First Listen: Daniel James ‘A Lonely Man’

daniel james singer

Daniel James‘ new track plays with a mix of indie, folk and gospel. Really interesting and nice sound.


First Listen: MDNGHT ‘Into The Night EP’


One of my favourite bands out of 2013 have been streaming their new EP on the web since yesterday and it’s delicious. The release is on the 29th September. This will blow your mind.

First Listen: Saint Motel ‘Just My Type’

saint motel

I blogged about this band back in February 2012 and haven’t really heard much since, probably due to my own ignorance. Anyway, they’re looking to go big in the UK, and with a track like this, it might just take off… They are heading over for a a tour in September.

First Listen: Wookie ft Eliza Doolittle ‘The Hype’

eliza doolittle

Eliza Doolittle’s continuing with her garage revival phase in this track with Wookie. Nice.

First Listen: Icona Pop ‘All Night’

icona pop

Undoubtedly the biggest Scandinavian success story of the year, Icona Pop are back with a new single. They’ve been through so much to get to this point, and I’m so glad for them.

First Listen: Sam Smith ‘Safe With Me’

sam smith singer

A beautiful, epic track from someone who is going to blow up the pop world so hard.

First Listen: Emily Kay ‘Soldier’

emily kay

Today was one of those day at work (i.e. ‘the office’) when it just couldn’t get any busier than it did. And then it got even more busy. So it’s a relief to have got this come through my inbox this evening. Anyway, enjoy the quirky and lovely sound of this new one from Emily Kay.

First Listen: Daley ‘Broken’

daley singer

Daley’s really coming up with some big RnB sounds of late. I’ll be very upset if this single doesn’t hit top 5. Huge track… Absolutely huge.

First Listen: Lolo ‘Heard It From A Friend’

lolo singer

Pow! One of the biggest tracks this week for sure. It was recorded in Los Angeles and co-produced by Mark Batson (from Dr. Dre and Eminem credits). Loving this Lolo.

First Listen: Nick Brewer ‘So Good’

nick brewer

Nick Brewer is becoming my favourite UK rapper to emerge this year so far. This track is just faultless…

First Listen: Summer Camp ‘Fresh’

summer camp band

I LOVE this. A year ago I first featured Summer Camp and it’s so good to hear that they’re coming up with music like this. So summery and… fresh…

First Listen: Black Light Dinner Party ‘I Was Right’

black light dinner party

I really love Black Light Dinner Party’s sound. It’s got just the right balance of pop and electro. The band release their debut album ‘Sons & Lovers’ on September 24th.

First Listen: Joel Compass ‘Astronaut’

joel compass

Joel Compass’ Astronaut is released as a single on the 19th August through Black Butter Records.

First Listen: Goldfrapp ‘Drew’

goldfrapp tales of us

And following on from Morcheeba’s reinvention, we now have these folks coming back on to the scene. It’s nice to see Goldfrapp return to their subtle, cinematic sound again. Songs like this sent me to sleep as a restless teenager, and hearing this just makes me feel so at ease.

First Listen: Morcheeba ‘Gimme Your Love’

morcheeba 2013

Morcheeba are back! I’m far too excited for this on a Monday night but who cares. It’s pretty sexy, isn’t it?

First Listen: Body Language ‘Well Absolutely’

body language band

I don’t know if I can wait until September for Body Language’s album; their singles are just so good…

First Listen: Alex Hepburn ‘Pain Is’


alex hepburn

Actually, this is already pretty huge over in France, but Alex Hepburn is releasing this as her first UK single on July 22nd. Perfect for your Wednesday blues.

First Listen: Shy Nature ‘Sinking Ship’


shy nature

Here’s the cheery indie rock lead track from Shy Nature’s self-titled debut EP, which is out September 16th.

First Listen: Postiljonen ‘Atlantis’


I have yet to listen to anything from these Swedish dream-poppers that has not blown me away. Their album’s out later this month.