Rock ‘n’ Roll, Scandinavia!

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A few weeks ago I suggested some tracks for American Express to feature on their pages, and they’ve come up with a really quite brilliant playlist of emerging Scandinavian artists.

Best of all, it’s all free to download, and features some of my absolute favourites like Johan Reinhold and Fallulah!


First Watch: LCMDF ‘Paranoia’


This will stick in your head all afternoon. New one from quirky Finnish duo LCMDF.

Free Download: Husky Rescue ‘Deep Forest Green’

Husky Rescue tend to make electronic tracks that are so perfect for the winter weather. So enjoy this slice of  blissful wintery warmth.

Gracias ‘Night Shift’ (DJ Kridlokk Remix)

Gracias is a Finnish rapper and this remix of his track ‘Night Shift’ is stunning. Reading this short article by Finnish media site YLE shows that there’s a bit of a rise in Finnish rap. Looking forward to seeing where it leads to!

New Music: Diandra

I feel like the video to this lets down the pop brilliance of this track by Finnish Idol winner Diandra. I mean, she’s having a sleepover while singing about binge drinking over her ex… Check out here.

New Music: Antero Lindgren

Sexy, moody Americana style music with that unmistakable Scandinavian beat. The chap’s Finnish. Check out here.

New Music: Ronya

I struggle to find Finnish music to share on here, so I was highly appreciative of a certain follower of Alfitude who sent me a couple of recommendations, one of which is Ronya.

I have heard of this lady before but never really connected to her music. However, this track is insane, and for that I am now a fan. I’m coming to realise that if there’s one thing the Finnish are good at with pop, is their sheer love of over-indulgence. Listen to the chorus- it’s mental! Check out here.

The new Pepe Deluxé track isn’t bad…

… there’s a bit of a retro vibe with this, and I like it. Find out more about the Finnish group here.

New Music: Ronya

New music from Finland. Bit of an epic pop song and I’ll be honest, she terrifies me a little. Check out here.

The Finnish really do the most bizarre music videos

Remember this music video featured a while back with some dancing nuns? Well this clip is by another Finnish pop starlet called Chisu. The song itself is brilliant- I’d love to hear an English version, but the video is in another league and is just very uplifting.

Some Finnish nuns in a pop video

I couldn’t quite believe what I was looking at here, but then again this is what makes Europe such a fun place for music. Anna Abreu is one of those kids that got famous from Pop Idol (Finnish version). The song is actually really good in my opinion. It. The video is from another planet though!

New Music: Manna

Born in Paris to a Finnish mother and Algerian father, Manna resides in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, where she’s been crafting an experimental and hauntingly beautiful sound. ‘Lead Me’, out on 14th September, is the debut track from album Shackles, carries a mixture of heavy grooves, beautiful melodies and haunting yet equally uplifting vocals. Check out here.