Claudia Kelley – jealous af

If you’re looking for a cheeky slice of Scandinavian pop to bounce along to today then you’ve come to the right place.

As the title implies, ‘jealous af’ is all about jealousy – and the times when we realise that we can’t hide our envy no matter how hard we try. The track is the latest release from rising Swedish singer and songwriter Claudia Kelley, and is sure to put a smile on your faces.

Interestingly, ‘jealous af’ is part of a series which sees Kelley unveiling music that she wrote, but never ended up in the recording studio:

“As a songwriter you write a lot of songs for pitch, with other words; for other people, labels. A lot of the time they get stuck with the label saying: we love this, the artist wants it. One year goes by, you ask if they still want it, they say: yes we love it don’t give it to anyone else and then one more year goes by and so on. So I decided to release all the songs that are stuck in limbo under my project called: songs that nobody wants. With no specific artist project, no red thread. Just some songs that I still like after all this time.”

To date, Kelley has amassed more than 170k cumulative streams on Spotify from the release of just three singles, making her one Scandi pop talent to keep on your radars.

Claudia Kelley

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JÁNA – Gia

Swedish starlet JÁNA (aka Johanna Andrén) is back today with a soulful slice of R&B-pop to brighten up our mornings.

Created alongside producer Isac Hördegård, melodic new single ‘Gia’ was inspired by the story of iconic American supermodel Gia Carangi, and looks at the human desire of wanting to feel loved unconditionally.

“It is definitely a homage to Gia Carangi. I was so touched by the movie and went deeper into Gia’s life story after seeing the movie like ten times. This song is reflecting on unconditional, real love and the search for it. About living life to the fullest. It’s also about seeing beyond beauty. I think the scariest thing for a woman is to be ugly and I think that it is both very sad and very interesting.”

A talent on the rise, JÁNA has been steadily building momentum thanks to her unique style of music-making, which seamlessly blends alternative pop with soul and R&B.

JÁNA’s catalogue of releases have already amassed more than two million career streams to date, and the artist has picked up support from tastemakers as noted as BBC Radio 1, Lyrical Lemonade, Fader Magazine and COLORS.


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New Music: Flora Summers

We’ve got a hugely exciting new Swedish talent to share with you today. Singer, songwriter and producer Flora Summers (aka Ida Johansson) crafts a kind of sound that is immediately captivating.

Nostalgia-tinged debut single ‘Obsessions’ blends alternative pop with hints of dark indie and hazy rock, treating listeners to a piece of music that feels heady and mesmerising. Elaborating further on the song’s lyrics, Ida explains:

“‘Obsessions’ is the kind of song that fell from the sky. All of a sudden I had summed up myself and my tendency to go way too hard into situations. I fall head over heels in love, I listen to songs that I love until I can’t stand them anymore and I get completely absorbed by characters in books and movies. It’s always all or nothing for me.”

The track serves as a taster to the artist’s forthcoming debut EP, which will is released soon. Aside from her own work as a soloist, Johansson is also part of award-winning, critically acclaimed pop duo Isle of You.

Flora Summers

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Namelle – Defense

Photo / Agnes Strand

Swedish musician Namelle is back today with another impressive electro-pop song, called ‘Defense’.

Lyrically, the track looks at people who choose to ignore the warning signs in their relationships, and try to justify their partner’s bad behaviour for the sake of staying together.

The track is Namelle’s first new solo music since the release of her 2022 EP, ‘SALT’ (available here), which has so far garnered the singer-songwriter more than a million total streams.

If you’ve fallen in love with this talent then be sure to check out her recent collaboration with Nitro Fun on ‘Call Me Up’, as well as on juuku’s ‘No Turning Back’.


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Helax – We Were Never Here To Stay

Helax might be a new name to the Alfitude pages, but this Berlin-based Swedish talent is in fact the brainchild behind one of our favourite Scandinavian bands, The Ghost Of Helags.

Today’s release of ‘We Were Never Here To Stay’ showcases Helax’s own solo work, and presents listeners with an experimental yet accessible style of electronic music that is euphoric and exhilarating to experience.

While we wait for some more new music from this gifted producer, be sure to check out his 2021 ‘But It Wasn’t a Dream. It Was Real.’ EP, which can be heard here.


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New Music: Carl :Cries

We’re going to be completely honest and tell you that we have no idea who is behind Norwegian-Swedish duo Carl :Cries, but once you play their debut single, ‘On My Mind’, you’ll know exactly why we are so excited with this outfit.

Lifted from the band’s forthcoming ‘Stranger In My Bed’ EP (out 28th April, pre-save here), the song serves as a masterclass in Swedish indie-pop.

Inspired by the the traumas from a previous relationship, the track’s dark, melancholic and emotive production is nothing short of sonic perfection.

“The feeling to distract yourself and keep your eyes open, then when you close them she’s on your mind.”

Carl :Cries

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Varas – Careful What You Wish For

Photo / Lamia Karic

Alternative singer and songwriter Varas has become a regular fixture on our pages. Over the past year, we’ve seen this emerging artist release a series of singles that have not only been sonically diverse in style, but also refreshingly future-forward.

Lifted from his freshly-released ‘There You Go!’ EP (out now), ‘Careful What You Wish For’ is somewhat of an understated anthem, and treats listeners to an indie-pop sound that feels both raw and finessed in equal measures. If you grew up with the sounds of bands as iconic as The Strokes, then chances are high that you’ll love this track.

“I’ve always drawn inspiration from different styles of music. I believe I’ve always been more intrigued by other artists musical personalities, rather than their genre. I don’t believe genreless music is something I’m aiming for but if my music is difficult to define, I guess I won’t oppose that perception. The thing I do aim for is to let my personality come through, and I’d be surprised if anyone’s personality is one-sided. I contradict myself all the time, why wouldn’t my music do as well?”


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AUTORHYTHM – Intercellular Communication

Photo / Mohamed Mire

AUTORHYTHM is a very special project that was created by artist, musician and punk bassist Joakim Forsgren.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2015, Forsgren began work on a collection of sonic pieces under the moniker of AUTORHYTHM, called ‘Songs for the Nervous System’ (of which ‘Intercellular Communication’ is a part of).

“Autorhythmic cells function autonomously, without the need of instructions from the brain.”

The songs feature minor use of modern technology – with Forsgren opting to use audio equipment and synthesisers that are roughy aligned with his age. The resulting sound is one that is thoughtfully constructed, intelligent, and intriguing to experience.

Forsgren’s work is currently featured at Bozar in Brussels, as part of an exhibition called Swedish Ecstasy, which runs until the 21st May 2023.

AUTORHYTHM | Songs for the Nervous System

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Swedish newcomer HENRIKES (aka Josefin Henrique) is a vocalist and songwriter who has recently appeared on our radars.

Inspired by old-school icons like Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk, as well as modern-day names like Lykke Li, Anna of the North and Susanne Sundfør, HENRIKES aims to create cinematic pieces of pop that are both nostalgic and current at the same time.

Melodic new single ‘Out Of The Blue’ seamlessly fuses power-pop with electronica and synth. The result is a sound that is punchy, bold and confident in character. Elaborating on the inspiration behind the song, Josefin explains:

“‘Out Of The Blue’ is an expression of that turning point when you least expect it and light reappears out of the blue. It touches on the energetic feeling of attraction when it strikes without warning.”


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Loreen – Tattoo

Swedish pop trailblazer Loreen is not only a household name all across the Nordic region, but she’s also been revered by Eurovision fans globally following her iconic win at the contest in 2012 with ‘Euphoria’.

Loreen is back again to represent Sweden this year with a new song and performance that is nothing short of spectacular. So much so, that she’s already been tipped for a landslide win by the prediction polls. Written by the same people behind ‘Euphoria’, new song ‘Tattoo’ is exactly as you’d expect from this visionary artist.

This is a sound that is intense, dark and atmospheric, but also maintains a strong pop sensibility. Alongside the music is the performance, which as you can see from the video above, is flawlessly presented.

So whether you love Eurovision or not – be sure to tune in on the 9th May when Loreen competes in the first semi final.


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Fricky – Nattbus

Photo / Martin Axell

Acclaimed Swedish artist Fricky unveils a beautifully atmospheric new single today, entitled ‘Nattbuss‘.

While sung entirely in his native language, the song’s dreamy and hypnotic style of alt-pop is sure to captivate any listener from any part of the world. Elaborating on the track’s production and concept, Fricky says:

“The feeling I had in my body married perfectly with [producer] Joel Kiviaho’s hypnotising production. I wrote the lyrics in 30 minutes on my way home from the studio, on the night bus. I have a hard time describing what it’s about, but it’s a song that has given me light when the night has been cold and dark. In a way, the song means more to me outside the context of the content itself. It has led the way to a lot of life and joy and, not least, more songs.

“‘Nattbuss’ becomes, in a way, a final farewell to Fricky as you know me before I fly off on a new adventure. It functions as a farewell to a past that I needed to let go of in order to move on to a freer form of expression.”

Fricky is the musical project of artist, producer and designer Erik Friman. A staple within Sweden’s underground music scene since the 2010’s, Fricky’s work grew in popularity and prominence over the years, and in 2019 he was named ‘Artist of the Year’ at the iconic P3-Guld Gala.


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Mina Okabe  – Talk to Me

Photo / Cathrine Brix

Danish-Japanese artist Mina Okabe has well and truly become one of Scandinavia’s newest global stars.

While still only 22-years old, Okabe has already amassed almost 50 million catalogue streams while also commanding more than 700k monthly Spotify listeners.

Mina unveils her brand new EP today, entitled ‘Spinning Around’ (out now). Inspired by the ups and downs of life, the collection of songs serves as soundtrack to Mina’s personal journey over the last twelve months.

“The past year has gone by really fast – like a whirlwind of inspiration and creation in the best possible way. I feel that the many new and exciting experiences I have had can be heard in the songs I’ve written, expressing very different energies and emotions, from where I’m most vulnerable to a lighter feel of self-irony. And so, I thought ‘Spinning Around’ was a suiting title for this collection of songs.”

Lifted from the EP is Mina’s new single, ‘Talk to Me’. Interestingly, the song applies bossa nova notes onto a lo-fi indie production, which results in a sound that beautifully juxtaposes the dramatic intensity of Latin music with the controlled emotion of Nordic pop.

“‘Talk to Me’ is about the frustrating feeling that comes when someone you’re interested in is not opening up and is hard to read. I like how it stands out among my other songs – both lyrically and with the playful production – but most of all, because it gives me a feeling of confidence.”

Mina Okabe

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Daniella Binyamin – Abba

It’s an exciting day for Nordic singer and songwriter Daniella Binyamin, who has just released her debut EP and its lead single, ‘Abba’, today.

A masterclass in Swedish pop, the song applies feelings of intense melancholy over an energising yet haunting indie production. Sonically reminiscent of Lykke Li’s early work, the track’s cinematic sound is nothing short of epic.

“‘Abba’ is an energetic yet sad track, a crying-on-the-dancefloor anthem to listen to when you need to get all those hard feelings out of your system. It’s a jumble of hope, devastation, freedom and a touch of madness and set the tone for the feelings I had when writing both the song and the EP.”

Elaborating further on the creation of the EP itself, Binyamin explains that it came to fruition back in 2020, as a way to process all the pain that had built up following a break up.

“When I wrote ‘Abba’ it was only my voice and a piano. I was angry and sad, and felt left behind by people I loved. When we later started to arrange and produce the songs, I realised how much I needed to write it, in order to move on. For every tangle that was straightened out, I became more and more fearless and convinced I was doing what was right for me.”

Daniella performs at Stockholm’s Musikaliska kvarteret (Blinda Tigern) on the 31st March – more details can be found here.

Daniella Binyamin

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New Music: hanna ögonsten

Photo / Felix Moström

It wouldn’t be a normal Friday on Alfitude without sharing some premium Scandinavian pop, and this week it’s the turn of Swedish starlet hanna ögonsten.

An artist already on the rise, ögonsten’s style of sound is inspired by genres as diverse as alt-pop, indie, punk and hyperpop, while lyrically she focuses on issues that affect young people in their 20’s who are trying to navigate the world in this day and age.

New single ‘Big Teeth’ looks at our struggles with self-criticism, and is taken from ögonsten’s upcoming “have you seen my mind cause’ I’ve lost it” record (out 28th April). Speaking on the creation of her EP, hanna explains:

“I write a diary on my cell phone. Or at least I write lots of notes. They’re about a little bit of everything, mostly my feelings. I’ve been doing this since I was a young teenager, but this autumn I realised that the tone in my notes had changed. They weren’t happy and I almost sounded bitter. I was surprised, it didn’t really feel like me. But thinking about it, I realised it’s not that unexpected. Being a young woman in the music industry means to constantly be reminded that you are – a female producer – and that you therefore should be questioned. It’s exhausting. I realised that it was time to get this out of my mind and the result became this EP. Every song is written and produced together with Carl Goldkuhl (among others) and I’m so proud of how it turned out.”

ögonsten’s music has so far received support from the likes of Vogue Paris, Triple J, Pop Passion and Scandipop.

hanna ögonsten

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Augustine – Mary Cookins

Photo / Rassmus Bjornson

Acclaimed Scandinavian indie artist Augustine has come to be known as somewhat of a musical chameleon, and today’s release of his new single ‘Mary Cookins’ proves that.

Serving as a taster to the Swedish Grammy-nominated songwriter & producer’s upcoming sophomore album, the track feels nostalgic and relatable, but also experimental and eccentric at the same time.

With its dreamy fusion of psychedelic cosmic pop and indie, the song’s lyrics look at the (all too relatable) feelings of anxiety that arise from worrying too much.

“This was the first song that came to me in this album process and we had so much fun making it in a little cabin in the south of Sweden. Everything just fell into place and I felt like it marked a new beginning after a break from the studio.”

Augustine performs at SXSW in Austin on the 17th and 18th March – more details can be found here.


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JAYNIE – Own Advice

Rising Swedish talent JAYNIE is back today with an infectious slice of alt-pop that has to be heard!

Playful as much as it is melancholic in tone, ‘Own Advice’ was written alongside obi mani (aka Tobias Kihlman), and is inspired by that all-too-familiar situation when we choose not to follow our own advice.

“It’s like it’s so easy to give out advice to friends and family but when it comes to yourself it’s like the hardest thing to to do and you become a total contradiction.”

The song continues to shine a light on this promising singer-songwriter, who seamlessly finds ways to weave serious and thoughtful lyrics into creative pop productions.


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New Music: Great Park Avenue

Photo / micke_wall 

Today we are introducing you to Stockholm’s Great Park Avenue, who are continuing Sweden’s long-standing tradition of exporting world-class indie rock to the world.

Inspired by iconic British rocker Pete Doherty, new single ‘Pete My Teacher’ treats listeners to an energising indie sound that is compelling and anthemic in character.

Taken from the group’s ‘Limitless Prolific Divineness’ EP, the song was recorded in a former women’s restroom, and mixed at the Kapsylen Studios in Stockholm.

‘The bathroom with its tile walls is a rather unconventional room for recording but we’ve made it our own sacred place and we’re absolutely in awe of the atmosphere of this magic loo.”

Be sure to keep an eye on the song’s accompanying game, in which ‘you can take a step into the mysterious world that is some people’s everyday life. Might or not be Pete fighting paparazzis, you’ll have to figure that one out yourself.’

Great Park Avenue

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The Franklys – Mess

What began as a mutual love of music (and dogs) led to the creation of acclaimed Swedish-British indie outfit The Franklys.

This all-female group of rockers have been on our radar for quite some time, and never fail to impress us with their sound.

Anthemic single ‘Mess’ coincides with the release of the band’s new ‘Dogma’ album (out now), and showcases a refreshingly raw style of garage-rock that is immediately captivating to experience.

The Franklys will celebrate the release of the album on the 16th March at London’s Lexington – tickets can be found here.

The Franklys

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New Music: myie

Photo / Jesper Smeding

Emerging from the city of Uppsala in Sweden is musician and actor myie (aka Miriam Ingrid), who has just unveiled an impressive new single entitled ‘Mary’.

Written as an ode to self empowerment and personal freedom, the song’s captivating lyrics compliment a beautifully melodic and uplifting alternative-pop production.

“‘Mary’ is a song about freedom, liberation from ideas or people holding one down. The song’s main character convinces ‘Marie Antoinette’ to elope together, there’s a lot at stake but at least they have each other. ‘Mary’ encourages people to live by their own sets of rules- and if anyone cares: let them eat cake.”

‘Mary’ is taken from myie’s forthcoming debut album, ‘Feel Real’, which is out soon. With support from the likes of BBC’s Jack Saunders already under her belt, myie is one Scandinavian starlet to keep on your radars.


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Varas – Hell No

Photo / Lamia Karic

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Varas begins his year with anthemic new single, ‘Hell No’.

Through its raw and bold production, Varas addresses the mundane nature of life, and the desire to escape from it all.

“You know the feeling when it’s Friday and you’ve just survived another week full of snow storms and hurtful ingrown toenails. Your body is hurting, not because you worked out or anything but because you walked home with groceries and un-ergonomically only brought one bag.

After walking in a leaning matter you come home. A dear friend hits you up: ‘care for a beer?’. You care a lot actually. Anything to make you think about something else than this cycle of habits around work. You wanna talk about literally anything else. Your friend’s THINKING about CONSIDERING possibly getting a cat? Soon? No, in four years? Ah, still, you’d rather think about your friend considering possibly getting a cat in four years. Anyway, you change your clothes and head into town. Finally you manage to get to a bar with some friends. It’s cheap and smelly, just like you. Now it’s time to have a pleasant time of distraction. But before you even take the first sip it happens, someone at the table innocently asks you about next week’s work and duties. Right there, that moment you have to keep yourself from telling your dear friend to shut the f up, was our state of mind when we wrote ‘Hell No’.”

With his refreshingly original and distinct approach to music-making, Varas is rapidly becoming one of Sweden’s most hotly-tipped newcomers. Fans can look forward to a new EP, scheduled for release later this year.


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