Unge Ferrari – Balkong

Rapidly becoming one of my favourite Norwegian artists this year…

Unge Ferrari

Watch: Unge Ferrari + Coucheron – Ung & Dum

I’m sharing this down to the fact that this is one of my favourite tracks to emerge from Norway this year… And now with English subtitles :)

Unge Ferrari | Coucheron

Unge Ferrari + Coucheron – Ung & Dum

How would Norwegian hip hop sound with some disco thrown in? Quite brilliantly I’d say…

Unge Ferrari | Coucheron

Lido – Corner Love

Track of the week. To go through as many songs as I do on a daily basis, and then to listen to something so ethereal and unique as this feels nothing short of euphoria over my jaded ears. It really needs to be heard from start to finish. Features vocals from Unge Ferrari.


Hkeem, Unge Ferrari – Urettferdig


American porn stars pick a Norwegian rapper they would want to… Cuddle.

chirag norge

NOT SAFE FOR WORK! (obviously)

So now you know that Norway has some hot rappers. I thought I was the only one that noticed. Evidently not…

New Music: Unge Ferrari

Unge Ferrari.

RnB from Norway. Check out here.