Watch: Veronica Maggio – Vi mot världen

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I give Veronica Maggio so much kudos for sticking to singing in Swedish all these years. Even when you can’t understand the lyrics it’s still so enjoyable listening to this gem of a singer.


Listen: Veronica Maggio & Maja Francis ‘Space Invades My Mind’

Cute Swedish pop from Veronica Maggio and Maja Francis.

Swedish Dallas

veronica maggio handen album

Veronica Maggio goes all Daft Punk with this remix from Wagner (who happens to be one half of Danish pop due ColorKaleido).

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Maggio, she’s a Swedish pop institution who’s interestingly never released an album in English.

The most listened to track in Sweden last year

It’s just gone 7 times platinum. Good song, maybe an English version would make a lot of people happy?

1. Veronica Maggio ”Jag Kommer”
2. Bruno Mars ”Grenade”
3. Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull ”On The Floor”
4. Daniel Adams-Ray ”Gubben i lådan”
5. September ”Mikrofonkåt”
6. Adele ”Rolling in the deep”
7. Chris Medina ”What Are Words”
8. Pitbull – feat Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer ”Give Me Everything”
9. Alexandra Stan ”Mr. Saxobeat”
10. Eminem & Rihanna ”Love The Way You Lie”

New Music: The Concept

A Swedish band consisting of former band members for Robyn, Tove Styrke, MRTN and Veronica Maggio (all Swedish pop institutions). Check out here.