Watch: Scarlet Pleasure – SOS

“The recent weeks and months of 2020, made us think about marginalised communities and people who are deprived of not having access to the simpler things in life that we all take for granted. We wanted the video for ’SOS’ to take us all to this place of simplicity and happiness”.

First drop of new album ‘Garden’ is set for release on June 19, 2020 on Copenhagen Records.

Scarlet Pleasure

Scarlet Pleasure – SOS

This Danish trio never cease to surprise me with their releases – I’ve lost count of how many genre’s they have experimented with in the last few years.

I love it in all honesty; I wish more pop bands were this fearless. Here we are treated to a slice of indie pop, blended with some subtle reggae tones.

New album ‘Garden’ is set for release on June 19 on Copenhagen Records.

Scarlet Pleasure – What A Life

This could be the catchiest, slickest piece of dark pop you’ll hear this weekend. Coming from my favourite Danish group of the moment, the track seems to sound kitsch and edgy at the same time. Try it out…

Scarlet Pleasure

Scarlet Pleasure – Deja Vu

A confident comeback from my favourite Danish pop kids. On a first listen it’s quite a minimal track, but play this a couple more times and it’ll be the best pop you’ll have heard all day.

Scarlet Pleasure

Remember the Bomfunk MCs?

Scarlet Pleasure - The Strip (Bomfunk MCs Remix)

Bomfunk MCs are behind one of the most defining 90’s dance tracks – ‘Freestyler’.

Anyway, they’ve come up with a remix to Scarlet Pleasure’s ‘The Strip’ and it’s pretty fun. The band, by the way, are one of my favourite Danish acts at the moment. The original is here.

2014’s Random List

Another year of music comes to an end, and with it comes the annual Random List. I’ve listened to the good, the bad, and everything in between. As usual, Alfitude bucks the trend with blog ‘best of’ posts to come up with a random list of highlights from the past twelve months. For previous years, check this out.


Biggest Trend Of The Year

This was the year that the male duo made a comeback like no other, with acts like HONNE, CHPLN and Whilk & Misky all making considerable impact.



Best Use Of Drugs In Lyrics

The bulk of Tove Lo’s album involves songs about love, misunderstanding or heartbreak. All three of which are better understood via narcotics and general misdemeanours through her lyrics. In all fairness though, it’s done so well that it all seems to make sense in the end.

tove lo


Best Song That Should Have Done Better

Becky Hill didn’t take off as well as I had hoped this year. This song, penned by Alfitude favourite MNEK, really should have been heard by more people. It’s a sexy piece of pop.

becky hill


Best Use of Primary-School Instruments

This track from Made In Heights was perfectly ‘on-trend’ this year while still managing to sound super cute through using a bunch of sounds you probably haven’t heard since you were at school.

Made In Heights


Most Epic Gig Of The Year

This was a tough one, but in retrospect, it has to be seeing Rag’N’Bone Man in London back in July. Big man, big voice, and an immense sound. I really hope 2015 is his year. Speaking of gigs, follow the Alfitude Instagram for pictures, if you like.

rag n bone man london


Funkiest Scandi Act Of The Year

Danish Scarlet Pleasure have long been a favourite of mine, and 2014 saw the release of an EP which I’ve listened to far more than I’d like to admit.

scarlet pleasure


Happiest Yet Moodiest Song Of The Year

This song from T.O.L.D is one of my favourites this year. Only because it’s such a headf**k to listen to. It’s sad and dreary, but it’s happy and uplifting at the same time. It’s confusing and beautiful. Kinda like life. Deep…



Most Exciting Major Debut

Seinabo Sey. I can’t fault anything this new soul powerhouse is doing right now.

seinabo sey


Best Song To Make Babies To

Huntar managed to come up with the sexiest song of the year (in my reckoning, anyway).



Hottest Scandi Act

Swede Snoh Aalegra made a big impact both across Eurpoean and American blogs this year with her unique mix of RnB and soul.

Snoh Aalegra


One To Watch

I’m 99% certain that Years & Years will be 2015’s biggest newbie. It’s as good as British pop gets right now.

years and years

Watch: Scarlet Pleasure ‘The Strip’

scarlet pleasure

One of my favourite exports from Denmark – Scarlet Pleasure’s new single is doing the rounds nicely on Danish radio. It’s a perfect slice of synth pop.

New Music: Scarlet Pleasure

scarlet pleasure

Track of the week. I’ve known about these guys for a while. Now signed to one of my favourite labels, Copenhagen Records, they’ve come up with a slick piece of funk pop that’s impossible not to love. Check out here.