Watch: Drew Sycamore – Jungle

Danish-Welsh star Drew Sycamore returns today with an epic blend of power-pop and synth in the form of new single ‘Jungle’.

Drew’s latest album ‘Sycamore’ (out now) was written and recorded in just 30 days, in collaboration with Fridolin and Frederik Nordsø and songwriter Lasse Boman.

“’Jungle’ is made under a violet sky where I found myself in a particularly melancholy nostalgic mood. I was involved and not in love at the same time and everything felt so overwhelming. Life has a funny way of sorting itself out and I guess the emotion that came out in ‘Jungle’ was this feeling of a backwards fall of a cliff into the deep sea. I had to just float and surrender to things unfolding by themselves.”

Drew Sycamore

Watch: half•alive – TIME 2

Long Beach based trio half•alive return with their new song ‘TIME 2’, which was produced by the legendary Ariel Rechtshaid (Vampire Weekend, Adele, HAIM) and co-written with Dan Nigro (Olivia Rodrigo). The music video was self-directed by the band and long time collaborators JA Collective.

“The lyrical message of ‘TIME 2’ ended up shocking us in a very prophetic way… The song speaks about waking up in the chaos of life and remembering a child-like state of mind. It calls to reset, and return to the beginning. The moment we finished writing the song, the world was subdued into a global time-out. Production on the song, along with everything else, came to a standstill. A year has passed, and now in May 2021 we find ourselves looking down at the lyrics in awe…”

“I’m fleeing to the wonder I lost when I was younger, the simple child state of mind.

It’s comin’ like the sunshine, rising in the morning.  I’m waking up it’s time—

Fighting the constant, forgetting to give it up.

I forgot what I wanted, now i’m waking up it’s time.”


daysormay – Ego

One of my favourite outfits of late, daysormay are back, with new single ‘Ego’. Oscillating between the points of view of multiple characters, this is a hard-hitting and intense track that still somehow feels eccentric and fun at the same time.

“’Ego’ started as a songwriting exercise. I was trying to see if I could write in different voices, as different characters. My goal was to be as un-aidan as possible. Just to see what I would get. – Aidan Andrews, daysormay

Watch out for the upcoming album ‘Just Existing’ which lands this autumn. 


Watch: Fionn – Hold Off

Canadian outfit Fionn have released some serious bops this year. This is unashamedly joyful pop music that guarantees a smile on your face; something I think we could all do with right now!

“‘Hold Off’ is an upbeat and lighthearted song about letting go of a toxic relationship and finding the joy and strength in being alone. The song doesn’t take itself too seriously, and we wanted the video to follow suit. It’s fun and colourful with outfits inspired by the early 2000s. We wanted the video to portray us living our best lives despite what the person we are singing about may have done.”

Taken from the new EP ‘Candid Constellations’ which is out now.


Watch: renforshort + glaive – fall apart

‘fall apart’ marks an anthemic production debut for renforshort, who teams up with the equally fantastic glaive on this piece of pop-punk perfection.

“This song has been a favourite song of mine for so long now, I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to put it out, I knew it needed a feature though and that’s why it was taking even longer, legit a year later I knew who I wanted to do it and we got glaive on it, who is probably one of my favourite artists ever, so I’ve been so excited about that for so long now and I think it’s a really cool song.” – renforshort

Taken from renforshort’s forthcoming EP ‘off saint dominique’ which is out on 4th June 2021 via Interscope Records.

renforshort | glaive

Watch: Tom Did It – Thinking Too Much

Rising 18 year-old UK artist Tom Did It unveiled the visuals for infectiously catchy ‘Thinking Too Much’ today, which also happens to fall on Mental Health Awareness Week.

Initially released last year, the song has since become a fan-favourite, and one which firmly placed this talent on the music radar. Built over a captivating trap-infused production, Tom wears his heart on his sleeve as he takes us on a journey through his cluttered mind.

Tom Did It

Watch: We Will Kaleid – Lure

One of the most interesting projects to emerge from Germany in recent times, art & experimental-pop duo We Will Kaleid return today with the mesmerising ‘Lure’.

The track demonstrates a perfect balance between something that is conceptual and avant-garde, while also being emotive and thought-provoking. On the song and video, they say:

“‘Lure’ makes a subtle but profound statement about the changing nature of human relationships, rebuking a world that seems to prioritise followers over enduring connections. We tried to capture a feeling of uncertainty and confusion in the video, visualising the loss of our own sense of self through the progressive deconstruction of Marcia’s character, as it’s slowly taken over by leering digital phantoms. We chose an experimental visual approach, bringing together old and new techniques to create something appropriately dystopian yet nostalgic.”

Taken from the EP ‘Aphasiac’ which is released on the 21st May 2021.

We Will Kaleid

Watch: Little Simz – Woman (feat. Cleo Sol)

Truly, Little Simz has blown me away more than I ever thought possible this year. Hot on the heels the from the release of sensational Introvertcomes another outstanding piece of music.

Sonically and visually ‘Woman’ is just supreme; and with Cleo Sol as a feature, how can this record be anything less than perfection?

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ which is out on the 3rd September 2021.

Little Simz | Cleo Sol

Watch: Fickle Friends – Won’t Hurt Myself

If memory serves me right, I think I first featured Fickle Friends back in 2014. And yet they still continue to surprise me seven years on.

The forward-thinking electro and indie-pop quartet have just released new EP ‘Weird Years: Season 2’ (out now), and to mark the occasion they’ve also unveiled some fabulous visuals for ‘Won’t Hurt Myself’.

“‘Won’t Hurt Myself’ reflects on when relationships end and you can’t help but criticise every decision you made. Did I jump in too fast? Why did I let myself get hurt for so long? Your heart aches so much you can’t feel anything else. You are numb.” – Natti, Fickle Friends

Fickle Friends


LA-based pop artist EMM releases the second instalment of a 3-part musical and visual experience today.

This video picks up from the character EMERALD (EMM) evolving into RUBY after slaying her first demon to take back her power. Talking about the video, EMM says:

“I’m not sure what people will have to say about it, but I can guarantee you won’t ever see another music video like this. Make sure you watch the whole thing; it only gets crazier as you go.”

Check out the precursor video ‘ACT 1: ADDERALL’ here.


Watch: L’Rain – Blame Me

by Andy Swartz

Brooklyn-born and based experimentalist and multi-instrumentalist Taja Cheek (aka L’Rain) releases stunning visuals for new single ‘Blame Me’ today.

The song itself is a reflective piece that looks at guilt and loss, and the visuals accompany that theme with a surreal and esoteric essence.

“I am fascinated by clowns’ predilection for entropy and absurdity, and by their general role as the ultimate icon of emotional complexity (the tears of the clown…). There’s also something about “freaks” that make me feel at home: people who are deemed useless, dangerous, or too strange to understand. Who doesn’t feel misunderstood in this time of social media, social chaos, and social scarcity?”

Taken from the upcoming LP ‘Fatigue’ which is out on 25th June 2021.


Watch: Little Simz – Introvert

Undoubtedly the most powerful British release of the year so far; no debates! Little Simz is here to make a statement in the most beautifully epic way.

Taken from the upcoming album ‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ which is out on the 3rd September 2021.

Little Simz

Watch: Baby Queen – Dover Beach

The 23-year old South Africa-born, London-based artist is back today with an infectiously catchy power-pop bop that will stay with you all day.

“In school I was obsessed with this poem called ‘Dover Beach’ by Matthew Arnold and I always wanted to visit the Dover cliffs, so I went there alone on a writing trip in October last year. I actually wrote the melody and lyrics of this song while I was sitting on the beach. It’s about being infatuated with somebody and seeing them everywhere you look. I was kind of pissed that I went to look at the beach, all I could think about was this person, hence the lyric ‘you stole the view of Dover Beach.’ It’s another internal struggle with my own insecurities and a sort of acceptance of the fact that I can’t escape my daydreams of this person, even if I go to a different place.”

Baby Queen

Watch: Millie Turner – Concrete Tragedy

by Em Marcovecchio

Born-and-raised East London talent Millie Turner’s ‘Concrete Tragedy‘ is a midnight dance-pop anthem-in-the-making. On the video, Millie explains:

“This video is a visual representation of dancing on your own. Combining the many parts of who we are when we’re by ourselves, I wanted it to feel like you’re entering a world of imagination that comes alive when we express ourselves.”

Taken from the upcoming 8-track mini-album ‘Eye Of The Storm’ which is out on 16th May 2021.

Millie Turner

Watch: TRIBE – Shining A Light

TRIBE are a British trio with a distinctively confident approach to indie-pop. Their sound feels emotive, impassioned and daring. It seems like only a matter of time before they start to gain significant traction, so I feel quite excited to share with you their debut music video today.

The video follows the separate stories of each band member while they experience different troubles. They all eventually find their own sense of relief and joy within a ‘blue light’, which eventually transports them into a studio space where they perform ‘Shining A Light’ together.


Watch: Anthony Ramos – Say Less

“‘Say Less’ is a transition song into this darker world I am exploring in my music. This video is a depiction of two people in a fleeting inferno of a relationship – one that can never be stable – but is too amazing to give up in spite of the inevitable outcome. They’re keeping a flame alive that will eventually burn out or explode. Not sure how it’ll end up, but in the meantime ‘Say Less’.”

Anthony Ramos

Watch: Eric Saade – Every Minute

I’ve often featured talent from Sweden’s most-watched television event, Melodifestivalen. You’ll be hard pressed to find a famous pop artist from the Nordic nation not to have been involved with the competition at some point in their career. It runs for six weeks and acts as a process to select country’s Eurovision entry.

This year saw the return of the hugely popular Eric Saade – one of the biggest names in Swedish pop from the last decade. And while he was declared as the runner-up eventually, he delivered one of the most experimental and avant-garde performances ever to be seen on the show’s 62-year old history.

Watch: bülow – First Place

Nearing half a billion (yes – billion) cumulative streams to date, bülow’s rise to stardom has been pretty meteoric to say the least.

And it’s with good reason; her uniquely original style of music making infuses alt-pop with clever observations, personal confessions and a boundary-breaking spirit.

The songs sound future-forward yet relatable, and the melodies are easy to listen to and connect with. That winning formula continues with the release of her new single, ‘First Place’.

“It’s about somebody who wants your attention but isn’t very genuine. Since we weren’t friends, why do you care today? I definitely went through this experience with a couple of people who only reached out when it was convenient for them. Quarantine was a big light to see who was actually in my life for the right reasons and who care about what was going on. Sonically, it pushed me in the direction I’m headed.”


Watch: Welshy – Haiti

Irish producer Welshy’s momentum continues to grow as he debuts visuals for the wildly successful dance anthem ‘Haiti’.

The track has already amassed over four million streams and just hit the Top 20 of the UK Shazam Chart.

“’Haiti’ originally started as a fun video I made of me slapping a rugby ball and turning it into a beat, and you’ll see some references to that in the video. TikTok played a huge part in this record getting recognition, so it was so cool to see those references too. I also love the amazing Irish dancing, which is a nod to my background. This was such a fun and rewarding experience, and I hope you enjoy it too.”


Watch: Leyla Blue – What A Shame

With Women’s History Month launching this week, Leyla Blue’s viral anthem for female empowerment ‘What A Shame’ has truly made an impact.

To date, the song has been featured on over 200,000 TikTok videos (using the original audio), and amassed over 15 million global streams after landing on more than 15 Spotify viral charts.

“I’m just starting out. There’s so much more I want to do and so many more people I want to reach. For me, the ‘I made it’ moment is some manifestation of inspiring or helping others to reach their potential – having a real effect on a life.”

Leyla Blue