Loreen – Is It Love

Photo / Charli Ljung

Iconic Swedish pop star Loreen unveils her first new single since her triumphant Eurovision win at Liverpool this year.

‘Is It Love’ is sonically inspired by Loreen’s Moroccan Berber roots, while the elevated vocals provide listeners with style of ‘spiritual pop’ that is really quite phenomenal to experience.

“‘Is It Love’ was born from a place of seeking clarity, it’s a song describing and contemplating a love that’s so deep but at the same time filled with confusion. It’s about realising that to create a deeper understanding of yourself you need to accept the duality of life, that distortion and clarity goes hand in hand and are equally as important. And to experience the depth of true love, both to the self as well as to others, you have to accept and experience the depth of pain.”

The song was written by some of the industry’s biggest names, including MTHR, Dag Lundberg and Maia Wright, while production personnel includes Albin Nedler and Josh Gudwin.

Loreen shortly embarks on a tour across the UK and Europe, with all dates sold out. If you were lucky enough to get some tickets then we’re very jelaous!


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NOEL – Headed North

Photo / Room7

Swedish singer and songwriter NOEL is back today with one of the biggest Scandinavian releases of the week.

‘Headed North’ treats listeners to an anthemic fusion of indie and alternative pop. The sound is impassioned and bursting with raw emotion, and continues to mark this hugely gifted 20-year old musician as a superstar of the future.

“Writing ‘Headed North’ was like a therapy session. In the past I’ve found myself leaving a potential relationship before it got too serious, and I never really knew why. It sounds like a cliche, but the conversations in the studio made me realise I might be running away from the possibility of getting hurt. I’m such an over-thinker which often leads me to finding wrongs in everything, even when it might not be there…”

This single follows on from NOEL’s debut release, ‘When You’re Not Mine’ (listen here), which has already amassed more than 10 million views on TikTok alone.


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New Music: Repeat

If you’ve never experienced ‘stoner rock’ before then we’ve got a very special treat for you.

Swedish band Repeat have been gaining steady momentum in recent months thanks to their distinct style of sound, which is bold, vivid and energising in character.

Today marks the release of the group’s self-titled debut album, along with a thumping new single called ‘Out of control’. The track is immediately arresting, and sets the sonic tone for the rest of the record.

“The idea behind the album is to provide a short and explosive experience of repetitive aggressive songs. We really prefer the short formats and a direct presence. The mix of stoner rock and alternative rock with loud very fuzzy guitars, rumbling bass and aggressive yet stiff drums, gives its own unique progressive style.”


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Dajana – I Say Yes

Track of the week. Acclaimed Swedish singer-songwriter, producer and artist Dajana has just released one of the most breathtaking singles of the year, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

Written as an ode to life, ‘I Say Yes’ presents listeners with a spellbinding fusion of gospel, soul and hip hop.

The sound is bold, joyful and cinematic, and reminds us of the transformative powers that music possesses. If you have time to play only one song today, make it this one.

‘I Say Yes’ is lifted from Dajana’s inspiring new EP of the same name, which is out now.


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Sarah von Reis – Phenomenon

Photo / Johanna Pettersson

Swedish artist Sarah von Reis is no stranger to these pages, so we’re happy to announce see that she’s back today with a stunning new single that deserves your attention.

‘Phenomenon’ is an intimate and seductive piece of music that fuses lo-fi jazz and pop with strings and horns, resulting in a sound that is sultry and entrancing. Elaborating on the song’s lyrics, von Reis says:

“The song is a lesbian declaration of love and the sexiest thing I’ve written so far. I chose to use a bass clarinet because it is the hottest instrument out there. I expect a lot of people – both queers and straights – will make out to it.”

To date, Sarah’s music has garnered support from the likes of respected Swedish broadcaster Fredrik Strage, and has also landed placements across several flagship playlists including Spotify’s New Music Friday.

Sarah von Reis

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New Music: NOEL

Photo / Fredrik Andersson

We’ve got a phenomenal new Scandinavian talent to share with you today, who is almost certain to hit the global mainstream very soon.

Hailing from Stockholm, NOEL is a Norwegian-Swedish singer and songwriter who transitioned into the world of music after a knee injury halted his progress into becoming a footballer.

‘When You’re Not Mine’ serves as a powerful anthem for the broken-hearted, and is sure to resonate with huge swathes of listeners across the world.

“‘When You’re Not Mine’ was one of the first songs I wrote on my songwriting journey, and it has sort of progressed over time, just like me. It started as a break-up song, but it didn’t feel honest since I haven’t really been in love before. After rewriting the lyrics, it evolved into a personal story about longing for a special someone. Now, over a year later and after many late nights, I think we finally got it right, and I’m very proud of it. This song is for my future person.“

The song was written alongside prominent songwriters Johan Lindbrandt and Freddy Alexander, as well as Alfitude favourite Clara Mae.


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Tilda Allie – Theme II

London-based Swedish artist, producer and vocalist Tilda Allie has just unveiled one of the most sonically spectacular releases of the summer, in collaboration with Portuguese filmmaker Maria Nunes and composer Laura Lesourd.

‘Theme II’ showcases a conceptual style of sound that is luxuriously textured and cinematic. Allie builds a mysterious musical universe that is rich in character, while the track’s lyrics focus on themes like existentialism and capitalism.

“Inspired by the raw landscape of Sweden the strings and the contemporary but classical piano takes you on a cinematic journey into the Nordic wilderness.”

Aside from her ever-growing fanbase, Tilda’s work has also caught the attention of prominent tastemakers as noted as BBC Introducing and A&R Factory as well as VENTS, Wordplay, GAFFA and DNÜ magazines.

Tilda Allie

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Oliver Malcolm – What Am I To Do?

Acclaimed musician and producer Oliver Malcolm marks his comeback today with a bold new single.

‘What Am I To Do?’ presents listeners with an energising mix of alternative pop, indie and rock, while the lyrics look at the times in our lives when we are uncertain of how to shape our futures.

“I made this song kind of by accident; one of those things where I only created a hook and decided to tease it on the internet, and boom; it reacted so I knew I had to finish it. It’s quite literally a song about not knowing what to do, not being sure of what the next move is.”

The track is Malcom’s first release in over a year, and sets the tone for what fans can next expect from this hugely exciting artist.

Despite his recent absence, Malcolm’s music still commands an impressive 270k monthly listeners on Spotify. The artist has also amassed more than 25 million career streams to date, thanks to hit releases like ‘Switched Up’ and ‘Baby Don’t Go’.

Oliver Malcolm

The Fur – We’re going under (feat. YVO)

Photo / Nina Andersson Voight

We’re launching into the weekend with a blissful slice of Scandinavian pop from emerging Swedish composer and conductor The Fur.

‘We’re going under’ was co-written and performed alongside fellow Stockholm artist YVO (aka Yvonne Dahlbom), and delivers to listeners an uplifting blend of synth and shimmering power-pop.

“My music is a process of returning to my roots and to enjoy my everyday life. The foundation is the love of creativity and the joy of being in music” – The Fur

While the real identity behind The Fur is still very much a mystery, this talent has already crafted sounds for operas and musicals, while also working on his own solo music.

To date, he has amassed more than a million streams on Spotify alone, and is finalising the release of his first debut album – which will be out soon.

The Fur

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New Music: LUCIIA

Photo / Hannes Söderlund

Readers in Scandinavia will most likely have already come across Cuban/Swedish songstress LUCIIA at some point over the past year – and once you press play on her new single you’ll understand why.

‘SAME THING NEW MAN’ is taken from the artist’s forthcoming ‘WITH II EYES‘ EP (out in October), and showcases a finessed production that seamlessly fuses 90’s inspired R&B with pop. Explaining the lyrics behind the song, LUCIIA says:

“My self-confidence is starting to emerge, and the lyrics are written with a sense that what I receive in relationships is never enough. I feel misunderstood again and again, and with that comes men who don’t quite know how to approach me. In the song, I express that frustration.”

LUCIIA has become one of Sweden’s most hyped newcomers in recent times, with acclaim from outlets as prominent as Rinse FM, Reprezent, Wonderland and BBC, as well as recognition from the Swedish Grammis and Manifest awards.

LUCIIA opens for Coldplay at the Ullevi Stadium in July.


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Noak Hellsing – Die Without Letting You Know

Photo / Lamia Karic

Swedish pop artist Noak Hellsing is becoming a regular name on these Alfitude pages, and for good reason.

The 20-year old emerging talent returns today with yet another impressive new single, called ‘Die Without Letting You Know’.

The track was lyrically inspired by Noak’s struggles with committing to a relationship, and showcases a style of sound that is beautifully melodic and sincere in tone.

“‘Die Without Letting You Know’ is a song that is very close to my heart. It’s an honest song, maybe the most honest I’ve released so far, which makes it all the more exciting, but also scarier. The song is produced by Jacob Werner and written by me, Jacob Werner, and Benjamin Roustaing.”

The song follows on from Noak’s summer anthem ‘When The Shadows Go Home‘ (listen here), and serves as taster to artist’s upcoming ‘YESTERYEAR’ EP.

Noak Hellsing

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New Music: Elise Elvira

Photo / Jennifer Söderlund

We’ve got a very exciting Swedish talent to share with you today, called Elise Elvira. While not a total newcomer (Elise released a debut EP last year), we’ve only just come across this promising singer and songwriter today.

Elise’s new single ‘Charlie, Don’t Do It!’ was written by the artist herself to one of her friends, as a response to the way that he was behaving towards women. The track is dreamy, soulful and enchanting in its production, and (in our view) feels sonically similar to Janet Jackson’s ‘Velvet Rope’ era.

Impressively, Elise has already achieved more than 100k catalogue streams to date on Spotify alone, and we think that’s only just the start for this gifted Nordic starlet.

Elise Elvira

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New Music: Laundry Boys

Every once in a while, you come across a new outfit that is so completely unique that it takes you by surprise.

Laundry Boys is a new project that was formed by two songwriting friends, whose sole purpose was to create music in its purest form – without needing to worry about rules, restrictions or commercial viability.

“We played in a stoner rock band when we were 17. Since then, we’ve made all kinds of music. In this project, we want to use our musical palette without feeling like we’re breaking any rules because that’s the magical thing about music, unlike almost everything else in life. You get to do whatever you want.”

Debut single ‘Drunk On Love’ presents listeners with a genre-bending fusion of sounds that is warm, melodic, atmospheric, and deeply captivating to experience. It’s not an easy song to describe or define – but then again, that is the aim of the duo’s work.

The track serves as a taster to a forthcoming EP called ‘Yatzy Music Vol. 1’, which is released on the band’s own label, Popped N Screwed Records.

Laundry Boys

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Flora Summers – Sweet Summer Feels

We only featured Swedish talent Flora Summers (aka Ida Johansson) last month, but she’s already back with another showstopping release that deserves your attention.

‘Sweet Summer Feels’ delights us with an intoxicating mix of shimmering alt-pop and hazy indie. To us, the production feels reminiscent of Lana Del Rey’s early work, and perfectly balances a classic and vintage style of sound with something contemporary and fresh.

“‘Sweet Summer Feels’ is about that kind of chemistry that’s burning with the heat of a summer day. It’s flirty, carefree and totally sun soaked. It’s the soundtrack of an endless summer. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do.”

The song was written and produced by Summers herself, and follows on her well-received debut single ‘Obsessions’ (listen here). An upcoming EP is on the way, so be sure to keep an eye on this talent!

Flora Summers

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New Music: Echo Thrills

Today is a very special day for Stockholm artist Oskar Jennefors, who has just unveiled his new project, called Echo Thrills.

If you’re a fan of outfits like Tame Impala and Unknown Mortal Orchestra, then the chances of loving Echo Thrills are almost certain to be high.

Jennefors experiments with the sounds of soul, disco and rock to create new pieces of music that feel timelessly classic but also refreshingly current.

As its title suggests, debut single ‘In a Dream’ presents listeners with a gorgeously constructed soundscape that is blissfully hazy and psychedelic in character. Elaborating further on the song’s inspiration, Jennefors explains:

“The track started out when I was on vacation, at my parents summerhouse in the Swedish archipelago. The sun was beaming down and was chilling by the ocean. Being in a blissful state combined with the beautiful surroundings gave me inspiration for the chords, and the slow disco beat just felt right on that warm, lush summer day. The lyrics are inspired by dreamstates and the beautiful places that you can visit in your dreams. All in all the track, for me, is more about being in a certain state of mind. A state of exploration, awe and a sense of magic.”

Echo Thrills

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Boko Yout – AS SEEN ON TV (EP)

Swedish-born creative Boko Yout (aka Paul Adamah) first caught our attention last autumn with his sensationally arresting song, ‘ANXIETY’.

Since then, this multi-talented artist has built up a strong base of followers and picked up support from tastemakers as respected as Fashionably Early and Mystic Sons.

Today sees Adamah releasing his highly anticipated concept EP, ‘AS SEEN ON TV’ (available here).

The songs on the record represent ‘the channels of a fictional TV network called Boko Communications’, and reflect upon the life experiences and emotions that Adamah has so far experienced in his life.

“From my perspective as a black gay man in Sweden, TV, and entertainment have been an escape from reality since I was a child. This project is therefore a celebration, as much as a critique, of the culture shaped by these stereotypes. This is a TV network where I get to decide what I want to see – a manifestation of a younger version of myself and the stories I wish I had heard. It’s a way to look up to myself in retrospect.”

While every song on the EP is distinct in character, there are two notable tracks which have caught our attention; those being ‘TIKTOK’ and ‘MORNING’.

With its captivating lyricism and rich sonic textures, ‘MORNING’ showcases Adamah’s self-described ‘Afro Grunge’ style of sound.

Meanwhile, ‘TIKTOK’ presents listeners a with a hazy and lo-fi, almost psychedelic style of production that is as intriguing as it is captivating.

Fans in Sweden can catch Boko Yout performing live this summer at various events, including Storsjöyran, Trädgården Live Sessions, Powerpose FM Festival and at Daniel Ek’s Brilliant Minds Conference.

Boko Yout

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New Music: Wilja

It wouldn’t be a normal weekend at Alfitude if we didn’t share with you some fresh Scandinavian pop, and this time it’s the turn of singer, songwriter and producer Wilja.

Despite being sung entirely in Swedish, ‘Håll mig Hårt’ (which translates to ‘Hold Me Tight) has a style of sound that makes it universally appealing. Through its stripped-back blend of mellow pop and alternative R&B, Wilja’s airy vocals sing lyrics that tell of the loneliness that follows a breakup.

“‘Håll Mig Hårt’ is about the feeling of being alone after having a relationship with someone who has been both good and bad for you. You are willing to drop everything for that person just to have and feel that closeness once more, no matter how long it lasts.”

While the song marks Wilja’s solo debut, she is no stranger to the industry. This accomplished musician also runs hugely successful EDM project JEN, which has amassed millions of streams through its collaborations with the likes of Sevek and Man Cub.


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Sanna Martinez – I Like It

Rising singer and songwriter Sanna Martinez’s ‘I Like It’ might be the first real summe anthem of the year. With its perfected mix of electro-pop and R&B, this song is certain to leave you feeling like you’re on top of the world.

The track was written alongside fellow songwriters Maria Marcus and Tobias Näslund, who are already renowned for their work on some of K-Pop’s biggest artists.

While still a young musician, Martinez has already accomplished some very impressive feats. She’s already co-written and performed songs that have ended up in national selections for Eurovision, seen her music featured on primetime shows like Love Island USA, and has even written a track for K-Pop icons Everglow.

Sanna Martinez

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New Music: NiwrianCreature

NiwrianCreature is an emerging alternative musician who is currently crafting some of the most interesting and experimental sounds to emerge from Sweden.

‘Hummingbirds’ is a gripping piece of dark pop which sets a haunting soundscape that is filled with intensity and tension. On the lyricism, Niwrian explains:

“The lyrics is steeped in metaphors, but is about friendship with bad intentions. The purely physical anxiety when people you trust don’t want you well. It is the voice of the person who experienced the text, so it is only reasonable that it is heard on the recording.”

Interestingly, the production for the song was completed just before the start of Niwrian’s testosterone treatments, meaning the voice that you hear on the track is one that no longer exists.

You can experience more of this artist’s work through his ‘From My Wounds’ EP, which can be found here.


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New Music: Orphée Noah

Orphée Noah has to be the most exciting newcomer to emerge from Sweden so far this spring. As the son of a Swedish pianist and a French jazz singer, it comes as no surprise to learn that Noah’s sonic artistry is nothing short of spectacular.

‘Attack On Us’ was written, performed and produced by Noah himself, and fuses elements of jazz with soul and alternative pop. Lyrically inspired by the human desire for efficiency (and the dire consequences it can lead to), the song presents listeners with a stark warning on the state of the world.

The track has already picked up more than 60k cumulative streams and views since its release just over a week ago. As far as Scandinavian talent goes, they don’t get much more interesting than Orphée Noah.

Orphée Noah

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