New Music: Natalie Carrion

Quirky yet mesmerising Swedish pop.

Natalie Carrion


Benjamin Ingrosso – 1989 / Fancy

Benjamin Ingrosso released the deluxe version of his already huge debut ’Identification’ today with two new tracks, ’1989’ and ’Fancy’.

New Music: Omar Rudberg

Swedish pop with a polished and sultry, sexy summery feel. Personally I’m a huge fan of the vocal.

Omar Rudberg

New Music: Vilma Flood

I couldn’t have imagined this song to evolve and take my by surprise as much as it has. A gorgeously intense and powerful ballad ending in the most beautiful culmination.

Vilma Flood

New Music: Eirik Aas

I’m a little late on this one, and although it’s a Swedish talent, the craftsmanship in the mellow pop sound created heer is worth listening to.

Eirik Aas