Watch: Yelle – J’veux un chien

Still a pop visionary fifteen years on from her debut, YELLE really is one of France’s best musical exports.

Taken from the new album ‘L’Ère du Verseau’ which is out now.


Yelle – Je t’aime encore (Fady D Remix)

“We’re French, and sometimes we’re more understood by American people, Swedish people or Spanish people. They feel what we say and the energy that’s in our music, while France is a lot about overthinking, analysing and trying to put you into a box… That’s what the song is about. ‘We love you, but sometimes we don’t get you.’ Proper love song!”


Je t’aime encore (Remixes)

Watch: Yelle – Je t’aime encore

Serious question: How does Yelle keep pushing out these pop perfections every single time?

This is a pretty minimal release for the French legend but still mighty impressive. And watch the video until the end for a very bizarre twist.


Watch out Yelle… Alina’s gonna get you…

This is Alina Devecerski– I’ve mentioned her before a small while ago because this track is ridiculously infectious. Anyway, now there’s a video to match it. It’s in Swedish, but that just makes it so much cooler.

First Watch: Yelle ‘Comme Un Enfant’

I haven’t talked about my French obsession for some time so I thought it would be nice to show you her new video. Still quirky and edgy and funny.

Live: Yelle at Electrowerkz London

I’ve realised that every time I take pictures at these gigs, the more shit they look the more amazing the night was. Yelle‘s on tour right now supporting Katy Perry, but she played at this very random place in London last night. I didn’t know what to expect from Electrowerkz- but the crowd was ultra ‘cool’… i.e. the Shoreditch crowd (Hipsters).

There was a line up of about 5 or 6 acts before she came on, all of which were pretty good but who had the habit of making songs which all ended up sounding the same so I won’t talk about them – all except Tiger Love – who were close to amazing (the pics with the yellow neon lights above).

Anyway, Yelle came on after midnight and the place went nuts. Wherever Yelle plays you can be sure of three things: lots of cool looking people, lots of gays, and everyone dancing their arses off. This drove everyone to go crazy:

but her new stuff is definitely worth listening to also. We left after that so didnt stay around for In Flagranti but if you get to see Yelle live go and do it- you’ll have sore bits around your body the next day! More cacky pics on my Flickr.