New Music: Caye

Pop music that feels both playful and grown-up at the same time.

Taken from the EP ‘Isa’ which is out now.



New Music: Baby Queen

An interesting mix of bubblegum pop with a raw, grungy feel.

“This song epitomises everything that is the first era of Baby Queen. There is something about the stream of consciousness and the inner turmoil the lyrics are expressing that feels like home. When people ask me what Baby Queen is, I almost always just play them ‘Buzzkill’ and they almost always just understand”.

Baby Queen

New Music: Whose Rules

Norwegian bedroom pop with a quirky and admirable essence.

Whose Rules

Watch: Fjer – First Place

A trans-atlantic effort went into the making of these visuals for Danish RnB starlet Fjer’s ‘First Place’.

“I decided to make this video with my friend James Tirado across the Atlantic, during the COVID-19 quarantine. I filmed in my apartment, he filmed in his. We edited it together. I wanted to show the modern day version of a conflict – karma sure is a bitch in this one haha.”


New Music: Henry And The Waiter

The world may not have heard of this phenomenal German talent yet, but with over 12 million streams on Spotify alone, as well as successful tours around Germany, Switzerland and Austria, Henry And The Waiter is an indie-pop name to watch out for.

“My little paradise is my home; my retreat which I created with my partner. Especially in times when it’s not possible to be in public that often, I have become aware of the importance of a safe retreat for inner peace. The prescribed isolation stimulated my creativity since there were only a few options for distraction.”

Taken from the upcoming EP, ‘Hidden Spirit’ due soon.

Henry And The Waiter

Sophia Messa – Ice Cream & Cigarettes

“’Ice Cream & Cigarettes’ was written at a time in my life when I was trying to distance myself from someone close to me. It was hard for me to separate from this person because they would bring me a temporary feeling of happiness. I knew the feeling would run out, and it was slowly killing me, but I was addicted to the happiness I felt when they were around.”

Sophia Messa

New Music: brakence

Track of the week. At first glance this is a chaotic, brash, loud pop noise. But the more you listen, the more amazing you start to experience the unique sound that brakence creates. It’s an intricate, heavily textured song with a distinct vocal that unveils something new to me with each play.


lennixx – Bold Me

I’ve always sensed something special about Swedish soul-pop dup lennix; and this release has really finally gained the momentum they rightfully deserve. This track is a slice of audio heaven.


New Music: Elizza

Of all the pop songs I have heard this week, this is by far one of the catchiest, with an infectious hook and a fantastic beat.