Jacob Banks – Just When I Thought

Nigerian-born and London-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jacob Banks readies for the debut his new project with the release of suspenseful and soulful new single ‘Just When I Thought.’

“With everything happening in the world over the last two years or so, I consistently found myself in a space that I felt powerless. Feeling this level of powerlessness was a new feeling, but in a way I found a new type of power in the understanding that what’s for me will always be for me if I stay ready. ‘Just When I Thought’ is a story of two parts – my rebellion to the feeling and my surrender to the feeling.”

Jacob Banks

Seinabo Sey – Remember (feat. Jacob Banks)

Track of the week. Two of my absolute favourite talents, together.

Seinabo Sey | Jacob Banks

Watch: Nick Brewer feat Jacob Banks ‘Jail’

nick brewer

If Nick Brewer isn’t a household name by some point in 2014 I won’t understand why. Catch a free download here.