Interview: Quickfire with Remi Wolf

As one of the most exciting pop talents to have graced Alfitude’s pages recently, it’s a joy to announce that Remi Wolf has finally released her debut EP, “I’m Allergic To Dogs!’ today. It’s a collection of songs that embrace elements of funk and soul with a laid-back flair for quirkiness which I find absolutely charming.

And so in the spirit of things, here’s a quickfire round of questions to get to know this insanely bold, fun and authentic kid before she conquers the world with her unique take on music.

Who would be your dream collaboration be with?

There are so many. Right now I would say this artist Melanie. She wrote amazing country pop songs in the 60s.

Your videos are some of the most creative (and quirky) that we’ve seen for some time. Where do you get your ideas from when coming up with the visuals?

I draw a lot of inspiration from movies and shows I used to watch when I was little. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Spy Kids, Silly Ville, even Dragon Tales. I love the colours and the whimsy. 

If you could choose, which song on your new EP means the most to you, and why?

Each song has a specialness and specific meaning to me but I think ‘Hello Hello Hello’ is the one. It is so honest and true to real events that happened in my life. I wrote in in my bed at 3am and I think that exhaustion and anxiety allowed me to be vulnerable in a way that can in other circumstances be a bit challenging for me. I’m really proud of it.

What artists are you currently obsessed with?

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of prolific and incredible songwriters. John Mayer, Dolly Parton, Marvin Gaye, Kanye West, Bob Marley. I love how these artists tell stories that are so true to their experiences. They paint skin burning detail while still capturing ideas in broad strokes.

Remi Wolf will perform her sold-out release show on June 25th as the first drive-in concert of 2020 in Los Angeles. All proceeds are going to the Summaeverythang Community Center Inc., and the Plus 1 for Black Lives Fund (Movement For Black Lives, Impact Justice, Equal Justice Initiative, The Bail Project).

Remi Wolf

Interview: Quickfire with Ea Kaya

Denmark is rapidly becoming a hotbed for pop right now, rivalling Sweden in a big way. Ea Kaya, one of the country’s brightest emerging talents gets the Quickfire treatment from Alfitude… Enjoy!

Tell us a little more about you

I’m a pop fan who found out I could create pop songs myself. That’s what I’ve been doing ever since I was a teen. Now I’m in my twenties, living in Copenhagen where the music scene is absolutely blooming. I’m an artist because I write honest and very personal songs, and I’d find it weird to let someone else sing my songs.

Why do you think so much great music comes from Scandinavia?

Sweden’s been the front runner on the music scene for a while, but Denmark and Norway have definitely caught up with the Swedes the past few years. Why do Scandies create such good music? Personally, I think it’s a mixture between two things. 1) Our attitude. I’ve had a lot of sessions, and whenever writing abroad, I miss the Scandinavian professionalism. We come on time, we deliver what we’re supposed to and we’re focused. 2) Our curiosity. Looking at Scandinavian music history, people aren’t afraid to take chances. We explore, wonder and don’t have an issue with being different.

Who is currently your favourite new artist?

I’m very into Lennon Stella at the moment! She has the softest voice and I love her melodies.

If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

To be honest, I think Troye Sivan and I would be a perfect match for a duet. He agrees – he just doesn’t know it yet!

Who has inspired you to become a musician?

My biggest inspiration as a teen was Taylor Swift, no discussion. T-Swizzle definitely one of my songwriting masters.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m heading out to play my first festival season this summer! Then I’ll be hiding in the studio for a good while, teaming up with new producers to play around with my sound and get out of my comfort zone for a little. I’ll be releasing music in the meantime, of course! 

Be sure to follow Ea Kaya here – one to watch for sure!

Interview: Quickfire with Isaac Dunbar

Perfecting that blend of dream pop with innocence and melancholy, Isaac Dunbar has certainly made a name for himself in a relatively short space of time. With the release of new single ‘Cologne’, we sent over some quickfire’s to know more about this new internet buzz kid.

Tell us a little more about yourself…

I am 16 and I’m from Cape Cod, MA. 

How would you describe your sound?

Sonically, I would describe my sound as Alternative Pop. But to go more in depth, I would describe my sound as very honest. I always but my feet in the shoes of people when writing music, so it ends up being very honest. 

Who would your dream duet be with?

My dream duet at the moment would be with Conan Gray! He’s so cool and we have similar voices. 

What’s your new single about?

I would describe my new single as an “anti-love letter”. It’s about liking someone who likes someone else, and that other person is only acting like the perfect image of what your crush likes in a person. The song is me asking my crush all these questions, somewhat of an interrogation. 

Who are you currently obsessed with musically?

Currently, I’ve been obsessed with this artist Tamino. Listen to him. He is literally – I don’t even have words. 

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

I’m releasing an EP and doing some shows and releasing more music afterwards! Stay tuned for everything, I’m so excited for what’s in store. 

Catch Isaac on Instagram.

Interview: Quickfire with Lil Halima

One of Norway’s most hyped RnB talents from the last twelve months, Lil Halima has already received a huge response globally as well as coverage from tastemaker heavyweights like The Line Of Best Fit, Spindle Mag, and Wonderland. With a new EP released today, I had the opportunity to ask this exciting talent a few quickfire questions…

Before we begin, tell us a little more about you.

Haha! What do you want to know? I’m Lil Halima, an artist from northern Norway. I love to create music, sing, produce, play instruments. Also painting, drawing and I want to learn so much more when it comes to forms of expressing yourself through art because it truly brings me peace. 

What’s the RnB scene in Norway like?

It’s not very big, i know some people who do Norwegian RnB and a bunch of people I wish did RnB instead of pop, hehe. but thats just my taste, I appreciate people doing what they want to. 

Where do you draw your inspirations from?

Everywhere! Just now, I realised (or I’ve always known just never really labeled it) that I have synesthesia, and I’m starting to be more accepting for the colours and the odd way of mixing my senses. It has always been like this, so that some sounds have very visual colours, numbers with personalities and making music being very much so like painting a moving image of patterns, textures and colours. So I feel like this has been the reason I could sit and make music for hours every day, since as long as I can remember. It’s very entertaining. and inspiring. Also people in general, the earth and the questions I have surrounding everything inspires me. 

Tell us more about the tracks on your EP.

My EP is called ‘For The Dark Days’. It is created for the dark days that we have in Northern-Norway. I also have one coming out that will be for the bright days. In Northern-Norway we have months of complete darkness because of the placement of the location on earth, and during summer the sun won’t go down (it’s literally switching on the horizon). The music I listen to, the clothes I wear, how I feel, what I think about and how I spend my time is extremely different, depending on the season. Therefore I wanted to make to EPs to illustrate this, and try to capture it. On this EP, the songs will be for the dark days, but not in the sense of darkness meaning sadness. One song is for example about dreaming about being abducted by an alien, hehe.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Always been, always will be James Blake. And monte booker, his music with the sounds he choses, has so much colours and patterns and shapes that I’m always just trying to process and take it all in, in a good way. 

I always ask this with Scandinavian artists, but the answers are always interesting… Why do you think so much good music comes from the region?

Hmm. Maybe because we all have such a great opportunity to make music. We are so blessed when it comes to going for the things you love, because we mostly have a system to fall back on if we fail without it very obvious (yes Im talking about you the States) giving us a hard time. Thats probably one of 13569 factors, but the only thing on top of my head.

What do you have planned for 2019?

My plan is to live my best life. Plain, simple, still really hard. Learn and evolve, make music and listen to music, play shows and go to shows, make visual art and see visual art, sing and dance, create, create, create, create.

Lil Halima

Interview: Quickfire with Apropos

A short and sweet quick-fire from this promising Detroit talent with a gift for effortlessly blending RnB into some of the catchiest pop emerging right now.

How would you describe your vibe?

My vibe is cool calm and powerful at the same time.

What three artists would you say inspire you, and why?

Marvin Gaye because he knew how to express his pain in a way that made it sound beautiful. Michael Jackson because of his stage presence. Jim Morrison due to his songwriting and sonic poetry.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

My dream collaboration would be with Quincy Jones.

Who are you currently listening to that you think deserves more recognition?


What do you have planned over the next few months?

I’m releasing my debut album on November 2nd. I plan on going back to London and playing live shows soon after.


Interview: Quickfire with LINES

LINES manage to bring out all that is best in Scandi pop right now. A bold beat, excellent electro and melodies that won’t leave your head for a while. Here’s a bit more about the Swedish outfit.

Tell us how you formed, and a little more about your sound…
The short story is that we didn’t form at all, that we don’t exist. But the legend is we evolved out of nowhere like the big bang. Small energetic explosions of light that expanded through time and space. At first we couldn’t make any sense of it, later on we understood it was all part of a grand idea, the blueprints of a masterplan. When everything comes around we’re pretty small, aren’t we.
Our sound is solid.
What artists are you listening to now that you are loving?
Yaeji, almost exclusively actually. She’s been on repeat in our headphones for the last months.
Where has been the best place to play live so far?
Our own release party at a sauna club here in Stockholm. Top notch party.
Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?
The CIA, our marketing campaigns would really benefit from their surveillance and we would also treat all the information more responsible than they would.
Why do you think Scandinavia has such a unique place in pop music?
Left wing politics and the belief that culture is one of the basic needs for the survival of our spices. Although that might change in the future unfortunately.
What do you have planned for the rest of the year?
More music coming! We release a single with Dolores Haze pretty soon and we have an EP in the making that will release this summer. That and playing live!

Interview: Quickfire with Fabich

London producer Fabich has shown an infectious blend of smooth disco and feel-good vibes that’s been hard to ignore for me. With an upcoming EP, here’s some quickfire questions to get you acquainted with this exciting new talent.

Tell me more about yourself?

Hi my name is Fabich, I’m a record producer and DJ and my music is a mix of House and Soul/Funk/RnB. I’ve released on labels like Majestic Casual, The Magician’s POTION and Island Records.

What’s the new EP about?

The EP’s name is “a friends story” and it’s about the people I’ve met since arriving in my new hometown London. Ever since moving here from Germany I’ve met a lot of fun and talented people from all over the world and I wanted to tell their story in this collaborative project!

Have you got a favourite track on the record?

All of the records on the EP are my favourite tracks out of the ones that I’ve produced during the last couple of months so a lot of work and love went into each one of them and I like all of them equally… :)

What are you currently loving listening to?

I currently listen to a lot of Disco and also urban stuff. Artists that get me excited at the moment are Anderson.Paak, Goldlink, Kaytranada, James Vickery, Jafunk, Mokoa, Young Franco…

I do a monthly podcast series on Soundcloud called 12 Tracks Tape where I include my current favourites and also ask another artist to do the same, check it out.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

I’d love to get in the studio with Pharrell one day. He’s been one of my favourite record producers since his work in the early 2000’s as part of the neptunes. I worked with one of his new artists last month so that was an exciting experience for me! I hope to show you the song we did soon.

What’s the rest of the year got in store for you?

Releasing this EP has been so much fun and I want to keep on putting music out every couple of weeks this year. I’m in the studio almost every day so it’s cool to see if people enjoy the music I’m making and also to play it Live!

Check out Fabich on Spotify

Interview: Quickfire with Lina

One of the more interesting pop acts to emerge from the global scene of late, this year has seen Lina reach new heights, and I can’t see any sign of it slowing down any time soon. Here’s a Quickfire to get to know this fresh new talent…

You’ve recently announced that you’ll be supporting Little Mix on their arena tour… How does that make you feel?

I’m super excited! I love Little Mix, and it’s truly a dream come true for me.

Your musical journey has been pretty special, tell us a little more about your story so far.

I’ll make it short!

  • I was the first Palestinian Arab to win The Voice Israel in 2013 (or any big reality TV show by the peoples vote)
  • I supported Queen+Adam Lambert, Will Smith, and Little Mix.
  • I am the first Arab female singer to publicly support the LGBT+ community.
  • I got the support of the one and only Alicia Keys all over her social media when she posted a cover I made of her song ‘Holy War’.
  • I’m the most hard working dreamer you’ll ever meet.

Who inspires you the most?

A lot of artists inspire me but every time I need inspiration I turn to Beyoncé, Eminem, and Alicia Keys.

  • Beyoncé – whenever I need some drive and motivation.
  • Eminem – whenever I need to focus and find determination.
  • Alicia Keys – whenever I need an  inspiration before writing new songs.

Who would you love to do a collaboration with, and why?

There are so many people that I would like to collaborate with but at the moment, I have an amazing single which hasn’t been released yet and I think Sean Paul would be a perfect match. I met Sean a few months ago here in London and last month in Tel Aviv, and if luck plays on my side we’ll collaborate! He’s an extraordinary artist who adds his own spices to every song and turns it into a hit.

Aside from the huge tour ahead, what else do you have in store for your fans?

My new single ‘I Wore It Better’ is out now! I love love love this single since it’s a super fun song that talks about overcoming the disappointment/heartbreak of seeing your ex with their new crush, who is wearing your favourite sweater. It explores how that makes you feel, the memories, the pain but ends with positive and empowering feelings.

My album is almost ready- it’s called ‘Walking On A Tightrope’ and hopefully will be released in the beginning of 2018. Stay tuned and follow my news on my social media pages and website.

Interview: Quickfire with Frida Sundemo

This quickfire is a bit of a big deal for me. Frida Sundemo’s been on my radar for as long as I can remember, and was one of the first artists to be featured on this site back in 2011. With an album due for release in October, I had the chance to ask a few questions…

So, I’ve been a fan since 2010. I can’t even remember how I stumbled across your music but I remember falling in love with the sound straight away. Seven years later, how has your sound evolved?

That’s lovely to hear, thank you very much! Back in 2010 the music was guitar-based and the productions quite small. In 2012 I started working with (producer/songwriter) Joel Humlén and we developed the sound more towards the electronic pop genre.
Ever since then I feel like we’ve let the productions grow bigger and bigger and we’ve also moved in a cinematic direction. Still, I guess you could recognise the melodies and harmonies all throughout the years. That has always been the core of my music.


What inspires you when you think of songs to write?

Almost anything. A conversation, a concert, a good song, a memory, feeling bored, feeling sad, feeling free and much more. But on my upcoming album I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from sci-fi space films. And I’ve Youtube’d video clips of space in the studio that I’ve looped on the screen while writing the music.

Where is your favourite place to write songs?

I wish I’d answer ‘in the deepest forests of Northern Sweden’ or something like that but it’s actually in my studio in Stockholm. I love structure and good technical conditions. Actually, I also love writing on the guitar at my parents summer house at Tjörn, an island on the west coast of Sweden. That’s a bit more romantic, I guess.


Tell me of a new artist that you are a fan of, and why…

Norbert Lukacs from Sweden. He released his debut EP recently and it’s just beautiful. Melancholic retro-indie music that makes you sad in just the perfect amount.

Who would you love to collaborate with on a song, dead or alive?

I’d love to do a duet with Tom Waits. His voice is just to die for.

What does the year ahead have in store for you?

I’m releasing my international debut album ’Flashbacks & Futures’ on Oct 6 and I’m super excited about that! It’s a lot of PR stuff going on around it and I’m also doing a couple of shows this fall. And I’ll keep writing new music of course. I never stop.
The inevitably beautiful debut record, ‘Flashbacks and Futures’ is due October 6th.

Interview: Quickfire with JMSN

Since discovering JMSN‘s sound five years ago, I have been consistently digging his raw and soulful sound. With new record ‘Whatever Makes U Happy’ slated for a release on April 28th, here’s a few words from the man himself.

Tell us more about your new record…

It’s exciting to have it coming out. Feels like my first official record.

How does it feel releasing it under your own label?

Amazing wouldn’t have it any other way!

Who would your dream collaboration be with, and why?

Prince, because he is the greatest.

Is it easier to write about falling in, or out, of love?

They both have their advantages. Depends on how I’m feeling. They’re both a way to express myself.

What’s your favourite jam that you’re listening to right now?

‘Just Once’ – James Ingram

What’s your favourite city to perform in?

I can’t pick one. It’s like picking a favourite child. I love them all.

JMSN headlines London’s Village Underground on June 27 2017.


Interview: Quickfire with TAPZ

The intense energy emerging from TAPZ is pretty unique from the hip hop that I’ve been listening to so far this year. Here’s more about this fresh new talent from New Zealand…

Tell us more about your sound?

My sound is a sonic representation of my personality. Along with my visuals.

Who inspired you to get into music when you were growing up?

The move from Zimbabwe to New Zealand. I couldn’t speak English at that time, I was in search for a language form that could help people understand who I am. Music became that, which bled into the visuals and fashion aesthetic. Art is the universal language for all man kind, we are all born with the ability to speak it, if I wanna be a voice to the masses, what better language to communicate with than a language we all understand… or at least once understood. 

Where has been the best place to perform?

Every show is different. They’re all special in their unique ways. It’s an interaction, an opportunity to connect with people, and use the voice I once didn’t have. It’s like if I had kids and shit, I’m not gonna choose a favourite, they’re all special to me.

What new vibes are you currently listening to?

GALLANTINO (that’s my gang). LVRN (I love everything they’re doing)

Who would be your dream collaboration be with (dead or alive)?

Jesus. I want to be as selfless as he is, and to serve people through art, show them a perspective they’ve never seen before, or just as simple as triggering a feeling.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of 2017?

I just wanna tell people truth, through a language we all understand, art, a language I’ve become familiar with. In other words, more songs, more videos, more art.


Interview: Quickfire with KING


Danish Cuban newcomer KING exploded on to the blogosphere with debut ‘Promise’ back in August last year – and the track is nearing a million plays on YouTube already.

Her releases so far give out an intense, deep sound that bounces from euphoric pop through to dark beats. Curious to learn more about this talent, I sent through a few quickfire questions…

What influences you to write songs?

I feel like I make up small fairytales about how I want things to be – or how I want things to end up.

Who are you currently loving listening to?

I listen to Tory Lanez. He is currently by biggest idol. I also really like Big Sean’s music.

Coming from Scandinavia, why do you think so much good pop is born from the region?

I think people in Scandinavia are really good at making music and I make most of my music in Stockholm – I’m in Stockholm right now. I love listening to Tove Lo and Zara Larsson. And I really like everything Max Martin did.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Justin Bieber, Tove Lo, Tory Lanez, Big Sean.

What do you have planned for the year ahead?

I’ll be spending a lot of time in Stockholm and Los Angeles writing and recording my music. And later this year I’m releasing my debut album and I’m really looking forward to show people who KING is.

Check out KING here.

Interview: Quickfire with Betti


Despite only releasing one single so far, my obsession for jazz newcomer Betti is quite strong. Reminiscing of a classical jazz era, yet blended with a modern and raw edge, Betti’s sound plays between elegant and sass. Here’s a few quickfires to get to know the kid.

Tell us a bit more about your story…

I got my love for the stage through theatre when I was a young girl. I was never thin enough back then for them to cast me as the starring roles, but still I fell hard for the heat of the lights. Now that I’m older, I find myself taking a lot of what I learned from theatre and incorporating it into my art. It’s as important to me now as it was then to always put on a show. Now however, I’m finally front and centre.

Who do you draw your inspirations from?

I find inspiration in many different avenues. One day it’s from fellow musicians, the other from fashion or film. For me, I’m always searching and what inspires me is always changing.

Is it easier to write songs about falling in love, or being heartbroken?

Honestly, they are equally satisfying. Song writing in general is just such a fun experience. I always encourage other artists to give it a try if they haven’t before. It’s therapy.

‘Ordinary’ is a pretty special track considering it’s throwback-jazz vibe at a time when EDM seems to dominate the charts – what made you want to release the song as your debut?

I wanted people to hear what my artistry is at the core. That’s what this song is for me, and for my upcoming album. It is the foundation.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

This is probably the toughest question really because I am such a fan of so many artists. If I had to narrow it to one at this moment though I’d say Bruno Mars.

What is your favourite track to listen to right now?

Probably Caroline by Aminé. My best friend introduced me to this song and it’s quickly become our new jam.

What have you got planned for 2017?

A lot of sleepless nights. All of the stars have finally aligned for me to begin releasing my music, and I couldn’t be more excited to give this year everything I’ve got.


Interview: Quickfire with Draper


Following the release of new EP ‘Luminous’ earlier this month, London’s master of fresh electronic vibes Draper goes through some quick fire questions for us…

Firstly, tell us more about the new EP…

Exciting escapism, it’s taken about a year to put together and is the result of my confidence in myself right now. I have no criteria to fill, simply writing what comes natural. In essence this is the most natural representation of my music to date.

Where has been the best crowd that you’ve played to?

Reading Festival 2016, my first non BBC introducing stage, I was nervous no one would turn up but I walked out to a pretty packed out tent! It was a great show, I had my full live band with me for that one, so much fun.

If you could play any show in the world where would it be?

Wembley Stadium, oh wait I’ve already done that, next question please…

Sum up your live show in three words…

Lights. Excitement. Hype.

What are your favourite tracks to play live right now?

‘Jealous’ is definitely up there, it has a huge chorus and always seems to get people going. ‘Pressure’ has always been a favourite, it’s got so much going on dynamically and gets so hectic in the choruses, it’s also the slow one of the set so adds something a bit different.

Who’s sound are you obsessed with right now?

Mura Masa, some organic produce right there. Love the sonics.

What was it like working with Låpsley?

It was great. She’s a lot of fun and a great writer, very poetic. ‘Falling Short’ is probably the most abstract thing I’ve done.

Who would be your ultimate collaboration be with and why?

Chris Martin, he’s my favourite song writer of all time. He can make the simplest song beautiful.

What do you have planned for 2017?

I’ve got a show at KOKO on February 3rd, then off to USA in march for SXSW! Then more singles and festivals! It’s going to be a good year.

The EP is out now via M:UK

Interview: Quickfire with Shift K3Y


Shift K3Y has been on my radar for some time, blending house with some old-school UK garage vibes. With his upcoming second Nit3 Tales release coming out yesterday and featuring collaborations with MJ Cole, DJ Zinc and Chris Lorenzo, here’s more from the man himself…

Tell us more about the Nit3 Tales project and what it means to you?

I started the Nit3 Tales project because i like the idea of releasing E.P’s as opposed to single song releases for the moment. The reason for this is my music doesn’t always fit into one genre so this way i can put a few different ideas together.

The project features a few interesting collaborations. How did they come about?

They are all people that i have wanted to work with for a long time or people that I already collaborate with. For example, MJ Cole has been an inspiration growing up as he has always shown limitless skill in making dance music with soul and a strong musicality. Lorenzo and I had been meaning to make a track for some time and finally managed to get something together. Also Ryan Ashley and MNEK who delivered an incredible vocal for No Question.

You’ve managed to straddle the divide between chart success and underground club culture – how would you describe the evolution of your sound over the years?

Most of my stuff is more uptempo but i love to make a lot of different kinds of music. So the evolution comes from naturally from that.

Aside from the artists you’ve already worked with on Nit3 Tales, who would your dream collaboration be with?

Stevie Wonder, and why? Its Stevie.

Who do you listen to when you’re making your own music?

Mostly RnB, LOVE the Nao album, Also really like everything i’m hearing from TY Dolla Sign. I always come back to people like Outkast, Early Snoop, and everything RNB from like ’96-’04.

What’s your favourite club or festival to play?

So far clubwise would be Xoyo, Festival would be Boardmasters.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Can’t say too much but something will be announced in January 2017.

Shift K3Y

Interview: Quickfire with XamVolo

Xam Volo

Here’s a talent that I’m particularly excited about. I’m a sucker for anything jazz that comes with an edge, and that’s what XamVolo seems to be delivering track after track…

You’ve got a very jazzy and soulful vibe around your sound, but there’s also a little bit of a sinister indie and electro side as well – where you do you get your inspirations from?

My three main vocal influences are Bilal, Mali Music and D’Angelo, they’re so free with their delivery styles, which I love a lot. Though I’m directly influenced by him, I think Hozier is great with lyrics. I think great lyricists do a lot with a little, which is what I aspire to do whenever I write.

 Who are you currently listening to that you love?

I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz recently, a lot of Miles Davis and Mingus.  Aside from that, I’m still loving the Alabama Shakes record.  It’s so well done.  I like Hiatus Kaiyote’s album as well; I never get tired of it.  I’m a fan of all NAO’s stuff, too.  Think I’m gonna start actively looking for new music soon, though.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Probably J Dilla – it would be cool to vibe over a bespoke Dilla instrumental – I’m sure I’m not alone in that either, hah.

What’s the response to your music been so far?

It’s been solid – I’ve been lucky enough to have plays from a lot of respected tastemakers (Annie Mac, Huw Stephens, DJ Target, MistaJam etc.) The two records I’ve put out from my next EP, Chirality, have been received well.  Can’t wait to put out the rest of it!

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I’m currently in the studio writing more music, trying to get into a new headspace.  It’s one of the reasons I haven’t really found any new music, I’m trying to come up with something original and organic.  I have two headline shows coming up, one on the 19th of September in London and the other on the 20th of September in Liverpool, so it’s long shifts in the rehearsal room at the moment, too.  The team’s gearing up and looking forward to a solid 2017.


Interview: Quickfire with The Greasy Slicks

The Greasy Slicks

Mixing blues and rock into a pretty awesome sound, The Greasy Slicks‘ new EP, ‘Fool Me Twice’ is out now. If you didn’t know much about this British trio before then check this quickfire out…

How did you meet?

We met when we were all studying at university together. Each of us were playing in different bands and for other artists but were aware of each other and bonded over our similar music tastes. It started off as a laugh and just jamming around riffs but we did our first gig and after that decided that we were going to give it a punt and see what happens.

Who do you idolise musically?

Collectively we’re very inspired by music from the 60s and 70s such as Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Free as any rock band should be as well as more contemporary blues bands such as The Hoax. Bands who inspire us at the moment musically are The Temperance Movement and Rival Sons. We got to The Temperance Movement last month and they really put on a fantastic show.

Who is your guilty pleasure musically?

You can’t beat a 80s ballad. Bonnie Tyler, Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper. Nothing guilty there!

Who would be your dream collaboration be with?

A band that consists of Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Bonham, Aretha Franklin and Jaco Pastorious and then get them all to swap instruments just for shits and giggles.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year?

We’re in the middle of finishing up our album, which is due to be out later this year and then we’re just going to tour the shit out of it. The best thing about being in this band is the live shows and the touring. We get to make a racket, break a sweat and meet some absolute nutters on the way!

The Greasy Slicks

Interview: Quickfire with Loveless


One of Norway’s hottest exports over the last twelve months, Loveless have crafted a name for themselves with their exceptional blends of RnB, house and garage. Personally, I have been a massive fan, so I hope you enjoy reading this Quickfire as much as I have…

Tell us more about how you got together

Filip: It was really just by chance! Eirik used to work at a clothing store back in Trondheim where we both grew up and I just happened to walk in one day to have a look and we started talking. We kind of knew about eachother already, but this was the first time we had spoke. After that meeting, I went back to Oslo, where I then lived, and a couple of years passed where we had some, but not much, contact. So it was quite the coincidence when I had moved back to Trondheim, and found out we lived in the same street. That is when we really started hanging out and began doing some music together. We had no plan or idea that Loveless would come out of it.

Who do you listen to when you’re making your own tracks?

Eirik: We always start our session with listening to some music, just to get a vibe going. For us its different every time what will trigger ideas and inspire us to start working, but it seems that most of the time it involves some kind of RnB song. We both come from a more “urban” world of producing, before Loveless came to fruition. And that is probably something you also can hear in our music, the heavy RnB influence, in both the vocals and chord progressions. 

Why do you think there is so much good music emerging from the Nordic countries?

Filip: It feels like instead of trying to catch up to the rest of the world, like we used to, the table sort of turned in some way, and now the world pays attention to us. I think that can be connected to a lot of different things, but probably a big reason is the internet. Coming from here, and being able to be inspired of literally everything in the world. Taking that, making something new, and then putting it out back into that same channel, for the rest of the world to access it. 

It sort of helped with both angles, us having access to everything, and then again giving the world access to what we come up with. Then again, this is similar for the whole world, so maybe the crappy weather, forcing us to stay inside, or the general good economy allows us to fully express our selves with no worry? 

Who’s your favourite talent that you can’t get enough of right now?

Eirik: There is no one that excites me as much as Tourist these days. He challenges the norms of club music without taking it to far and always keeps it interesting. 

Filip: To me, I would have to say Majid Jordan has been my “go to” the last couple of months. Really love the universe they create.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Filip: There is probably quite a few we would love to work with but to us its just as fun working with unknown, up and coming great talent, as it would be to work with a known singer. But to answer it more satisfying it would probably be RnB singers like Brandy or Chris Brown.

What’s planned for Loveless for the year?

Eirik: We are really looking forward to release our next single and then our debut EP right after. Hopefully it will get some great feedback and allow us to play some more gigs. Of course there is going to be more studio work and we are already preparing future releases. Also some more frequent trips to London, for both gigs and studio.

Interview: Quickfire with Lucius


This seems to be Lucius’ big year. Their new record, ‘Good Grief’ has already made a huge impact and is showing that pop can still be a creative, random and beautiful thing.

As it’s one of my favourite records this spring, I jumped at the chance to send over a few questions to Jess Wolfe, one half of those stunning voices…

You’ve been around for quite a while, how did you meet up and what’s kept you together all these years?

To be honest, it was never really a question. Holly and I started working together nearly twelve years ago. From the moment we started singing, we sort of never looked back. It was an instant musical kinship – we had different individual strengths to contribute to an even stronger unit, together. I think whats kept us together is a balanced partnership, a ton of mutual respect, and a shared musical vision.


How would you describe the evolution of your sound over the years?

I think our sound has taken on different forms based on where we were and what musical sphere we were most attracted to at the time. In the beginning, we were both highly influenced by jazz and soul music, when we moved to New York, and were welcomed into a songwriting community, we saw our songs shifting shape. After having been on the road for a couple of years, and having incredible audiences share such vibrancy and energy, we saw the effects that a crowd can have on your show – the desire to lift spirits and make people dance… That’s certainly left it’s mark on the way we think about writing.


What inspires you to write?

Everything around us. Everything we’re a part of or that becomes a part of us. We are fortunate to not only have our personal experience, but to be witness to each others, and therefore provide perspective, and, in a sense, be able to write on behalf of/ beside the other with a real sense of understanding of one another.


Is it easier to write about falling in love, or heartbreak?

Ha! Well, both, I suppose, whatever brings on the most intense emotion, whatever creates the need to get something out. In the beginning, there’s extreme passion, in heartbreak, well, a low, a sadness, that oftentimes only be understood through our art.

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Living or dead? Dream collaborator non living: David Bowie or Freddie Mercury

Dream collaborator living: Hmm… Well, I suppose we could say Paul McCartney or Nigel Godrich, though it seems that would perhaps be expected of a pop band.

Another dream would be a collaboration with an incredible visual artist… Someone like Tayoi Kusama who built the mirrored infinity room which is currently on display at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles.


What lies ahead over the coming year for Lucius?

We are going on the road! And very very much looking forward to touring again. I presume there will be a whole lot of it. We feel best when we are with an audience who becomes a part of our magical musical journey.

Lucius tour dates:

5/4 The Academy, Dublin

6/4 Gorilla, Manchester

8/4 Arts School, Glasgow

9/4 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

10/4 Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

11/4 Thekla, Bristol

13/4 KOKO, London 

14/4 La Maroquinerie, Paris

16/4 Botanique, Brussels

19/4 Melkweg, Amsterdam

20/4 Prinzenbar, Hamburg 

21/4 Privateclub, Berlin

22/4 Strom, Munich

Interview: Quickfire with Kejser Tais

kejser tais

Kejser Tais is a young Danish talent producing some special and minimal electro pop with a very polished sound. Get to know more about this kid before the rest of the blog world does…

Tell us more about you…
I’m 18 years old and I was born and raised in Copenhagen, Denmark were i have lived all my life. I started teaching myself how to use Ableton when I was 13 years old and have been producing ever since. I played the drums before that, but I found it boring compared to what I was doing with Ableton. I’m studying at the moment but I dedicate most of my spare time to music production.
Who are your music idols?
Probably Cashmere Cat, Sángo and Djemba. Those guys have inspired me a lot and continue to do so.
Why do you think Scandinavia has so much good emerging electro and pop talent?
I don’t really know. We spend a lot of time inside because of shitty weather, so indoor hobbies is quite common and music is also a great way to keep yourself warm.
What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Right now Im finishing a track for an installation art project that a friend of mine is working on, it’s going to be great. After that I’m just going to finish some of the other tracks I have lying around while also having to concentrate on school.

Help Kejser be the next big thing here!

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