SHY Martin x Boy In Space – Still The Same

As far as pop ballads go, this is one of the sweetest I’ve heard all week.

SHY Martin | Boy In Space


New Music: ANFA

A conceptual, powerful and absolutely captivating sound that I simply can’t categorise. Completely refreshing and wildly exciting.

“I’ve been investigating my own relationship with social media, I even met with a mental health expert to find my own digital balance… It’s a true love-hate relationship.” 


Strandels – Breathe It In

”’Breathe It In’ is about being bad at just taking a moment to take things in and to not really appreciating what you have at the time, and instead always rushing forward. That you start to appreciate something when it’s over and that you then realise how great things were but you didn’t acknowledge it at the time. It could be from a relationship perspective but also general things in life.


Joakim Lundell – Under Water (feat. Dotter)

“Living in a Relationship That Is Dangerous and the Process to Dare to Release Despite All the Emotions That Are There”

Joakim Lundell | Dotter

New Music: Adeena

“A song about anger and disappointment towards a person who has made a fool of themselves by treating you like crap and just playing you, out of nowhere. The person has gone from being the person you thought you knew, to a complete jerk, but you realised that they only can blame themselves because they’re a ”f*** up with an attitude”. It’s an angry song with a touch of darkness, on how you feel after being played by an idiot.”


Pale Honey – Treat You Good

A song that brings back lots of memories of early synth-pop classics by Swedish masters like Robyn and Kleerup, but then turns it all upside down by mixing in a strong indie/ shoegaze vibe.

Pale Honey

H3LLO + Apollo Mighty – Talk

Powerful soul vocals by Apollo Mighty glide through this mellow dance production from Swedish outfit H3LLO in perfect harmony.

Apollo Mighty | H3LLO

New Music: Boy In Space

“Caroline is that girl that you’re crushing on but is completely out of your league and untouchable. We all knew a Caroline growing up.” 

Boy In Space

Mapei – Swim

“We have all been in shallow waters and we have all reached the deep end. What I pour out in the song swim is tears. However, the struggle continues. This song is my savior and it helps me to recognise my worth and live the life I deserve to live. So, don’t drown in tears. Swim in them. It feels better. Because sometimes it’s good to cry and be depressed, but not to the point where you want to die. You are important and you have value. Love thyself!”


Watch: Felix Sandman – Boys With Emotions (Live at Melodifestivalen)

This song is on a six-week journey to compete as Sweden’s entry for Eurovision this year. Personally I love the concept, so I would be happy to see it win.


Vargas & Lagola – Hurts To Be Hurt

“We try not to set any boundaries for our work. Most songs that we like are based on a similar mindset and construction, and in the end, the most important thing isn’t if they come out as hip hop, pop or rock.”

Debut album ‘The Butterfly Effect’ is out today.

Vargas & Lagola