Jada – Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again

Photo / Villads Sommer

Track of the week. Now a hugely successful artist all across Scandinavia, Danish starlet (and Alfitude favourite) Jada unveils her latest album ‘Elements‘, alongside new single ‘Don’t Say My Name And Forget It Again’.

The song expertly instills that trademark brand of Scandinavian melancholy over a melodic pop production, giving listeners a sound that feels moving yet empowering.

“When I experience art that really resonates with me, it leaves me feeling more like myself than before. When I come across art where I really feel like people are true to themselves, where I can imagine exactly how they would move or sing, what their soul wants to express, it reminds me of myself. It’s a mirror. I want to be that and offer that freedom of self. I want them to feel strong, cute and sexy.”

The track is just one part of a wider scope of work under the ‘Elements’ record, which took inspiration from Jada’s realisation that, as humans, we consist of multitudinous parts that shouldn’t be boxed into just one singular category.

‘Elements’ is out now | Jada

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JADA – Tour 2022:

  • 24 Sep Lollapalooza, Berlin
  • 26 Sep Melkweg Upstairs, Amsterdam
  • 27 Sep EarTH Theatre, London
  • 28 Sep Les Etoiles, Paris
  • 29 Sep Dynamo Werk 21, Zurich
  • 30 Sep Luxor, Cologne
  • 01 Oct Kent Club, Hamburg
  • 03 Oct Korjaamo, Helsinki
  • 05 Oct Parkteatret, Oslo
  • 06 Oct Nalen, Stockholm

Jada – I’m Back

One of Denmark’s most successful music talents of late, Jada has already hit more than 30 million streams and won no less than 12 awards since her debut in 2018. Today sees the release of her new single, aptly titled ‘I’m Back’.

This is an epic (almost cinematic) track that carries the theme of trusting yourself, being true to who you are and not caring about what other people may think.

“‘I’m Back’ is about getting through a process. It’s about doubting yourself and losing balance and then finding the way back to yourself again. It’s also about how I relate to judgmental voices both from the outside and from within myself. It’s a song that I’ve been wanting to write for a long time, but it was hard to describe the nuances of both taking things in and getting hit by the words and at the same time shaking them off again and not really caring about what other people think.”


Jada – On Me

Already an established name in her native Denmark, Jada continues to release some of the country’s finest RnB-pop. I think it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world wakes up to this fabulous talent.

“I grew up in the 00s and this has shaped my creativity, my music, and my life. With this song, I was as inspired by this musical era as I wanted to. To me, this means combining elements of the outer space and infinite universe with intimacy, intensity, and drama. And I just love that.”