“I feel pissed off I’m not bigger.” Maybe you’re shit?

Marina And The Diamonds. Have you heard of her? I’m pretty sure you have. I’m also sure you’ve read some of the rave reviews following her debut album, and maybe known her to be one of BBC’s One To Watch from last year. She’s been on the radio, on the telly and on pretty much any music blog you can think of. But I haven’t featured her much. I admire her talent, and I have friends who adore her, but for me, she is missing something. I see huge potential, but I don’t think she’s got there yet. And then I read this short newsbite from the BBC, in which ‘Marina’ moans about her American label, and moans even more strongly about how unfair it is that she isn’t a huge pop star. And that pisses me off.

‘Marina’, you’ve got the exposure, the team and the talent to make something extraordinary out of yourself. I was willing to follow you, and to see what you would come up with next. But I see that you’re just an impatient soul who seems to compare herself above everyone else and wonder why you aren’t as successful. If you got it right, people would have brought your records. There’s nothing wrong with aspiring to become a huge artist- but moaning like a spoilt wannabe is just about the most off-putting thing you can throw at people.

Blogs like this one look for, encourage and publicise up-and-coming musical talent that deserves recognition. There are always people looking for the next big exciting thing. You had the chance, and you still have it. Some would consider being talked and written about to be something worth celebrating. Don’t be such a brat. End of rant!


First Listen: Britney Spears ‘Hold It Against Me’

Britney gone done dubstep! So amazing!

The 2010 Popjustice Readers’ Poll results!

My favourite blog of all time, Popjustice, has just published it’s 2010 Popjustice Readers’ Poll. Interesting and hilarious at the same time, highlights include:

Worst Single: Black Eyed Peas – The Time (Dirty Bit)

Best Album: Robyn – Body Talk

Most Ridiculous Recording Artiste on Planet Earth: Jedward

Most Pathetic Song to reference ‘The Club’: JLS – The Club Is Alive

Utter Bellend of the Year: Justin Bieber

Check out the full list here, it’s dead good.

Jessie J wins BBC Sound of 2011

As predicted, Jessie J’s won the BBC Sound of 2011, meaning the chances of her being huge this year are petty much expected. First featured on ALFITUDE last November. I like her! I like her!

James Blake in 2nd place for BBC Sound of 2011

James Blake, first featured here last November, is runner up for the BBC Sound of 2011. ‘Limit to your Love’ is still on my A-List… Winner is unveiled tomorrow. I reckon it’ll be Jessie J, but who knows!

New Music: Garçon Garçon

Pretty electropop by a couple of very pretty Aussies. ‘Combining new wave synths with a unique ’80s feeel and a dash of blatant pop, Garçon Garçon write intelligent songs with catchy hooks. Coming from different musical worlds of classical and punk rock, the duo conjure a sound as complex as it is podium busting.’ Check out here.

Jamie Woon in 4th place for BBC Sound of 2011

Jamie Woon’s come in 4th place for the BBC Sound of 2011. First featured on ALFITUDE in May 2010.

Capital FM goes national today…

Capital FM, once London’s largest commercial pop radio station, went national today in a bid to compete with BBC Radio 1. It’s the first of it’s kind in the UK, aiming to reach 6.5 million listeners weekly. In reality though, it’s just a bit of a name change for several outer-London radio stations owned by Global Radio. Each region will still have it’s own staple of local DJ’s, but I suppose all the regions will share the same playlist. Should be interesting.

Clare Maguire in 5th place for BBC Sound of 2011

So Clare Maguire, first featured on ALFITUDE back in July 2010, has come in 5th place for the BBC Sound of Music 2011. I remember struggling to find decent pics of her back then to try and blog about and now she’s everywhere. Well deserved. Wonder who will come in 4th? Hmmm!

The top 10 most illegally downloaded albums, tracks, and music videos of 2010


10. “Aphrodite” ― Kylie Minogue
9. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” ― Kanye West
8. “Recovery” ― Eminem
7. “Body Talk” ― Robyn
6. “Speak Now” ― Taylor Swift
5. “Can’t Be Tamed” ― Miley Cyrus
4. “Pink Friday” ― Nicki Minaj
3. “Teenage Dream” ― Katy Perry
2. “Bionic” ― Christina Aguilera
1. “Loud” ― Rihanna


10. “We R Who We R” ― Ke$ha
9. “Roman’s Revenge (ft. Eminem)” ― Nicki Minaj
8. “Can’t Be Tamed” ― Miley Cyrus
7. “Only Girl (In The World)” ― Rihanna
6. “Whip My Hair” ― Willow Smith
5. “Not Myself Tonight” ― Christina Aguilera
4. “Love The Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna)” ― Eminem
3. “California Gurls (ft. Snoop Dogg)” ― Katy Perry
2. “Greatest” / “Then You Love Me” ― Lady Gaga
1. “Telephone” ― Britney Spears


10. “Commander” ― Kelly Rowland
9. “Runaway” ― Kanye West
8. “Love The Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna)” ― Eminem
7. “Can’t Be Tamed” ― Miley Cyrus
6. “Whip My Hair” ― Willow Smith
5. “Baby (ft. Ludacris)” ― Justin Bieber
4. “California Gurls (ft. Snoop Dogg)” ― Katy Perry
3. “Not Myself Tonight” ― Christina Aguilera
2. “Alejandro” ― Lady Gaga
1. “Telephone” ― Lady Gaga & Beyonce

The full list can be found on iLeaks website here.

New Music: The Ultra Girls

When can you every get enough of girl bands? Never! That’s what I think anyway. But you do see a lot of awful acts out there pretending they’re Girls Aloud before they’ve even managed to string a harmony together. But I like The Ultra Girls because they can string a harmony together, and they look like loads of fun. ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ sounds really good. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from these ladies! Check out here.

New Music: Encore

Three London boys making fresh grime/ hip hop/ rnb. I’ve got a feeling these kids will be one of the big ones to watch for 2011. Check out here.

New Music: James Vincent McMorrow

This is pure, haunting, sexy music.  Listening to ‘If I Had A Boat’ made my heart melt. Check out here.

New Music: The Tunics

I’m not usually a fan of indie man bands but these guys are pretty interesting. ‘Low’ is a lush bit of music. Check out here.

New Music: Max Gold

Having collaborated with the Invisible Men to lend his amazing skills to their productions for I Blame Coco and Gabriella Cilmi, he is now leaving the booth behind to emerge from the shadows of the studio. Taking the films he grew up with as inspiration and armed with a keytar, laptop and an all girl band, having created & self-produced a collection of distinctive songs: a smooth darkness underlying his unique combination of shimmering synths and style.
Max has been making music his whole life. Now he’s ready for the world. Invest in Gold. Check out here.

MP3: Max Gold – Hold On

The Radio Dept. ‘Heaven’s On Fire’

As one of the kids on YouTube said, ‘This makes me forget all my worries for 3:36 minutes’. The Radio Dept. have been one of my favourite bands for a really long time, but I selfishly kept it to myself. I don’t think I told anyone how good I think they are. Sometimes you just have to keep some things that make you happy a little secret, but then, life’s too short to keep things in. Enjoy.

PURPL PoP cover some Marvin Gaye

My favourite, care free Swedish hip hoppers have done a bit of a spin on Marvin Gaye’s ‘Lets Get It On’. I see a bit of Chromeo when I look at these two… Fun times.