New Music: lodet

A charming fusion of indie and jazz from this new Swedish talent.



New Music: GRETA

Copenhagen-based GRETA creates a fine balance between indie pop and retro psychedelic vibes.


Rangleklods – Never Lie

One of Copenhagen’s wildest electro-pop exports returns today with a song that is equally bonkers and relatable at the same time. However you interpret this release, it’s guaranteed to get you dancing a little.

“‘Never Lie’ is about growing but not growing up. To me it’s the soundtrack to a reckless summer night out and about, ending in a loud and dark nightclub dancing into the sunset.”


Nicklas Sahl – In The Window Frame

A very cute release from rising Danish talent Nicklas Sahl, who is back today with a song that sums up the helplessness you experience from missing someone you like.

“When the loneliness hits you and you get dragged into the illusion of missing the girl, even though you know deep inside that it’s not rational. The classic situation where you are standing in a bar, sending her a text, knowing that you will regret it at the very next moment. In the song, I walk the line and go out and scream her name towards the window frame and wake up all the neighbours. In real life, I go to the studio and write a song about doing it instead. It is easier to tell the story and yell it out from the speakers than out in the real world.”

Taken from the forthcoming album, which is due by end of summer.

Nicklas Sahl

New Music: Soukri

A fresh and really exciting, new Swedish RnB talent. Click play and you’ll be served with some slick melodic tones and a smooth vocal, on a song that talks about fighting against prejudices and forbidden love.

“It has been important for me to release my first song completely independent, and self-created. Being able to stand strong on both legs and proud to finally take place as a female producer, songwriter and artist.”


New Music: ohFrank

If you are familiar with your Swedish pop you may recognise that one half of ohFrank is Robin Stjernberg, singer and songwriter extraordinaire. This sound marks a slight shift from Robin’s sound, with a playful and lighthearted take on indie pop that is perfect for the summer months ahead.

“We want to give an honest reflection of the world we live in. To inspire culture shifts, invite or force change, to make people think. Music used to stand for something and be the great observer of society – we want to try and bring that back.”


Melanie Wehbe – Nothing

In addition to being a mega-talented songwriter (having worked on the likes of Jasmine Sokko, The Mamas (Eurovision 2020), Leonora (Eurovision 2019) plus two winner songs for Swedish Idol (being ‘Rain’ by Tusse and ‘Treading Water’ by Chris Kläfford), Melanie Wehbe is a talented singer in her own right.

We could be seeing one of the brightest Swedish exports to emerge for some time, with a subtle pop sound that’s easy to connect with, no matter who you are or what you enjoy listening to.

“I think most of us are familiar with the feelings of uncertainty and powerlessness. The frustration that appears when we realise that we can’t change a situation or a relationship. At the end of the day we know nothing at all.”

Melanie Wehbe

FELIX SANDMAN – Don’t Look Back In Anger

“‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ is a song that brings me back to my childhood, when my mom used to play it for me and sing it over and over again. I am so in love with the original and when me and my band got to play around with it and do our own take on it for P3 Sessions [Swedish Radio], the response was so great that we decided to release it.”


CRONICLE – Need U To Want Me

“This is an anthem for one of the hardest actions someone will ever have to do for themselves. The moment when someone decides they deserve better than being used for anything other than something real and true. That moment when it’s time to cut all the strings, burn everything and fall back into self love.”


Resa – Sunday

Resa returns today with a slice of dark, almost sinister Norwegian pop. The EP ‘Dumb and Numb’ is released today via Toothfairy. 



Swedish hip hop and dance come together in perfect harmony with this collaboration. You may not understand the lyrics if you aren’t Swedish, but who cares?

BENNETT | Lorentz

New Music: Jeuru

Track of the week. A blend of indie, soul and RnB that’s been crafted together in a way that transcends any expectation you would have of how it could sound, and created something genuinely new to experience.


New Music: Naomi Lien

A deeply conceptual yet extremely fierce mix of RnB and dance from Norway. Genuinely one of the most exciting sounds I have experienced this week.

Naomi Lien

Scarlet Pleasure – SOS

This Danish trio never cease to surprise me with their releases – I’ve lost count of how many genre’s they have experimented with in the last few years.

I love it in all honesty; I wish more pop bands were this fearless. Here we are treated to a slice of indie pop, blended with some subtle reggae tones.

New album ‘Garden’ is set for release on June 19 on Copenhagen Records.