Watch: HONNE – WHAT WOULD YOU DO? (feat. Pink Sweat$)

Ushering in a new era of their sound’s evolution, Alfitude favourites HONNE join forces with breakout RnB star Pink Sweat$ on the release of ‘WHAT WOULD YOU DO?’.

The accompanying visuals (directed by Ian Robertson) tell of a love story that unfurls in the heart of a pastel-toned suburbia, with HONNE cast in supporting roles as paper boy and gardener. Pink Sweat$ also features, performing his verse through the dashboard screen of the protagonist’s soft-top convertible, with the video matching the warm, summer glow of the track itself.

“In the past, we’ve limited ourselves. We might get to a section of a song and things are getting really exciting, but we then pull ourselves back and say, ‘Can we really do that?’. Now, we’ve sidestepped the rules and done whatever we wanted to do.” – HONNE

HONNE | Pink Sweat$

Pink Sweat$ – Heaven

Castle on a hill
Let’s build it out of steel
Girl, I know that this love, it will last
Let’s journey up the road
Ain’t gotta take it slow
You know that I don’t want no one else

Pink Sweat$