TUSHAR – Bloodshot Eyes

Photo / Jack Fenby

This isn’t first time that we’ve featured Australian talent TUSHAR, and we’re sure it won’t be the last either.

The artist unveiled his latest release today, called ‘Bloodshot Eyes’. As we’ve come to expect from this rising musician, the song treats listeners to a thoughtfully constructed yet mesmerising mix of pop and rock.

“This song is based on meeting someone at a party that is killing the vibe, and you want to do anything you can to stay away from them.”

We’d love to see TUSHAR perform at next year’s Great Escape festival, so if anyone out there is reading this and can find a way, let’s make it happen!


MALU – Heavy Baggage

One of our favourite Scandinavian starlets has returned today, and boy, was it worth the wait.

Danish artist MALU’s new single ‘Heavy Baggage’ treats listeners to a melodic and finessed fusion of alternative R&B and soulful pop.

As charming as it is emotive, the track looks at the concept of self-awareness, and the desire to move forwards in life without carrying previous traumas.

“‘Heavy Baggage’ is an ode to self-realisation and explores the art of moving forward without being held hostage by your past. It’s about finding that rare individual who doesn’t just share your load but teaches you how to lighten it.” 

To date, MALU has amassed more than 1.5 million career streams on Spotify alone, while also commanding an impressive 23k monthly listeners on the platform.


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New Music: just Min

just Min is a promising newcomer who was born in Seoul, raised in Hong Kong and currently resides in New York.

New single ‘Cut Up Jeans’ is still only his third release to date, but already shows tremendous artistry.

Through its distinctive blend of alternative pop and hip hop, the song tells of giving former lovers new chances to redeem themselves.

“Even if we’re just ghosts after the story, I’d go to you. If we get to grow old and get boring, I’ll cherish you.”

With support from the likes of Wonderland and Notion magazines already under his belt, we believe this is a talent to watch for in 2024.

just Min

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New Music: thenightsky

If you’re in the mood for something a little fun, then we’ve got the perfect song for you. Miami musician thenightsky has just released an infectiously uplifting new single called ‘Actress Eyes’.

Inspired by the uncontrollable emotions that we experience in our youth, the track treats listeners to a playful and energising style of sound that tastefully blends elements of indie with rock with pop.

thenightsky plans to release more new music over the coming months, so be sure to keep this artist on your radars.


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Jamila x luca! – Keep You Waiting

If you’re not plugged into the Swiss indie-pop scene then you’re missing out! We’ve come across so many promising emerging artists from the European nation recently, and today we’re delighted to be featuring two of the best newcomers.

Zurich-based artists Jamila and luca! have collaborated together on the release of ‘Keep You Waiting’, which is a beautifully mesmerising slice of dreamy pop that we’re certain you’ll fall in love with.

Lyrically, the song was inspired by the idea of ‘ignoring your ego and surrendering to what deep down feels right with a person you like, even if you’re scared of making yourself vulnerable’. With its relatable lyrics and memorable melody, this has been one of our favourite singles of the week.

Jamila | luca!

Sugar Soap – Day Dream

With the Australian summer season starting soon, we can expect to hear a lot of uplifting pop-rock songs to emerge from the continent over the next few months.

One of the first comes courtesy of Sugar Soap, who are back with a shimmering new single called ‘Day Dream’.

Aside from its hugely catchy melody, the song also showcases a polished production that marks this outfit as one of their nation’s most promising musical exports.

More releases are planned throughout 2024, so be sure to keep these chaps on your radars!

Sugar Soap

New Music: Ghostryder

Photo / anothermichael

Track of the week. We’ve had Ghostryder’s ‘Tootsie Rollin” on all weekend and we’re still obsessed.

Undeniably one of the catchiest alt-pop bops of the season, the track showcases this emerging singer, songwriter & artist’s talent perfectly.

Having already amassed more than a million cumulative streams to date, Ghostryder is marking his name as one of the most exciting queer artists to emerge from the US, and we can’t wait to see what comes next.

Keep this kid on your radars – he’s one to watch!


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Ross Lynch + The Driver Era – Rumors

The Driver Era (aka Ross Lynch and brother Rocky Lynch) are back this weekend with stunning new single ‘Rumors’.

We’ve come to know that this duo only ever release top-tier alt-pop sounds, but this track has really surpassed all our expectations.

“Rumors these Rumors, no one really knows… The internet doesn’t always have the facts. We wrote a song about it and I hope you like it.” –  Ross Lynch, The Driver Era 

The single follows on from Ross’s highly publicised appearance on Troye Sivan’s ‘One of Your Girls music video, which ended up going viral in a matter of days. More new music will be announced in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait for it!

The Driver Era

Noah Bouchard – Came Close

UK hip hop artist Noah Bouchard returns today with a thoughtful new single that deserves your attention.

‘Came Close’ is taken from Bouchard’s forthcoming debut album, and features rising pop singer Hemes. The song was inspired the human’s natural desire for success in life, and the emotional tolls it can take.

Amassing more than 3.3 million career streams to date and picking up support from outlets as respected as BBC Radio 1xtra, Ministry of Sound and Wordplay Magazine, Bouchard is well on his way to becoming one of the UK’s most exciting music prospects.

Noah Bouchard | Hemes

Sunsets + benny mayne – Self Care Day

Your disco anthem for the weekend comes courtesy of Mexican-American dance producer Sunsets and Californian musician benny mayne.

It’s near impossible not to feel good while listening to ‘Self Care Day’. As its title alludes, the song reminds us of the small pleasures in life, and how important it is to give yourself a break every now and again.

Sunsets saw his momentum rise following the release of his debut EP ‘Something About You’ (listen here) back in June. To date, the record has garnered more than 500k steams. Keep this chap on your radars – he’s one to watch!

Sunsets | benny mayne

Grant Knoche – POSEIDON / DELETE

It’s a huge day for rising US pop talent Grant Knoche, who has just unveiled a highly-anticipated new EP called ‘I COULD DIE JUST THINKING OF US’ (listen here).

Nestled within its 29 minutes of musical brilliance is ‘POSEIDON’, which delivers a bold and powerful mix of electronica and pop.

“This track delves into the complicated emotions associated with missing an ex-partner months after a heartbreak.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, Grant also shows off his softer side with ‘DELETE’, which serves as a masterclass in melancholic sad-pop. It’s a ballad for the broken-hearted, and we’re absolutely obsessed with it.

Speaking on the song’s lyrics, he says that “it represents a release of pent-up anger, frustration, and the intense emotions associated with heartbreak.”

In our view, this new body of work is Knoche’s most impressive to date, and further proves that this artist is truly a global superstar in the making.

Grant Knoche

Good Rzn – 123

We only featured Good Rzn a month ago, but they’re already back today with another sensational piece of sonic perfection for us all to enjoy.

Self-produced new single ‘123’ is taken from the duo’s debut ‘Falling In Slow Motion’ EP (out now), and showcases a style of production that features elements of alternative pop, psychedelica and indie.

Alongside its impressive production, the song also presents listeners with thoughtful lyricism that touches on themes of personal growth and self reflection. Elaborating further, Good Rzn say:

“We wrote ‘123’ about looking back at times that seem more simple and realising that the things you want in life sometimes come at a cost. A storybook ending can’t come for free. The end of the song culminates in the storyteller realising that things can be simple again it just takes time to figure things out. The process of creating ‘123’ was smooth and quick. It was mostly written in a single day on an acoustic guitar and lyric notebook, and we had a voice memo of that which was a foundation for the production. We wanted the track carry similar levels of authenticity and intimacy as the voice memo, so we added certain elements to recreate that. In the intro, for instance, we added a recording of Josie from when she was first learning her ABC’s as a kid. This is definitely one of our favourite songs that we’ve written together.”

Good Rzn

New Music: DieKaiDie

If you’re in the mood for something a little unconventional then we’ve got the perfect outfit for you.

Hailing from Manchester, DieKaiDie is a promising collective of artists who look set to take on the British indie scene by storm.

‘Swiss Army Knife’ is filled with interesting sonic textures and layers. The sound is raw, intriguing and rich in character, and marks this outfit as one of the UK’s most interesting newcomers.

Inspired by the intensities that arise from topics like love and religion, it’s clear to see that this group are unafraid of crafting bold sounds. Speaking on their debut, they say:

“We think ‘Swiss Army Knife’ really encapsulates what we aim to achieve as a band. At the heart of it, it’s a pop song, catchy and repetitive, but has the potential to challenge the listener with it’s unconventional sound palette and willingness to lean into abrasiveness.”


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LYYN – Hades

Hailing from Brooklyn is rising indie-pop artist LYYN. Hyped by tastemakers as noted as Atwood Magazine, Born Music and ONE37pm, this singer and songwriter looks set to become one of New York’s most promising new musical exports.

‘Hades’ draws on Greek mythology, and looks at the feelings that arise within us when someone catches our attention.

“Have you ever been so infatuated with someone you’d let them pursue you into the depths of the unknown?”

While still a relative newcomer, LYYN has already amassed more than 250k career streams to date from only a handful of releases. With such a natural flair for songwriting, we can safely say that LYYN will be a talent to watch for in 2024.


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SABINA – What in Life

New York artist SABINA is an emerging singer and songwrite whose momentum has been on a steady rise in recent months.

New single ‘What in Life’ treats listeners to an intense and emotive fusion of soul and pop, while the lyrics question the choices that we make in life, in pursuit of our happiness.

“‘All the money we’re chasing here for some happiness and no price it has’ – the song’s leitmotif. It questions the purpose of our lives and explores the tendency to lose ourselves constantly chasing money and success while neglecting what makes your heart truly happy.”

SABINA initially gained fame through the release ofDagestan‘, which served as the walkout song for UFC athlete Khabib Nurmagomedov. The artist currently commands more than 22k monthly listeners on Spotify alone.


PHNTMS – Lost On Your Love

Acclaimed Californian synth-pop outfit PHNTMS are back today with a new collaboration that features vocals from music artist April Rose Gabrielli, called ‘Lost On Your Love’.

Through its balanced mix of synth, electronica and pop, the song addresses themes of love and loss:

“Moving on and being lost after a break up is something that everyone has gone through. ‘Lost On Your Love’ is about chasing a feeling, missing your partner, and learning to let them go.”

The track serves as a taster to the band’s next EP, which is scheduled for release next year. ‘Lost On Your Love’ was produced by Courtney Ballard, who has also worked with the likes of 5 Seconds to Summer, Jessie J and All Time Low.

PHNTMS | April Rose Gabrielli

New Music: Casey Austin Allen

Hailing from Raleigh in North Carolina is singer-songwriter Casey Austin Allen, who has just released a powerful new single called ‘Lost In My Mind’.

By blending elements of indie with pop and rock, the song presents listeners with an anthemic and rousing sound that feels bold and epic, but also maintains a sense of warmth and sincerity. Elaborating on it’s inspiration, Casey says:

“This song encapsulates my own voyage of self-discovery and learning to accept every facet of who I am, and finding someone special along the way to remind me who I am. I hope that listeners can relate to the struggles and triumphs depicted in ‘Lost In My Mind’ and find solace in their own personal journeys.”

Casey plans on releasing his debut album next year. In the meantime, the artist has lined up a series of singles for us to enjoy, which will be released in the coming months.

Casey Austin Allen

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New Music: GUZO

Photo / Bobby Mandrup

Track of the week. Danish newcomer GUZO (aka August Fogh) has just unveiled his debut single ‘Radical’, and it’s a spectacular piece of music from a very promising artist.

By fusing elements of indie with pop, the song invites listeners into a soundscape that feels bold and rich in sonic textures.

Alongside its cinematic style of production, the track also features soulful vocals that tell of the ‘wild, unfiltered emotional turmoil that arises from radical love.’

I wrote it as a confidence booster at a time in my life where I really needed that. I hope you will feel a little stronger, taller and braver listening to ‘Radical’

When he’s not developing his own music, GUZO is also a well-known songwriter who has worked with established Danish names like ArtigeArdit x Lamin, Goss, Jada, Saint Clara and Phlake.


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New Music: Natalina

Hailing from the US is promising newcomer Natalina, who has just released one of the catchiest pop bops of the season so far.

‘Need Some Friends’ is a bold, punchy and confident type of song. Inspired by that one ex who just won’t move on, the track hits on a messy relationship dilemma that is often overlooked – and one that is sure to resonate with many listeners.

Ask me if I met someone new
Don’t you got better things to do?
Why do I always have to prove
That it’s not about you
Stop asking me stupid ass questions
Are we really over?
Yes we’re really over
It’s bleeding me dry trying to give you closure
You’re making me feel guilty for moving on
Like I’m not the only one

Natalina cites modern-day icons like Julia Michaels, Gracie Abrams and Phoebe Bridgers as her inspirations. With such a natural flair for songwriting, we won’t be surprised if this artist hits the mainstream very soon!


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Morgan Harper-Jones – Boombox

It’s been a big year for Rochdale-born singer and songwriter Morgan Harper-Jones. After her music was featured on Netflix’s hit show ‘Love At First Sight’, this talent has seen her work gain global traction at a very speedy pace.

New single ‘Boombox’ treats listeners to a rousing fusion of indie and pop, while the lyrics focus on the complications of being in a ‘situationship’. The artist explains:

“‘Boombox’ is an ultimatum. I was terrified of giving ultimatums because I thought that if I was honest and told someone what I needed they might say ‘No I can’t give you that’ and there’d be no going back. So I found myself in situationships a lot, trying to prove my worth and patiently waiting for them to notice me and choose me. But eventually you realise that life is too short to wait for someone like that.”

Morgan releases her debut album, ‘Up To The Glass’ on the 23rd February 2024. In the meantime, you can catch the artist performing live at select UK cities – details listed below.

Morgan Harper-Jones

October 2023 Performance Dates

  • 17th – Manchester, YES (basement)
  • 19th – London, Paper Dress Vintage
  • 21st – Cardiff, SWN Festival