First Listen: Lulu James ‘Be Safe’


Something slow and gorgeous to end the week with. I’m a big fan of Lulu James so it’s exciting to hear a new song.

First Watch: Youngblood Hawke ‘We Come Running’

One of the catchiest anthems of the year so far now has a video. So hard not to smile when I hear this song.

The most underrated album of 2012 so far

You were probably expecting something a bit more ‘out-there’ than this, I bet. I don’t know why I love this album so much, and more puzzlingly I don’t know why no one’s brought it. Because as far as pop album goes, ‘Contact’ has it all in my eyes. An epic start and finish, and a ridiculous array of sounds packed into a disc.

The Noisettes have had an interesting history, and one which I won’t really write about because it’s been well documented all over the web. And to be honest, I had my fair fill of their music (their last album’s tracks were used on every possible TV, commercial and radio slot available).

But it took me a few seconds of listening to then unknown lead track, ‘Contact’, on a random visit to HMV not so long ago to instantly Shazam the song, grab the album and listen to it later that evening. I mean, how epic and gorgeous is this?

It’s such a great album, give it a try. It deserves better.

First Watch: Misha B ‘Do You Think Of Me’

One of my favourite mainstream tracks of the year, Misha B’s second single finally gets a video. I will cry if this doesn’t to number 1.

Don’t go chasing waterfalls…

This is one of my favourite songs from the 90’s, and it’s lyrics throw a punch. I’m not sure how old any of Stooshe were when the song came out, but this is a cute version.

First Watch: Waylayers ‘Magnets’

I’m liking this new single by the Waylayers, out November 26th.

New Music: Dimbodius

Icy Swedish synth pop from an artist who’s been around for more than a decade, but I’ve only just heard of now. Check out here.

A Frank Ocean remix. A good one.

Pyramids has to be one of the biggest tracks to come out of 2012, and the remixes have not been in shortage. Im drawn to this one  by DJ Apt One though- it brings a bit of a house disco vibe.

New Music: Sonnet

A cute sound that blends slow retro melodies with a modern twist. Promising. Check out here.

First Watch: Lana Del Rey ‘Ride’

In preperation for Lana Del Rey‘s “Paradise” edition of double platinum album ” Born To Die” on Monday November 12th, a ten-minute video to accompany the track ‘Ride’ has just been released. Ten minutes…

New Music: St. John’s Dance

I’m a bit hypnotised by this for some unknown reason: it features 90’s dance legend Dr Alban, and is infectiously catchy. Check out here.

Daft Punk – Superheroes (Solidisco Remix)

Friday warrants a boogie, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Solidisco have done a magnificent job of remixing this Daft Punk track. Shake away.

Left Boy

This track is nuts, and the video is pretty special. Featured on here ages ago, Left Boy has also had over 2 million hits for new single ‘Jack Sparrow’ on YouTube. He’s playing a one off show at London’s XOYO on the 25th October.

Here Comes The Sun

smith thell

One of my favourite Swedish pop duo’s, Smith & Thell have given The Beatle‘s ‘Here Comes The Sun’ a go, and it’s pretty nice.

Josephine – Portrait

I featured Josephine some time ago and she has since caught the attention of pretty much most new-music blogs around the world. There’s something subdued, soulful and epic with this sound.

It warms you and overwhelms you at the same time, which is a rare feeling.

Hailing from the music mecca that is Manchester, Josephine mixes a wide range of sounds together- from the retro Dusty Springfield-sounding ‘Portrait’, through to ‘Original Love’, which also happens to be her new single, with it’s throwback to African percussions (yet also has a bit of a Massive Attack feel to it- or is that just me?), through to her joyous debut, ‘What A Day’.

It’s a unique voice, and a special sound. Standout tracks for me are the beautiful tracks opening and closing the album; ‘When We Were Trespassers’ and ‘House of Mirrors’. But that’s probably just because I’m in a mellow mood. Anyway, the album’s out now- it really is worth a listen.

New Music: Bow To Each Other

Norwegian based chilled synth-pop duo. Single’s out November 26th. Check out here.

A good song. In Danish.

This is retro pop from Denmark. I just wish Barbara Moleko made an English version!

Never Say Never

Brandy’s voice takes me immediately to the 90’s. This is a remix by Lane 8 is pretty special, and a good way to end the day as far as I’m concerned.