Watch: SVEA – Pity Party

“‘Pity Party” is about a party getting way out of hands. When it’s 4 am, everyone’s wasted, and no one can nor want to stand for their actions anymore. People sleeping in your parents’ bed, someone is fighting in the kitchen, you puke but get up and drink more. Even though you kind of enjoy letting go of everything for a night you still feel very anxious about being the one responsible. Everything just starts to feel like a joke and at the end you start feeling sorry for yourself. The birthday party turned into a pity party!”

Taken from the outstanding new EP ‘Pity Party’ which is out now.


SVEA – Never Call Me Again

SVEA seems to be one of the hardest working Swedish pop songstresses out there, consistently delivering some of the country’s finest Scandi pop right now. And with that, she’s just treated us to another huge banger that’s infectiously fresh.


SVEA – All My Exes

“You may think you did everyone right in your past relationships, but you might as well have been the villain in their world. There are always two sides of a coin. I may have also done wrong and my ex probably doesn’t think I have been an angel in all situations.”