New Music: DEVADO

A distinctly unique fusion of pop and RnB, German talent DEVADO created ‘Cloud 11’ using only her vocals and body percussion on the entire production.

“‘Cloud 11’ is a song about falling in love when you expect it least.

This talent takes samples of her voice and other sounds and transforms them into synthesisers, bass, beats and more. With the aim of producing new songs every six to eight weeks, it’s safe to say DEVADO will surely keep 2021 interesting!


Fionn – Take Me Back

My favourite pop duo return today with the release of nostalgic bop ‘Take Me Back’. Co-written and produced by Jared Manierka (who’s also worked with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen), the song showcases a more melancholic side to Fionn which is utterly charming to listen to.

“‘Take Me Back’ is a nostalgic pop ballad romanticising a life stuck in the past. Specifically we touch on an old relationship that is brought back to the surface and re-analysed. Time is a funny thing, and some days you wake up forgetting where the years have gone, feeling the pain of a loss as if it is new. During covid, we spent a lot of time wishing that we could go back to when the stress of living during a pandemic didn’t follow us on the daily. It also gave us a lot of time to romanticise every bit of our lives before.”

Check out the recent EP ‘Candid Constellations‘ which is out now.


New Music: Tom Marden

A truly superb audible experience, Tom Marden’s ‘Church’ draws the complexity of a passionate love/hate relationship on a lo-fi beat over a gorgeously dreamy melody.

The project serves as an altar ego to artist Léo Faubert, who is based in France. It’s there where he began making music in his father’s small studio, before working with groups Kid Wise and After Marianne.

Tom Marden

New Music: BBY LIZA

There was a time when Sweden was pumping out electro-pop songs on a weekly basis, but lately the nation’s commercial music scene has diverted into other styles. Which is actually pretty great, since it keeps things exciting and fresh – but I do still wish that the occasional banger made it’s way to me still.

But fret not if you’re like me, as you’ll be happy to see that BBY LIZA has served us all with a big track in the form of ‘Champagne’. Press play and put the volume on high!


New Music: Ori Rose

One of the finest summer bops that I have yet to stumble upon so far this season, Ori Rose’s ‘Casey’ is a perfect slice of pop that is sure to make you fall in love with this rising American star.

Ori Rose

Nolie – Think Back

With a refreshingly cute summer sound by Nolie, ‘Think Back’ is the kind of track that will have you feeling nostalgic thanks to it’s dreamy melody, making you reminisce to the days of your childhood.


T.O.L.D. – How To Waste Time

I’ve been following LA-based British artist T.O.L.D. for a good few years now, and it’s always interesting to listen to his new releases. ‘How To Waste Time’ is a celebratory anthem and an ode to doing nothing.

Composed and recorded by T.O.L.D. himself, it was written after he started a daily meditation routine but realised that he didn’t know how to sit and do nothing; hence working on the song as a way to avoid practicing it!

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Reborn Again’. 


Myles Cameron – Summer ’19

After an 18-month musical hiatus, Myles Cameron finally returns with a nostalgia-drenched, feel-good single in the shape of ‘Summer ’19’.

“The instrumental leans very indie, but Moise and I are both black artists. Historically there isn’t a whole lot of representation of people who look like us in that space, so the whole song became sort of this rumination on that juxtaposition. The hook, song structure, and certain lines of Moise’s verse could have come straight out of some rap shit. We were both kind of like, okay this is an indie jam, but how do we make it unapologetically blacked out.”

Since his debut, Myles has achieved recognition from the likes of Pigeons & Planes, VICE, Hypebeast, and Ones To Watch.

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Black Boys Look Blue’.

Myles Cameron

New Music: GK

Hailing from New York, GK is a rapper who seamlessly blends pop-punk with hip-hop to create a sound that is not only universal but also future-forward.

‘Falling in Love’ is an emotive track that looks at love and loss, and is sure to amplify this artist’s fan base even more.


MASN – Don’t Talk

Utahn talent MASN continues to impress with the release of new single ‘Don’t Talk’. This is a track that feels summery yet also carries hints of melancholy, leaving you wanting to hear more from this hugely exciting newcomer.


Dava – Sticky

Over the last twelve months, Dava has established herself as a name to watch out for. With bops like Right Timeand Papercut, this talent delivers a flair of excellence with her take on pop.

The songs feels finessed and sleek, yet still maintain an element of fun which is completely addictive. ‘Sticky’ showcases a more quirky side to the artist, and as usual it’s brilliant.



Describing themselves as ‘somewhere in sludge between electronic disco and cosmic pop’ is probably as accurate as you could expect when listening to Mancunian outfit VELVET SHAKES.

This is a sound that feels nostalgic yet current, with an essence of eccentricity that charms you over instantly. As far as British bands go, it’s almost impossible not to envision these chaps becoming a household name at some point. On new single ‘Can You Do The Right Thing’ they say:

“It’s a song that’s trying to give someone close to me love and light in dark times – an opportunity for contemplation.”

Taken from the upcoming EP ‘Mellowdrama’. 


New Music: Rich

Exceptionally emotive and powerful, ‘Pull Apart The Pieces of My Heart’ is the kind of song that proves you don’t need an extravagant production to relay a meaningful message to the listener.

So it may come as no surprise to learn that it’s creator is already garnering traction. Brooklyn artist Rich is a frequent tour mate of Chance The Rapper and has a fan following that includes the likes of Justin Vernon, James Blake and Zane Lowe.



A supreme blend British and Turkish heritages come into full force on ONUR’s new single ‘Parami Ver’.

Inspired by his time in Istanbul during the pandemic, the song translates to ‘Give me my Money’ and serves as his first single on Sony Music Turkey.

“I feel like it’s so important now more than ever to drive a cultural conversation between the western world and Turkey. Western media portrays such a distorted view of Turkey that fuels nothing but hate and fear. I want to change that.”


New Music: Daniela De Izcue

Peruvian singer and songwriter Daniela De Izcue creates a kind of RnB-pop that is reminiscent of the 90’s sound, yet still feels smooth, sleek and current. Regardless of whether or not you can understand Spanish, this song will resonate.

‘Obsesioná’ talks about the sexual desire you have for a specific person when you are young, specially when you just walked out of a relationship and have experienced a heartbreak.

Daniela De Izcue

New Music: Marcus Jacob

Say what you want about Spotify’s algorithm, but the fact that it led me to ‘grey’ by an elusive new artist called Marcus Jacob makes me feel very content.

Delivering a refreshingly original take on hyperpop, this is a sound that is complex and raw in essence, all the while intriguing and immersive to the listener.

Marcus Jacob

Chelsea Cutler – Walking Away

After initially sharing a short snippet of this track on Instagram last year (which fans lovingly dubbed the ‘Jeep Song’), Chelsea Cutler returns with the hugely relatable ‘Walking Away’.

“‘Walking Away’ is about how intricate and complex a relationship can be, and it’s also about realising you can’t keep holding on to something when it’s not right. This was actually the first song I wrote for the album, so it feels fitting to go forward into this next chapter with this single. I’m so excited to share everything with the world!”

Chelsea Cutler

New Music: PENNY

Huddersfield born and bred PENNY is a 23-year old talent who’s angelic vocals are just about the most beautiful you’ll listen to all day. With gorgeously melodic songs that showcase her flair for honest lyricism, this artist could well be your new favourite pop star.

“I wrote ‘Sad Puppy’ at a time when I’d finally realised I was worth more than how I’d been allowing people to treat me – a breakthrough moment. But I still felt so frustrated for ever allowing myself to be treated that way.” 


ÄTNA + MEUTE – Weirdo

Two of Germany’s most exciting emerging acts join forces on a song that is truly like none other you will have heard before.

Avant-garde pop duo ÄTNA and techno marching band MEUTE collaborate on ‘Weirdo’, a song which is sonically so original and unique that it holds your attention captive all the way through.

“We have been big fans of ÄTNA for a long time. The videos, the music, the talent and the overall style are a blast and now a collaboration has come out of it – how cool is that?” – MEUTE


Still Woozy – Get Down

Still Woozy‘s unique blend of lo-fi pop and indie has steadily won him a huge legion of fans in recent years; and with songs like ‘Get Down’ it’s really not hard to see why.

The announcement of his tour of North America and Europe this autumn sparked a frenzy, with several cities already selling out already – but you might just be lucky enough to catch him live.

Taken from the forthcoming full-length debut ‘If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is’ which is out on 13th August 2021.

Still Woozy