A good Swedish remix to kick start your weekend

It’s in Swedish (obviously), and it’s a remix of a song called ‘Stockholm’ which got huge over in Sweden by Jonathan Johansson.


First Watch: Amanda Mair ‘Sense’

Amanda Mair has been causing a bit of a storm on the web for a few months. This seems to be the first video from her. It’s cute.

First Watch: Miike Snow ‘Paddling Out’

One very, very strange video. But did you expect any less from Miike Snow? Exciting stuff!

First Listen: Sameblod ‘Loud’

Two of my favourite Swedish popsters are back with an amazing new track. This track makes me so, so fucking happy.

Lykke Li and Miike Snow make a song together.

Two Swedish heavyweights making one epic track. So excited for Miike Snow’s upcoming record.


New Music: The Slytest

Swedish indie pop. The Slytest, consisting of young Swedes Dan Axelsson and Simon Larsson has had a fascination for American music since birth. The band manage to put some local colour to the recording with what in Sweden is considered “the Gothenburg sound” – indie choirs and vibrant distorted guitar melody lines in the vein of Broder Daniel and Håkan Hellström – two of Sweden’s major underground pop stars. Check out here.

New Music: Pavlov

Yes, it’s in Swedish. But it’s such a great song I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. Carries along the same veins as Oskar Linnros and Daniel Adams-Ray. Check out here.

Miike Snow show off another new track

I have a very strong feeling that Miike Snow are going to blow up this year. Everything I’ve heard is just as amazing as their debut.

New Music: Emma Lewin

Swedish pop. This would fit in to Eurovision nicely. Check out here.

Swedish country music (it’s better than it sounds…)

I think one of the reasons Swedes do music so well is that they take the best out of genres and improve on them ever so slightly. I mean, this song is country. But it sounds poppy at the same time, but it’s still really country. And I like that. Check out First Aid Kit if you like.

New Music: Coco Morier

The work behind this newcomer is pretty mind blowing. We’re talking about input on this sound from Peter Bjorn and John, and Lykke Li and Miike Snow. That’s amazing. It’s the sort of beat that oozes coolness without trying at all. Check out here.

New Music: Jasmine Kara

Swedish retro pop. Keep her away from hammers. Check out here.

Take it to the top of the world

This is one of those songs that makes you think you can take on the world and come out winning. Whether you end up succeeding is another matter, but this is done with two Swedish pop superpowers and is worth having on your iTunes.

New Music: Simian Ghost

Beautifully life-affirming music from a super talented Swedish newbie. So happy to have discovered this. Check out here.

Those cheeky Swedish hiphoppers are back…

I love Ansiktet, even though they bust their vibes in Swedish which can be a bit problematic at times. The video is a bit out there but the song’s pretty awesome.

Mix a bit of Robyn with some Whitney and you get a good start to the week…

Courtesy of one of the most amazing Scandi blogs around, this will be my wake up alarm for the next week. A blend of the finest Robyn and Whitney Houston. Come on peeps, smile… Life’s good!

New Music: Ted Morris

Sounds American right? Well, it isn’t. It’s Swedish. His real name is Ted Mauritz Svensson and his sound moves swiftly round the edges of 70’s americana and Randy Newman-esque singer/songwriter moods. It’s big sounding and heartfelt. Check out here.