It’s almost Friday…

… So give this quirky mix a spin before your last proper night’s sleep for a couple of days. It’s a Yes Cadets track that’s been done up by the Guillemots.


New Music: Melody’s Echo Chamber

Dreamy, hazy French shoegaze. Check out here.

Interview: Quickfire with LeeLee

The promising pop princess from Vegas, LeeLee’s been making some impact online with her new track, ‘Ugly’, so I figured I would try and get a quickie interview before she (potentially) takes over the pop world.
So Ms LeeLee… What made you want to go down the pop route with your sound?
I love pop. I can add my rock edge to it or anything else I feel like adding it’s very versatile
Who are your influences and musical heroes?
Are you involved with writing your tracks? 
I’m absolutely involved, what inspires me is my life; what I go through and what I do.  With anything at all. and I think that’s what should inspire all songs because that’s what makes it real and that’s what makes people relate to them
You’re latest single ‘Ugly’ has been getting some pretty decent exposure on the blogs, how does that make you feel?
Fucking awesome.
What have you got planned for the rest of the year?
Keep touring, keep sexing up the London stages, and keep showing people who LeeLee is. Also I’ve been working on a tan…
So there you have it. Look forward to hearing more from LeeLee soon!

New Music: Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes

Keeping with the theme of being late with music, I’ve been a bit slow to feature this one too… It’s one massive song that’s already shaken up 282k people on YouTube and a good few million people around the world because of this advert. Bad-ass retro with some serious attitude. Love it. Check out here.

I’m 13 years behind on this one…

They’re called Mando Diao, and from what I’ve read they’re popular in the continent. The song above is about three years old. Can’t go wrong with a bit of faux-60’s nostalgia, I say…


This is a very unusual teaming between David Byrne and St Vincent. I wouldn’t have thought I would like it but it’s just a little short of genius. They have a collaborative album  called “Love This Giant”, out September 10(UK) /11(US).

New Music: Submotion Orchestra

What happens when you mix dubstep with chilled electro and a little soul? You get Submotion Orchestra. Their new album drops later this month. Check out here.

Mercury Music Prize 2012 nominations announced

The UK’s most prestigious album award, the Barclaycard Mercury Music Prize, just concluded it’s nominations ceremony. I’m not a massive fan of the prize, as it often seems a bit too snotty for my liking. That’s my opinion. Anyway, nominations this year are:

My money goes on Jessie Ware for what it’s worth. Who are you rooting for?

New Music: Rebekka Karijord

This is the sort of sound that is so atmospheric and big and dark that it just leaves you breathless. Check out here.

New Music: Jara

Quirky but edgy Icelandic pop. And it’s free! Check out here.

New Music: XOV

Artist of the week. Truly epic pop with that trademark Scandinavian sound from a kid with a really heavy back-story. Check out here.

New Music: Jin Jin & The Ragdolls

Midweek blues may be banished by listening to this harmless fusion of pop, house and grime. It’s very London. Check out here.

New Music: Stevie Neale

I really wasn’t expecting to hear what I did when I clicked play on this track. It’s what I would call anti-pop. It’s obviously pop, but it touches all the elements that most pop shies away from- there’s a raw edginess about it, probably from the fact that it’s self produced. There’s also some soul coming out of that big voice, but only just in enough doses. It’s good stuff. Check out here.

First Watch: Robbie Williams ‘Candy’

British pop institution Robbie Williams is (finally)back with a new single that’s catchy as hell. ‘Candy’ is out October 29th and was written by Gary Barlow. New album ‘Take The Crown’ is released on 5th November 2012.

New Music: Saint Saviour

Subdued, dreamy and dark but warm at the same time. Check out here.

Private are back!

Danish music is on top form these days. Exciting stuff. This is some high-grade electropop for you from a band that’s been hiding for a few years and is back. Check out here.

New Music: Materikaa

I’m about to use capitals to express what I think of this Swedish electropop duo- I LOVE THIS. It’s so sinister, cheeky and brilliant. This will be on rotation on my iPod for some time. Check out here.

First Watch: JLS ‘Hottest Girl In The World’

Out October 21st, I imagine this is what Justin Timberlake would come out with if he was still taking his solo career seriously. Great pop and a brilliant new direction from JLS!

Free Download: How To Dress Well ‘& It Was U’

This will be the most infectious thing you will hear all day. How To Dress Well’s made a track that’s layered so beautifully. And it’s free. Good times.