First Watch: Robbie Williams ‘Candy’

British pop institution Robbie Williams is (finally)back with a new single that’s catchy as hell. ‘Candy’ is out October 29th and was written by Gary Barlow. New album ‘Take The Crown’ is released on 5th November 2012.

First Watch: JLS ‘Hottest Girl In The World’

Out October 21st, I imagine this is what Justin Timberlake would come out with if he was still taking his solo career seriously. Great pop and a brilliant new direction from JLS!

First Watch: Dawn Richard ‘Wild N’ Faith’

I’m really loving this video. Dawn Richard was once part of Diddy’s Danity Kane girl group but since they got disbanded she’s been the only one to still get get regular exposure.

First Watch: Karin Park ‘Thousand Loaded Guns’

Im surprised with myself for not mentioning Karin Park on this site before, because I do love her. She ticks all my boxes. This is her new song, it’s all Scandinavian and epic, just the way I like it. The voice is a little Fever Ray, don’t you think?

First Watch: Ianna Harvey ‘Top Gear’ feat. Lady Lykes

This girl seems to be going from strength to strength. Previously featured on Alfitude, this is Ianna Harvey’s new video. Her debut EP ‘Come Closer’ is out now for free download here.

First Watch: Thorunn Antonia ‘So High’

There’s so much buzz around this Icelandic pop beauty that it’s exciting to wonder where’s it going to lead to.

First Watch: Everything Everything ‘Cough Cough’

This is literally hot off the press, having been made record of the week by BBC Radio 1‘s Zane Lowe just now. The idiosyncratic and innovative sonic force that is Everything Everything are back with their follow up album to 2010’s debut, ‘Man Alive’.

Mad, tribal, epic and brilliant is how I’d describe their new single, ‘Cough Cough’ out October 14th. New album ‘Arc’ out January 14th 2013.

First Watch: Patrick Wolf ‘Sundark and Riverlight’

One of my favourite kids, Patrick Wolf, is back with a new album. ‘Sundark & Riverlight’ celebrates 10 years of Wolf making music and consists of re-recordings new arrangements and updated lyrics of his songs from his last five albums. Totally self produced and arranged, the songs are grouped into two stories, “Sundark” an album of more his more solitary darker material and “Riverlight” songs of hope and relationship.

First Watch: Voltaire Twins ‘Solaris’

Warning: This video is a little naughty…

Indie/ synth duo Voltaire Twins release a new EP, ‘Apollo’, with this track and very sexy video.

First Watch: Moya ‘Making Me Fall’

Featured on here some time back, this is the brilliant new single from Moya. 

First Watch: Archeo ‘The Payback’

There’s been considerable buzz around the 21 year old Archeo, with many predicting him to shortly be taking over the pop world. We’ll have to wait and see, but in the meantime this single’s out September 23rd.

First Watch: Heart Machine Service ‘In An Ambulance’

Scandic pop up and comers Heart Machine Service are back with yet another brilliant track.

First Watch: Tanya Lacey ‘Too Many Cooks’

One of my favourite breakout artists from 2012, Tanya Lacey has a new video. And as expected, I’m blown away. The EP ‘Head Chef’, is out October 8th.

First Watch: A Silent Film ‘This Stage is Your Life’

On August 6th 2012, A Silent Film will release their new EP, “This Stage Is Your Life”. Conceived in a makeshift recording studio in Cave Creek Arizona, the EP also features a soaring piano version of ‘Danny Dakota and the Wishing Well’, which is set to appear on the new album “Sand & Snow” released early next year.

First Watch: Scarlett’s Roses ‘Truth Be Told’

How can you not smile when you hear this?! I featured these guys some time ago, and it’s great to see some new stuff coming out. You really have to give this band a listen– they’re fun!

First Watch: Cinnamon Girl ‘Devil In Me’

Im really loving this new single from Cinnamon Girl– hope it brightens your Monday afternoon! You can download the track for free here.

First Watch: Man Like Me ‘London Town VIP’

One big track deserves to get a re-release. Man Like Me will release their new single ‘London Town VIP’ on August 20th The song might be familiar to fans of the band, but it has been given a reboot by Mike Skinner, who is currently working with the band on their new album,The track, which is an anthem lamenting the downfall of a UK garage MC, has been a crowd favourite at Man Like Me’s riotous live shows for years – and is set to become an alternative anthem for London 2012 with this incredible new version.

First Watch: No Doubt ‘Settle Down’

No Doubt played a big part in the soundtrack to my teenage years, and it’s so nice to see them back together. This video’s been out for almost a week and already watched by more than two million, but better late than never. I really like it. I hope you do too.

First Watch: Strangers ‘Safe/Pain’

I’m such a fan of these guys. Strangers return with their second single of 2012. Following on from April’s ‘Shine On You’ the 3 piece dark synth pop sorcerers release ‘Safe / Pain’ via Stranger Sounds on August 20th.

First Watch: Hi Fashion ‘Special Delivery Love’

New, delicious video from the loveable Hi Fashion. The duo (Jen DM – vocals, Rick Gradone – everything else you hear), are not content with just crafting infectious and delicious ElectroPop songs, but they create their entire world, sculpting the landscape with a dozen dancers’ bodies at live performances as videos projected on venue walls provide the horizon. As they appeal to all of your senses at each show, Hi-Fashion invites you to seek residence in their world. So there you go.