New Music: Daniel Oliver

Swedish pop from an Icelandic hunk in the making. Check out here.

New Music: Mercedes and I

It feels like a lifetime since I blogged about any Swedish stuff- this is fantastic new dark pop from Mercedes and I. Check out here.

New Music: Rob & Nino

Nothing out of the ordinary from this bit of Swedish pop. It’s just fun. Check out here.

Free Download: The Knocks ‘Brightside (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)’

Everyone loves The Sound of Arrows. This Swedish electropop duo have been causing huge stir since dropping their debut album earlier this month. This is them putting their own magic touch to The Know’s ‘Brightside’, and as expected, it cheers you up to no end.

MP3: The Knocks – Brightside (The Sound of Arrows Remix)

New Music: Dinner for Dinosaurs

Swedish pop/ funk that’s really easy to listen to and really easy to like. Check out their little bi-lingual video clip. The singer’s got a killer smooth voice. Check out here.

New Music: Urban Cone

Well-crafted indie/ electro from Sweden. Check out here.

Free Download: Erik Hassle ‘Hurtful (Zalza Chip Remix)’

I really like this remix by Zalza of Erik Hassle’s epic ‘Hurtful’. And best of all, you can enjoy it as much as you like as it’s a free download!

MP3: Erik Hassle – Hurtful (Zalza remix)

New Music: EJ

This lady has one massive voice. Swedish but based in London and just signed to Epic Records. There’s no links to her as yet- that’s how fresh this is. Just enjoy it til she’s on rotation on the radio in 2012.

Niva ‘Dirty Water’

Previously featured in February this year, this is the most outstanding track I’ve heard all week, and this makes me so happy. Check out here.

New Music: Serenades

This is probably my favourite band of the week so far. Swedish duo that make blissfully beautiful melodies that are so easy to listen to and enjoy. Check out here.

Norlie & KKV ‘När Jag Går Ner’

I’ve been listening to this for the last couple of weeks and it’s one of my favourite songs on my iTouch right now. Do I understand it? Not completely. But who cares… good songs are good.

First Watch: Jon Ink ‘Every Little Inch’

Previously featured on here a few weeks ago, Swedish Jon Ink is back with a new video. It’s crazy catchy- this kid really needs a big record deal! He’s also acting as a guestjudge in Webjokern, the swedish eurovision song contest 2012.

New Music: 047

I can’t stop listening to this. Beautifully minimal and uplifting electropop from this Swedish duo. They seem to have been around for a really long time and I won’t be surprised if this song takes them to a bigger audience. Check out here.

New Music: Amanda Mair

Teen Swedish pop. Think Lykke Li with added sugar. Check out here.

New Music: Son Of A Kid

This is sort of not really new music, Son Of A Kid was once known as Dyno, who was featured on here some time ago. This is a kind of rebirth and the quality of the tracks is still stellar. Check out here.

Three beautiful voices, three empty tupperware boxes and Robyn

This is a Swedish girl group called Erato, and their cover of Robyn‘s ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ has gone viral since it was put online last week. You just can’t take your eyes off their hands!

First Watch: Niki & The Dove ‘The Drummer’

Niki & The Dove was featured here long, long before many people started to realise her amazingness. This is her new single and it is sick. The beats just melt like butter. Check out here.

This song is outselling Coldplay in Sweden…

This is currently number 1 on the Swedish iTunes charts, ahead of Coldplay (who seem to be number 1 pretty much anywhere). It doesn’t sound like a hit, but there’s something quietly epic about it. Interesting. Find out more about Deportees here.

Swedish pop gets serious and randy

Peter Jöback is a bit of a star in Sweden. I guess he’s the Swedish Darren Hayes or something. I’ve known of him for a few years now and while he isn’t my cup of tea I do like this song, and the video is a bit over the top which is always a good thing for me.

New Music: Adam Tensta

This is really good electro rap from the Swedish institution that is Adam Tensta. He’s not really made impact outside of Sweden but Im pretty sure this will make a dent in the UK… Check out here.