Rhys – Butterflies

An artist who has never been afraid to experiment with her work, Rhys seems to have finally found her sound through the release of new EP ‘Thanks a lot now I can’t smile’ (out now).

Featuring co-production by Elias Kapari, this creative and playful record takes inspiration from growing up in the hipster nest that is Portland.

“This EP is a projection of my frustration in life and relationships; filled to the brim with passive aggressive jokes, defence mechanisms, pettiness and sadness. It’s me looking back and admitting my flaws and worst tendencies, but also realising i’m not always fully responsible for how things turned out. You can’t predict how people will treat you, or how you’ll react to situations in life. You don’t always have to be reasonable or grateful, sometimes things just feel shitty. Relationships end, they leave, you leave, depressions happen. I found myself asking everyone I met if my feelings were normal, seeking some type of solace in that others could relate to my lows, but that’s never really enough. So instead I wrote songs, hoping they in turn could help others. I’m just writing about life and every teeny tiny emotion in between.”


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Rhys – Thanks a lot now I can’t smile

American-Swedish starlet Rhys returns today with a supreme sound that fuses pop and rock tones together in both a balanced and nostalgic way.

Taken from her next EP (due early next year), Thanks a lot now I can’t smile’ incorporates that style of early 00’s American punk-pop, which in many ways shaped Rhys while she was growing up in Portland.

“I was quite depressed for a year and felt incapable of socialising with others without killing the vibe. Walked around thinking ‘well, I’m gonna feel this bad forever, thanks a lot! When being in the middle of it, it was hard to see it, but in retrospect it was sick liberating to write a sarcastic song about that time.”


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Track of the week. A simple yet heartbreaking song, showing that less can be more when you get it right.