Gaga brings music videos back to life… Literally.

Every second of this video is bizarre and magnificent. And the twist at the end… Genius.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga + Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

One of the most hotly anticipated duets of the year has finally been unleashed. While Alfitude is all about new music talent, I feel that I should share this song just for the pure joy it exudes – we all need as much positive energy as we can get these days.

Lady Gaga | Ariana Grande

On Gaga being vomited on…

gaga chair

… this isn’t pop. Or art. It’s attention-seeking, mildly disturbing and highly irresponsible.

I’m not one to criticise on here, I prefer to just ignore what I dislike, but this is… too… much.

Gaga and that voice…

gaga chair

While her new album has been disappointing (for me personally), ‘Do What U Want’ is probably one of the best cuts of pop this year. And with a voice like that to work it live… Wow!

New Music: Coco

This lady used to be in a Swedish band called Love Generation who tried to get to this year’s Eurovision through RedOne (the chap that does Lady Gaga’s tracks). They didn’t manage it, and Coco decided to leave and launch her own career. This is the first single. Check out here.

The Weeknd does an amazing remix for Gaga

You may or may not know that Gaga is releasing a remix album, and one of the good things to have come out of it is this remix of ‘Marry The Night’ (the strongest track from her ‘Born This Way Album’ in my view) by The Weeknd. Remixes work best when they turn songs upside down like this. I’ll look forward to the other remixes by Foster The People, Michael Woods, The Weeknd & Illangelo, Goldfrapp, Metronomy, Hurts, Twin Shadow.

New Music: CJ Holland

Right then, this one I’m predicting will blow up big time within the next year. Signed to Lava/Universal (the same label behind Jessie J), and with a random track featuring Lady Gaga titled ‘Luv U Sum’, CJ Holland is being primed to be the next Justin Timberlake (or something). And from experience, knowing how hard it is to currently track a decent picture of this guy, or a decent video tells me there’s some big bucks being thrown around behind the scenes. Which is exciting. Check out here.

New Music: Ulrik Munther

Swedish 17 year old kid who’s made a buzz for himself for winning a talent show in Sweden and also doing a pretty decent cover of Gaga’s Born This Way. Album’s due out later this month in Scandinavia. The track above isn’t a lead single but I love it. Beats Justin Bieber to a pulp. Check out here.

Lady Gaga’s former schoolmate rips the piss

She goes by the name of ‘Poppy Chaos’, and while reading about her I took this as a serious attempt at launching a pop career off the back of name-dropping Lady Gaga, you only have to watch the clip to laugh your head off. And you have to watch her Youtube channel. I wonder if they’re still friends…

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Watch Friendly Fires cover Lady GaGa’s ‘The Edge Of Glory’

How can you not love this… It’s just awesome!

First Watch: Lady Gaga ‘Edge of Glory’

By far, one of her simplest videos but I rather like it for that. It’s probably for the best after the whole disappointment with the Judas video. This song makes me want to punch the air in a ‘yeah!’ kinda way.

Lady Gaga’s ‘Judas’ video leaks… Watch it here!

It was meant to be controversial and edgy but I think it’s a bit boring and a little on the dull side compared to some of her other videos. It’s a huge production but still isn’t very epic…

First Listen: Frankmusik feat Far East Movement “Do It In the AM”

After the success of his top ten UK debut, Frankmusik is preparing to release his fresh blend of synth-pop, hard-knocking beats and flowing melodies in the US with Do It In the AM featuring Far East Movement (out July 18th) a new album inspired by the energy of his adopted hometown of Los Angeles. The single is produced by Billboard (Britney), Martin Kierzenbaum (Lady GaGa) and Frankmusik, and is one of his catchiest songs to date. So exciting!

First Listen: Lady Gaga ‘Judas’

Lady Gaga has rush released new single, ‘Judas’ online. I think the video will make a bigger buzz than the song, we will see.

First Watch: Lady GaGa ‘Born This Way’

This is the manifesto of Mother Monster… It reminds me of Barbarella and Matthew Barney‘s Cremaster Cycle at the start. Oh yeah, and this epic scene from ‘Boomerang’ with Grace Jones:

First Listen: Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’

What are we thinking? Good? Ok? Bad? I think it’s a grower- get ready to hear this on the radio non stop! Check out our Gaga competition!

*UPDATE: two plays later it’s grown on me: This is AMAZING!*

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