Listen: Röyksopp & Robyn ‘Do It Again’

Röyksopp & Robyn

Epic Scandi pop from Röyksopp & Robyn.

Röyksopp & Robyn – Monument (Snippet)

Röyksopp & Robyn

Sinsiter but so exciting to hear this collab between Robyn and Röyksopp.


Margaret Berger

I missed this one when it was released a month ago, better late than never though. Margaret Berger’s new one. Good Norwegian pop.

The best Marvin Gaye remix you’ll hear all week

Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Diskobeistet Remix)

How slick is this remix from Oslo outfit Diskobeistet? Nice.

Julie Bergan – Younger (Oliver Nelson Remix)

Julie Bergan - Younger (Oliver Nelson Remix)

This remix of Julie Bergan by Oliver Nelson is a perfect piece of disco to a great sunny Sunday afternoon.

Interview: Quickfire with Hanne Kolstø

Hanne Kolstø's

The first time you listen to Hanne Kolstø you’re thrown into a random world of musical confusion. A sound hard to describe yet effortlessly slick and Scandinavian. Ahead of her new record, ‘Stillness and Panic’, I sent over some questions for a quickfire…

Tell us a little more about your sound

Aaa come on! That´s really hard! …. But ok, I’ll try: maybe something like dark popelectrorocknoisedrama?

What inspired the songs you feature on your new album, ‘Stillness and Panic’?

Me, myself and I, always trying to figure out what is going on in my head. The things that happens that I can´t understand, love for instance. On all my records I write about trying to find and stay in the middle of the road instead of ending up in the ditches all the time.

Nature inspires me. Especially on Stillness and Panic where I spent half a year hiking the mountains all alone in my hometown Sykkylven (Norway).

You’ve been nominated for a Norwegian Grammy. How has that made you feel?

Happy of course. But it´s kind of weird too, to suddenly be amongst ‘that crowd’. The first time I was terrified, but this year I I just enjoyed the show and drank a lot of beers. It´s a fun party.

Who would be your dream collaborator?

Radiohead, without Thom York. Haha. Or Frank Ocean maybe, I love hip hop.

You’ve released three albums in three years. That’s quite a lot of records! Why do you put out so much music in such a short space of time?

Then I can reveal to you that I´m actually releasing my forth by the end of this year. I don´t think one year to write an album is a short space of time. There are a lot of artist that releases a lot of music, it’s not that uncommon is it?

Who is your favourite artist right now?

I don´t listen to music that much while I write (which I´m doing right now). It messes up my flow. I need silence to hear myself.

What would you recommend are the best new Norwegian acts to listen to?

Atlanter, Higasakite.

What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

Finish and release my forth album, move abroad (haven´t decided where yet), play a lot of festivals, not get a boyfriend.

Hanne Kolstø’s album ‘Stillness and Panic is out on May 7th.

Listen: Maylen Rusti ‘Changing’

maylen rusti by Martin Høye

New song from Norwegian pop lady Maylen Rusti with a great chorus.

A seven year-old sings ‘Gloomy Sunday’ by Billie Holiday and it’s shocking

Angelina Jordan

A seven year-old Norwegian girl called Angelina Jordan auditions a Billie Holiday classic on TV. This is what happens…

Watch: Linnea Dale ‘High Hopes’

Linnea Dale

Norwegian Linnea Dale dons some comfortable clothing in the making of this video. It’s a great broody pop track.

Watch: Niello ‘Arlanda’ (Feat. Truls)

niello arlanda

Swedish pop stud Niello’s collaborates with Norwegian Truls (that voide is so unmistakable) for this track. If you don’t understand Swedish, make your own lyrics up. Feels fresh.

New Music: Maylen Rusti

Maylen Rusti

Norwegian electropop. Check out here.

New Music: The Familiar

the familiar

Beautiful Norwegian electropop. Check out here.

2013’s Random List

It’s that time of year again when I get to look back over the last twelve months and put up the obligatory ‘best of’ post that music blogs love to feature so much.

As usual I’ll aim to pick out tracks and artists that many other websites may have looked over, as well as some of the more obvious milestones. Let me know what you think of my choices. After all, it’s you guys who keep me so motivated to keep hunting for new music all the time. Before I start, check out previous random lists here!

Most definitive song of the year

lorde royals single cover

Lorde – ‘Royals’. There’s something mildly terrifying about this teen talent, and her ability to sum up her youth in a standard pop track. This will be a classic for decades to come, it’s just so different to any of the big hits that have come out so far in the last few years.

Too cool for school


MDNGHT – Not many have heard of this Mancunian collective but if anything, I am confident they will pick up buzz over the next year.

Biggest Scandinavian talent

Kim Cesarion

Kim Cesarion – This Swedish talent has already taken Scandinavia by storm. I saw him play a showcase in London over the summer and it was as close to pop perfection as you could get. You could be surprised for seeing me not put Icona Pop under this category; but you know, they’ve been around for a good while longer.

Cutest act


Broods – This duo set the blog world on fire after releasing just one track blending indie and electro seamlessly. And on a completely shallow note, how cute!

Catchiest track


NONONO – ‘Pumping Blood’. NONONO have had as epic a year as they could get. This Scandinavian trio have made one of the biggest impacts in terms of exports from the region, thanks in large to this track.

Biggest #fail that should have been a #win

Mutya Keisha Siobhan

MKS (a.k.a Mutya Keisha Siobhan, a.k.a The Origibabes) – This should have been their big comeback. And on paper, there’s no reason why it tanked so hard. They picked a shit-hot producer while managing to prove that they could still hold harmonies like no other girl group. But I guess the song was probably too ‘out-there’ to have made a loud enough impact. Still, there is a silver lining for these guys later on in this post…

2014’s new ‘Lana’

fe singer

Fe – She could be as popular as original Lana Del Rey. I predict Fe to catch some more buzz in 2014. She has a genuine, beautiful talent which is well worth a listen.

Wildest cat in town

lion babe

Lion Babe – Literally, this lady goes for the ‘wild’ theme. Which is OK, since she does a great job of it. On a serious note though, what a sound!

Most trademark hipster Scandi sound


Postiljonen – Make no mistake, being introduced to his band has been one of my highlights this year. Their sound is pure perfection in my view and when I caught them live at the Ja Ja Ja Festival in London earlier this year it was probably a highlight for me gig-wise. This re-working of a Whitney Houston classic is amazing.

Biggest bang(erz)

miley cyrus stop

Miley Cyrus – Love or hate her, you just can’t deny that this little lady has been all over the place. She knows she’s not changing the world with her songs. So what else can she do? She’ll just have fun with it. And there’s a charming likeability in that. I mean, look at this post – she’s sandwiched between one of the edgiest acts of the year (Postiljonen, above), and one of the best songs of the year (Sailor & I, below). Two categories she’ll probably never be in, ever, but she’s still spreading herself on here. And that’s ok…

Most epic track

sailor & i

Sailor & I – ‘Tough Love’. A real heart-stopper of a track that’s nothing short of stunning.

Most feel-good

join the riot

Join The Riot – Again, another Scandi act makes it on this list. Nothing but good cheeky pop from this group.

Quirkiest act 


Manou – This lady is one of my big ‘ones to watch’. I can’t describe her sound. Quirky, I guess. So good though.

Best slice of Norwegian rap

Lars Vaular

Lars Vaular – ‘Legender’. It’s one of those songs that sounds pretty dark, but still manages to sound easy enough to enjoy. Even if you’re not Norwegian.

Best trooper


Aiden Grimshaw – Following on from making one of the best and least brought pop records from a major label in 2012, this year saw the guy ditch his surname and now go under the moniker AIDEN.

Most unexpected throwback to Motown


– ‘Never Wanna Know’. One of Denmark’s hippest newcomers came up with this track back in Autumn and it was adorable.

Best gig

Mutya Keisha Siobhan London Live Scala August 2013 a

MKS (a.k.a Mutya Keisha Siobhan, a.k.a The Origibabes) – They might not have had the comeback record of the year, but the ladies definitely pulled off THE comeback gig of the year at London’s Scala. No video on YouTube could relay the experience properly though.

Most listened to song on my iTunes

The Amplifetes

The Amplifetes – ‘You Want It’. You might not like this song, but it’s the most listened to track of the year on my iTunes. Something about it speaks to me.

One to watch


MNEK – It seems like a lifetime ago since I featured MNEK but he now finally seems to be on the edge of breaking through. Already long-listed on the BBC Sound of 2014, whatever happens over the next months will be pretty special for this kid.

You ain’t getting any younger…

Seinabo Sey - Younger (Kygo Remix)

Decent remix from Kygo for what has been one of the most popular Scandi tracks this winter.