Sweden’s entry for Eurovision this year is quite fantastic…

Sweden selected it’s entry for this year’s Eurovision last night. I think it was a well-deserved track. The production is just so slick – you wouldn’t think this was all done live!

Benjamin Ingrosso

New Music: Felix Sandman


Track of the week. This song was entered into Sweden’s Melodifestivalen this week and didn’t quite manage to get to the final (the winner represents the country at Eurovision). This was the performance…



I am stunned – this is by far superior to anything I’ve heard from Sweden in the way of ballads for quite some time.

There’s still a very slim chance of it winning, but in any case, it’s won me.


2017’s Random List

Now in it’s sixth edition (yep… I’ve been around that long), my Random List seems to be the most visited post on this blog every ear.

Due to life being hectic I haven’t had much time to reflect on the last twelve months much, but I feel that while people are claiming new music is losing it’s direction – well, it’s good to shake things up every so often.

I’ve found myself mostly being drawn to pop in 2017, although there was a lack of those ‘massive’ hit singles that we usually see in previous years. Nonetheless, credit given where it’s deserved…

Banger Of The Year

The older I get, the more I start to dig Justin Bieber. I don’t know why. It is what it is. I think this is one of the best radio hits of the year.

Trend Of The Year

Hot British guys who manage to blend RnB with soul and funk, each of them in a very unique and painfully cool way. You’ve got Zak Abel, SG Lewis, Tom Misch, Toulouse, Louis Mattrs, Jarreau Vandal… The list goes on. And actually, I am near obsessed with each of these guys.

Scandi Country To Have Perfected Pop

Norway (they managed this accolade back in 2015 as well). I mean it couldn’t be anywhere else this year. In the last year we’ve seen some excellent music from Astrid S, SigridDagny, dePresno, Smerz… The country even has it’s own museum dedicated to pop (it’s the cool building you see up there). That’s saying something. Check out my full list of Norwegian talent here.

Best Hair

ALMA! Finnish talent has never been so exciting! The hair’s even got it’s own (amazing) song.

Most Tear-Jerking Music Moment

Portugal’s Salvador Sobral winning Eurovision this year. Whatever you think of this TV show, the kid (who was struggling with heart problems) single handedly commanded a huge arena and a whole world to listen to this blissful and simple melody.

Best Track Not Sung In English

Cezinando’s ‘Håper du har plass’ is undoubtedly my most loved song of the year. Entirely in Norwegian (see, Norway getting another mention on the same List), this mellow hip hop sound mixed with some strings had me emotional all the way through. I still feel warm when I listen to it now. And it took his home country by storm too. Just look at the love from the crowd on this…

Best Gig

Jessie Reyez put on a very short set at London’s tiny Miranda venue back in May this year, and the buzz in the room was inspiring. Powerful vocals, intensely sharp lyrics and beautiful melodies.

Most Played On My iTunes

Yep – Swedish music had to make an entry on this list somewhere. I honestly don’t know what the deal is with We The Kids aside from the fast that they released this great piece of Scandi pop earlier in the year, and that they came from the Tenacity label which is run by mega-important Swedish production company Ten. Believe it or not, this clocked up 170 plays on my iTunes since July so I really hope more comes in 2018!

Likely To Be Huge In 2018

This is a tricky one because there’s a few on my radar. I think a safe bet will be the UK’s Tom Walker. I’ve seen him live a few times this year and I honestly think he has great mainstream appeal.

But I also want to mention a Danish talent called Maximillian, who’s been on my radar for some time and I can’t fault any of his releases to date…

And there we have it! I hope you’re all as excited as I am about the next twelve months, and thank you for logging on and enjoying the music that I post – it gives me so much life!

For previous editions of The Random List, head here.




Bulgaria made this year’s Eurovision a little bit trendy…

Firstly, he’s just 17-years old. Secondly, it’s been written by a group of ridiculously talented writers. Thirdly, it’s got a perfect balance of being on-point while also having a beautiful vibe.

Unsurprisingly, it will compete in the Grand Final on the 13th May. Make sure to watch!

Beautiful Mess by Kristian Kostov

This song should have done better at Eurovision…

Justs Sirmais

This is Latvia’s Justs, who in my eyes had the most current song at this year’s Eurovision. Poor guy sang his heart out and only came in 15th place.

Anyway – let’s hope for a less political show next year (the show was overshadowed by a ‘who will win… Russia vs Ukraine’ nonsense).

Watch: Molly Sandén – Youniverse


Over the weeks, this release from Molly has grown to be one of my favourite Swedish releases of the year so far. She competes in tonight’s Melo final – good luck!

New Music: Joe & Jake


They’re actually the UK entry for Eurovision this year and they’re one of the strongest songs that the country has sent to the contest in years. Decent pop.

Joe & Jake

Paper Light


Loreen’s new single has grown on me after a few weeks…

New Music: Jenny Langlo

Jenny Langlo

Norwegian pop. Check out here.

Live: Karin Park at Hampshire Street Studios London

karin park hampshire street studios london february 2015

I caught Karin Park’s album launch this week for new record ‘Apocalypse Pop’ in London at the Hampshire Street Studios.

This will be quite the year for Park, who is also competing in Norway’s MGP (the national Eurovision selection) with some really strong material.

Are you into Eurovision? Fancy playing a game?

eurovision 2014 album

For all my sins, I do love Eurovision. I was unable to get tickets to Copenhagen this year so I’ll be watching from home, which breaks my heart a little.

The first semi final was yesterday, the second happens tomorrow and the final on Saturday.

My favourites to win are between Sweden and Hungary (above) this year- but I always get it wrong, so who knows!

To celebrate the album release, there’s a fun game you can play here.

Sweden’s Eurovision entry remixed


I went to Melodifestivalen this year and while I wasn’t crazy over Sanna Nielsen’s ‘Undo’, I rather like this fun remix I stumbled on from Being Blogged.

Whether Sanna does well for Sweden will be a matter of time.

Watch: Ace Wilder ‘Busy Doin’ Nothin’

ace wilder busy

So few have songs caused a stir at the Swedish Eurovision heats as much as Ace Wilder’s entry, ‘Busy Doin Nothin’. Too current for Eurovision? Sweden doesn’t think so – it came second after losing to a standard ballad by just two points.

So it’s official… Molly to represent the UK in Eurovision

Molly Smitten-Downes

I do try and keep Eurovision posts to a minimum on here, but it’s exciting to see the BBC take the show seriously for once and submit an actual, current piece of pop for the contest in May. Go Molly!

New Music: Molly Smitten-Downes

Molly Smitten-Downes

There’s a lot of rumours buzzing around right now that this lady could represent the UK for Eurovision this year in Copenhagen with a new, specially commissioned song. Whether she does or doesn’t, she’s got a great pop voice. Check out here.

Eurovision 2014 host city will be Copenhagen!

eurovision 2014 copenhagen logo

After months of hoping that this happens, Copenhagen will officially host Eurovision next year. My favourite city in Europe. On an ISLAND! My favourite show in Europe. I don’t know how I’ll sleep tonight. So exciting.

So Eurovision was insane…

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 10

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 11

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 2

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 3

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 4

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 12

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 5

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 13

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 6

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 17

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 7

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 18

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 8

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 19

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 9

Eurovision Song Contest 2013 Malmö 20

This is my third Eurovision, and they just keep getting better every time. I knew the Swedes would throw on a massive show, but like everyone I wondered whether staging a show this big in such a small arena and in a city not many people have heard of would be a good thing for Eurovision.

It was. Sometimes, big isn’t best. This was by far the best show I’ve been to. The favourite, Denmark, won. But what made me happier was Norway, which in my view was the most current entry, hit the top 4. And that’s a lovely thing.

See you in Denmark next year!

Eurovision Final is on tonight!

eurovision 2013 logo we are one

I’ll be in Malmö Arena tonight to watch this camp ball of fun that is Eurovision 2013. Truth be told, this year’s entries have all been a bit lukewarm bar Norway and Denmark (above), but you know- anything can happen tonight.

The show kicks off 21:00 Sweden time, and if it’s not showing in your country then you can watch it online over on Eurovision’s official website!

I might tweet a bit, so follow me on my Twitter if you’re up for it.

Counting down to the Second Eurovision Semi Final!

eurovision 2013 logo we are one

I’m in Malmö, because Eurovision is happening here and it’s my dirty obsession. I hope that doesn’t make you think of less me. But anyway, I’ll be tweeting through the second semi final. I’ll be rooting for Norway in this one. Follow me if you want, it’s get lonely over on Twitter sometimes!

Second Semi Final kicks off at 9pm Sweden time – follow me on Twitter here!

Could this win Eurovision?

anouk sad songs

Anouk is a household in her native Netherlands. She controversially entered this year with this entry; it’s about as indie and dark as you could get. And it’s representing Netherlands in this year’s camp-fest that is Eurovision. She succeeded in the semi finals on Tuesday and so will be in the grand final on Saturday. Some have said this is too good; too edgy to win. I’m not sure if it will take the crown. But it’s great.