New Music: Thulebasen

This is best listened to on some loud speakers. There’s so much going on in this track that it makes you want to keep listening to the very end. Very special stuff. Check out here.


A Danish song that will make you shake your booty

I sort of really wish Ida Corr (does the name sound familiar to you?) did an English version of this, but on the other hand it’s fun guessing what she’s on about and making up your own lyrics. And the beats that hit the last minute are deliciously filthy. Anyway, shake away!

Free Download: Vanbot ‘Got To Get Out’

I’ve talked about Vanbot a couple of times on here, this is a new free poptastic download she’s released. Click on the little down-arrow on the side of the Soundcloud to download.

New Music: Soso

I know this is looking to be a very Swedish-heavy week of posts, but there’s just too much good stuff coming out of late. Check out here.

First Watch: Lo Fi Fnk ‘Kissing Taste’

This has actually been out for a few days but only just got round to sharing it here. Happy pop from the Swedish duo.

First Watch: The Fix ‘Modesty’

I mentioned these guys a long time ago, because they were amazing. They’re back with a new track and video, and it’s also pretty amazing.

New Music: Dante Kinnunen

Beautiful twist on a classic from Adele, created by Swedish newcomer Dante Kinnunen. Check out here.

New Music: Danny Shah

20 year old Scottish singer songwriter Danny Shah decided to bypass major record companies so set up his own label and from his bedroom, made a pop video, featuring Rihanna, Katy Perry & Justin Bieber that, in its first day on Youtube had the likes of Chris Moyles and Andi Peters raving about on Twitter. Check out here.

New Music: Goldfinger & Script

Swedish pop/ dance. I can see this annoying some people but considering it’s Friday, it’s put me in a pretty good mood. Check out here.

Live: Oh Land at Heaven London

Sometimes friends let you down in a massive way. Yesterday evening was one such. I got blown out by a buddy minutes before heading to see Oh Land in Heaven London. I was gutted and annoyed. But I still went. Alone. And I sort of forgot all my frustration for a couple of hours because this lady is out of control. She drove everyone wild with her tribal beats and cute Danish voice. Catch her if you can.

New Music: JaeWon

When I got the email linking me to this song I had a smile on my face, it’s such a bright song. Unsigned Swedish rap at it’s best. And if you like it as much as I did, you can download it for free! Check out here.

New Music: Smith & Thell

smith thell

This is such a cute little Swedish electro pop song. Check out here.

Before heading out this evening…

Listen to some crazy ass Swedish bass-filled dance. Good, right?

Fancy some Swedish stadium rock? Probably not. But give this a go anyway… Please?

This is Swedish stadium rock. It could have passed as cheesy and corny but actually it’s pretty good. I think, anyway. Check out here.

New Music: Sol

It’s a good week for new Swedish music. This is Sol. I don’t really understand what he’s singing about, but it’s really nice to listen to. So here it is. Check out here.

New Music: Niklas von Arnold

Songs like this are the reason I sit for hours every week going through music to put up on here. This song got me a bit teary. Which is something rare. Amazing Swedish soul. Check out here.

Kittens make for good beats

I was meaning to show this video last week but I didn’t get the chance to. Cute Swedish beats matched to a very, very fluffy kitty.