New Music: Mia Berg

Norway’s produced another emerging young pop starlet in the shape of 23-year old Mia Berg. This balances a trademark Scandinavian sound with a ton of atmosphere.

Mia Berg


This is how you perform a song for an award show…

I mean… Seriously… The stage production on this is MENTAL. So much love for Astrid S. The concept is simple – just use a green screen and dress some dancers in the same colour, but the effect is random as hell.

Astrid S

New Music: Ima Sobé

Norway’s pop game has been stronger this year than ever before, and with this new talent it looks like 2019 will be an even bigger year.

Ima Sobé

Watch: Astrid S – Emotion

I might tip the boat and say something controversial but this has so far been my favourite song to come out of Norway in 2018. Probably the whole of Scandinavia maybe. Anyway, here’s the visuals.

Astrid S