New Music: Amusement

amusement band

New electro/synth from the UK. Check out here.


New Music: The Record Company

the record company band

I guess this is Americana/ blues, and I’m pretty sure it’ll get your feet going. They must be great live. Check out here.

New Music: Lukas Lyrestam

Lukas Lyrestam

This London-based Swede makes some pretty special disco. Check out here.

Say my name

cyril hahn

This Cyril Hahn remix of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Say My Name’ is sublime.

New Music: Jhené Aiko

Jhene Aiko

Track of the week. This throws RnB with trip hop to make a tragic, beautiful sound. Check out here.

First Watch: Jon Bellion ‘LIFE’

jon bellion

Catchy pop from Jon Bellion‘s second release.

New Music: Kid Astray

kid astray

Very cute new indie pop from Norway. Check out here.

First Watch: Darkstar ‘Amplified Ease’


This isn’t technically a new band but I love this live performance of Darkstar’s new single.


drunk dialing

No one knows who this is by yet, they will be revealed soon apparently. It’s pretty good though, I see radio-play potential with this. I have nothing to link to with this other than their YouTube.

New Music: Black Books

black books band

Dreamy, dark, seductive and atmospheric indie from Texas that packs a punch. Check out here.

New Music: Zee Avi

zee avi

Sometimes you hear something that grabs you and doesn’t let you go til the very end- and this song is case in hand. It’s by Zee Avi, a Malaysian artist who is already making huge impact (she has over 200k likes on Facebook). I’m ashamed to say it’s the first I’ve heard of her, but better late than never. Check out here.

The most beautiful thing you will hear all day

we are are we band

This is a little different to what I usually post on here but it’s just too nice to not share with you all. And the story behind the music is extraordinary. This score by We Are Are We was meant to be part of a soundtrack to a mystery big-budget Hollywood film that was scrapped months before it’s release. It’s scary to think music like this might never have been heard.

New Music: Frank Hamilton

frank hamilton

If you like your Ed Sheeran, you’ll probably love this. Frank Hamilton has aimed to write, record and release a new single each week this year, and so far he’s managed to keep it up amazingly. This is the track for week 49, and was recorded with super producer Si Hulbert. Check out here.

First Listen: The Score ‘Don’t Wanna Wake Up’

the score band

A really cute new song from The Score, who I previously featured back in August this year. You can’t go wrong with pop as innocent as this!

First Watch: Kodaline ‘All My Friends’ (LCD Soundsystem cover)


The original version of this was one of my favourite tracks from 2007, and I’m in love with this reworking by BBC Sound of 2013 contenders Kodaline.

Feeling festive yet?

leftover cuties christmas

The Leftover Cuties are and they have just released an EP with Christmas covers which are undeniably adorable.

New Music: Zaki Ibrahim


zaki ibrahim

Canadian-born South African star in the making. Her tracks all have a very eclectic vibe, well worth a listen. Check out here.

First Watch: SEASFIRE ‘We Will Wake’


Pretty cool new video from SEASFIRE. This single is taken from their debut EP We Will Wake’ which was released with Cheap Thrills on 3rd December.