Daniel Adams-Ray x Oskar Linnros – Sitter på en dröm


There’s a small story behind me posting this. It’s a track worked on by two Swedish hip hop artists who haven’t worked together in almost a decade. Back then they were called Snook.

Snook were one of the first Scandi artists that I genuinely fell in love with. Their mix of hip hop with a sense of playfulness brought me tons of good vibes.

So, this track might not blow you away, but it’s mighty special for me.

Daniel Adams-Ray | Oskar Linnros

The song that’s been on rotation all week for me…

klappar och slag

Its the opening track from Oskar Linnros‘s new record. The whole album’s a good follow up to his debut from 2010. Well worth a listen.

First Watch: Oskar Linnros ‘Hur Dom Än’

Oskar Linnros

My favourite Swedish pop track of 2013 so far now has some visuals. Can’t wait for this new Oskar Linnros record.

Some songs I heard on Swedish radio this week…

swedish flag

I’ve been down to Malmö for the most part of this week to visit a friend. We had the radio on a lot of the time, and even though I didn’t pay much attention to it, there were a few songs that I enjoyed listening to more often than not. Here they are…

And just because life can be random in Sweden…

Oskar Linnros is back!

Oskar Linnros

One of my favourite Swedish singers, Oskar Linnros is back with a new track that’s so good that it’s got me a bit hyper inside my tummy…

New Music: Pavlov

Yes, it’s in Swedish. But it’s such a great song I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Carries along the same veins as Oskar Linnros and Daniel Adams-Ray. Check out here.

Mashup: Robyn vs Oskar Linnros

This is a mighty little mashup from two of my favourite songs of last year: Robyn’s ‘Dancing On my Own’ and Oskar Linnros’ ‘Från Och Med Du’, which was one of the reasons I decided to throw myself into Swedish school. It’s just a cute mix.

New Music: Oskar Linnros

This song is currently number 1 in Sweden. I can’t understand what he’s singing but it’s a clean fresh kinda song. Check out here.

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