja london october 2015

kill j ja ja ja london october 2015

Caught Norway’s freshest house duo Loveless and Denmark’s super-hyped Kill J last night at the Lexington for the monthly Ja Ja Ja Scandi music night.